10 Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Business Partners

Oct 23, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Celebrate your most valuable business assets, your business partners. Use these ten branded holiday gift ideas for business partners to show your gratitude. 

A business partner is a valuable asset and can be vital to the longevity of your company. There are few things as prized as business partners in the corporate industry. For professional relationships as important as these, it is essential to nurture the bond so as to establish deeper roots in the industry and grow the establishment. But much like a plant needs water, sunlight, air, space and nutrients to grow; a business relationship too has its own requirements. 

One such necessity is appreciation – especially around the holidays when it’s customary to be gifting. While gratitude can be shown in various ways, the most impactful is corporate gifting.

Your business partner isn’t just any old corporate associate. They’re different from the rest and require special appreciation. This is why a generic, run-of-the-mill holiday gift won’t be enough. A noteworthy relationship needs a noteworthy gift, and a branded one fits the bill perfectly. If you’re looking for exceptional gifts to show your recognition, we have 10 branded holiday gift ideas for business partners you won’t want to miss out on. 

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Why Use Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Business Partners

Regardless of the type of partnership, a business relationship can offer a lot. For one, they can boost revenue. For big corporate names, such as Zoom; partnerships contribute to 40% of its business in Japan and 70% in the U.S in the fiscal year 2021. Similarly, about 95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue is as a result of its expansive partnership ecosystem, which increases greatly each month. This is, in part, due to the fact that a collaboration with partners can offer opportunities and resources that wouldn’t otherwise have been available and/ or attainable. 

However, not every partnership is focused on revenue generation. Some have the ability to fuel innovation. Innovation-partnerships are those in which two or more companies work jointly to develop new services or products. These types of collaborations are exceptional as they develop a brand that wouldn’t have been possible by the sole contribution of either party (or without the combination of every party). 

A Guide to Successfully Using Branded Holiday Gifts Ideas for Business Partners

You typically can’t go wrong with a branded gift as these are often good quality gifts that are worth the money. But there are ways to optimize your gifting, ensuring you are making the greatest impact you possibly can. Some questions to ask yourself when selecting a gift for your partners are:

Is my gift memorable?

It’s always necessary to stand out when giving a gift. You want your gesture to be remembered for obvious reasons; but also you want your recipient to feel appreciated. Picking a gift you know will make an impression will make your gesture memorable.

Does my recipient have any known allergies?

Generally, you have a close relationship with your business partners. This means you are probably aware of any allergies they may have. If not, and you intend on sending an edible gift basket, it’s always best to first enquire. 

Does my business partner lean toward any brand in particular?

If you know your partner prefers any brand in particular, you should stick to what you know. Pick an item of that brand and show your recipient you not only recognize quality, but you’ve taken the time to pay attention where it matters. 

What does my business partner like, dislike or prefer?

Probably the most obvious question to ask yourself when sending your partner a gift. Use this kind of information to choose a gift that will be wanted. 

If you’ve asked yourself all of these questions and you’re still in the gray when it comes to finding the right gift for your partner, then it’s time to piggyback off of our great ideas. We don’t mind. It’s what we’re here for. 

Ten Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Business Partners

Herbal Tea Gift Box

The Herbal Tea Gift Box from Blue Tea is a beautiful gift for business partners who love tea. Even if they’re not particular fans, a herbal tea collection is a wellness gift that makes an impression. Sending your recipient a gift that prioritizes their health and well-being is always a great idea.

Message: Here’s to a quali-tea partnership! Happy holidays.

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Patagonia Atom Sling Bag

The Atom Sling Bag from Patagonia is a must-have for any busy professional on the go. With its sleek and modern design, this bag is both stylish and functional, making it a perfect choice for corporate gifting. The bag is made with durable, weather-resistant materials and features a breathable mesh back panel for all-day comfort. The adjustable strap allows for easy wear as a shoulder or crossbody bag, and the multiple pockets provide ample storage for all your essentials.

Not only is the Atom Sling Bag 8L a practical choice, but it’s also an eco-friendly one. The bag is made with recycled materials and is part of Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability. Your company can show its dedication to the environment and your partnership by choosing this bag as a corporate gift.

Message: Thank goodness we bagged you as a partner when we did! Enjoy the holidays with a gift from us. 

Filson Bridle Leather Belt

The Filson Bridle Leather Belt is the epitome of quality craftsmanship and superior design. Meticulously crafted from premium materials, this belt is not only a statement accessory, but a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. Its timeless appeal and durability make it a must-have in any wardrobe, while its sophisticated style elevates any outfit to new heights of elegance. But what truly sets this belt apart is its versatility as a corporate gifting option. Perfect for just about any business partner as this gift is an elegantly professional choice that makes an impression. 

Message: With partnerships like yours, there’s no need to buckle under pressure. Merry Christmas. 

Brownie Assortment Box

This isn’t just any brownie. It’s The Killer Brownie® from The Dorothy Lane Market. Enclosed in a beautiful gift box, the Brownie Assortment Box of 36 rich and decadent brownies is an enchanting delight for any occasion. Each bite unveils a heavenly fusion of velvety chocolate, perfectly moist texture, and a symphony of mouthwatering flavors; such as confetti, original, triple chocolate and cookie dough.

Handcrafted with love and attention, these brownies are made from the finest ingredients, making for a sublime taste experience. A gift suited to sweet lovers or just anyone who loves great tasting brownies. 

Message: A Killer Brownie to celebrate Killer corporate moves. Here’s to an exceptional partnership. 

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Due Cigni 1896 Demi Champagne Saber

Sonoma sabers are synonymous with elegance. Handcrafted in Maniago, Italy; the Due Cigni 1896 Demi Champagne Saber is a petite, elegant saber made for comfort and ease. Crafted from stainless German steel and with a satin finish on the blade, this saber is of beautiful design and practicality; and can be personalized for an added touch of distinction. Perfect for making corporate occasions special and celebrating valued partnerships. 

Message: An elegant partnership requires elegant recognition. Thanks for being a valued affiliate. 

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Pointer Plaid Bundle

The Pointer Plaid Bundle, from Spoonful of Comfort, is a gift set designed for a refined recipient. In a delightfully beautiful plaid design, this set looks as good as it is functional. Included in the bundle is a Helmsie Pointer Plaid Journal, a Helmsie Pointer Plaid Designer tea towel and mug, a gold pen and Royal Treatment tea. With such a beautiful selection in the Pointer Plaid Bundle; your partner will find excuses to create moments to sip on delicious tea while jotting down their thoughts or memories.

Message: You’re the point of this business partnership.

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Yoga Serenity Kit

The Yoga Strong, Yoga Serenity Kit is a gift thoughtfully crafted to embrace calmness and holistic well-being. This meticulously chosen ensemble features a luxurious yoga towel, a versatile foam roller, and the addition of core sliders. A manifestation of your deep consideration, this harmonious blend reflects your regard for your partner’s comfort and health. A gift perfect for yoga enthusiasts or those who prioritize well-being. 

Message: A gift to celebrate a partnership as (Yoga) Strong as ever. 

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Garden’s Delight Pottery Set

With the all-in-one Garden’s Delight Pottery Set, from Sculpd, your business partners can create their own stunning pottery vase and arrange a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. The set includes everything needed, from premium air-dry clay and step-by-step pottery guides to pottery tools and paintbrushes. The finished product can be painted and varnished with ease for a polished, professional look. Perfect for your partners who have an artistic or creative side. 

Message: You put the art in the he-art of our partnership. 

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Apple Magsafe Wireless Battery Pack

If you’re looking for a premium corporate gift that will impress your business partners, this bespoke Apple Magsafe Battery Pack is perfect. The sleek and stylish battery pack is the perfect solution for busy professionals who are always on the go and need to keep their devices charged. With its custom design featuring a name or any other personalized detail, this battery pack can be a thoughtful and personalized gift that will show your associates how much you value their business. 

Message: Every connection needs a source. Thanks for partnering up with us. 

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

The Sophisticated Sipper Set

Looking for a gift that exudes sophistication and refinement? Look no further than The Sophisticated Sipper Set from The Sip. This gift set includes Ayala Majeur, Chandon – White (187ml), and a stylish Sipper glass, all hand-selected to provide a premium taste experience. You can feel good about supporting diversity and inclusion in the industry, as this gift set was crafted by a small black-owned business founded by two best friends who are dedicated to bringing diversity to bubbles and the boardroom. 

Message: A holiday gift for an important & sophisticated relation-sip. Have a great holiday season. 

branded holiday gift ideas for business partners

Associate With the Best!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s gifting. And if you want to appreciate your business associates with the best, there’s only one gifting company to associate yourself with. With Giftsenda, your partners will receive their gifts on time and within time… nobody wants a Christmas gift at the beginning of the New Year. 

Our gifts are delivered within 2-5 business days and you don’t have to be concerned about them being lost in transit as all gifts are locally sourced; making us a sustainable form of corporate gifting too. You can integrate your CRM system with the Giftsenda platform so you don’t have to needlessly transfer any information you need, making for a seamless gifting campaign. 

Shareable gift links make it easy to send many gifts worldwide and these are address-free so you don’t need any details, you only need to share the link. If you have an email address, you can choose to go the route of a branded email with an email gift invite. This is as simple as using a gift link but is a beautifully customized way to deliver a corporate gift. 

If you love our branded holiday gift ideas for business partners and you want to know more, contact one of our gifting experts or start a campaign today. 

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