Use Automated Gifting Tools For Hassle-Free Sending

Send personalized gifts to recipients located in various countries with minimal details using our email gift invites & shareable gift links. You can even go the extra mile and create automatically triggered sends.

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Automated gifting tools to help you send with minimal details – worldwide.

Email Gift Invites

All you need is a name and email address.

Our platform enables you to build beautifully branded emails that contain a button leading them to a landing page on which they can redeem their gift and provide the delivery details. Recipients can choose from a range of gifts curated according to your budget or a pre-curated gift collection.

Shareable Gift Links

No details required – just share the link.

Using gift links, you can allow your recipients to choose their own gifts from a selection of gifts based on your budget or pre-curated gift collection. You can share the link with recipients on the platform with which you prefer to communicate. They just have to click on the link to redeem the gift and provide their delivery details.

Create Triggered Campaigns  & Automate Gifting


Leverage automation and intelligent triggers to send personalized gifts to your prospects, staff and customers at the perfect moment. With seamless integration between Giftsenda and your CRM, or other platforms like Zapier, you can save time and effort while creating moments of delight.

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Increase Gift Acceptance Rates

By providing recipients with the option to choose their gifts you can improve your gift acceptance rates. Gifts are locally sourced in each country.  

Improve Delivery Accuracy

By letting recipients provide their own delivery details you can improve the success rates of your gift deliveries, internationally. 

Save Time With Automation

One of the main perks of using automated gifting tools is the fact that you can send gifts with minimal effort – and enjoy the benefits thereof. 

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