10 Facts About Gifting That You Need To Know

Nov 7, 2022 | Business Tips, Gift Ideas

Gifting is an age-old practice that dates back many civilizations and has become fundamental in creating, expanding, and maintaining vital relationships. To the givers, gifts symbolize affection and reverence that often can’t be expressed verbally, and to the recipients, gifts represent being seen, recognized, and celebrated. 

In this blog, we list (in no particular order) ten fun facts about gifting that will not only have you chuckling and mouthing “wait, what?!” a few times, but will help you become a better gifter. Shall we? 

1. ‘Gifts’ and ‘presents’ are not synonymous

Shocked? Same! As many publications would have it, gifts are given regardless of the occasion and require no reason. They’re just the giver’s way of appreciating and delighting the recipient. Received a random unicorn coffee mug from your boss? That’s a gift. On the other hand, presents are ceremony-dependent and are usually curated in line with the occasion. Birthdays, weddings, product launches, and work-versaries are some popular examples.

2. Clocks, umbrellas, pears, and handkerchiefs are some of the gifts to avoid In China

While we aren’t familiar with the genesis of these interesting rules, we’re privy to them. China boasts some of the world’s most complex customs and traditions, and due to their practices having transcended generations, we believe them. So avoid these items because they symbolize death or the giver’s wish to end a relationship.

3. In Egypt, gifts are wrapped twice

Dating back to the times when peasants adorned Pharaohs with pricey gifts, the tradition of wrapping gifts twice in Egypt is still widely practiced. Imagine how much wrapping paper each household must have!

4. Firewood used to be a popular housewarming gift

We see what they did there. Firewood to literally warm up a new home. We quite like this idea – perhaps we should add it to our holiday collection.

5. The satisfaction of giving lasts longer than that of receiving

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

We’ve all been taught that it’s better to give than to receive, and science supports it and reckons it improves the brain’s connectivity mechanism. We like it here!

6. Gifting can be addictive

There’s an unmatched satisfaction that comes with making others happy through gifting, and as human nature would have it, we continue to seek this warm feeling, resulting in more gifting. A positive ripple, if you ask us.

7. A book every Christmas keeps the holiday blues away

In Iceland, books are the most popular holiday gifts. So in addition to having large feasts and a few card games, Icelandic people also usher Santa in with hot cocoa and good reads.

8. Personalized gifts are the popular preference

Let’s be honest – no one wants to be given the same gift ten others have received, yes? A personalized gift makes the recipient feel seen and appreciated by the giver and is reflective of how much thought was put into the gift itself.

9. Giving gifts with a company logo is considered tasteless in France

Thinking SWAG in France? Hold that thought. Good taste is imperative when gifting a French recipient. It’s really about the “je ne sais quoi” i.e. an appealing quality that cannot be adequately described or expressed.

10. There are many songs dedicated to the act of gift giving

Thought love was the only subject of art and rhythm? Well, turns out there are many songs that include references to gift giving.

As the time stone continues to roll over, unveiling mind-boggling traditions and rules that accompany gifting in different regions, we’re reminded of how unique human interaction is in societies other than our own and are inspired to learn, adapt and reinvent. After all, the world is a global village, and we’re all custodians.

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