10 Fun Employee Holiday Gift Ideas

Oct 23, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts, Human Resources

Celebrate the season with unique employee holiday gift ideas. Boost morale and strengthen team spirit with thoughtful gifts for your hardworking employees.

Ah, the holiday season, a time for cheer, joy, and gift-giving. While you’re probably brainstorming the perfect presents for your loved ones, don’t forget about the people who keep your business engine running smoothly – your hardworking employees.

This year, why not shake things up and surprise them with fun, quirky, and downright awesome employee holiday gift ideas? After all, it’s not just about showing appreciation; it’s about creating memorable moments and building team spirit. In this blog, we’re going to delve into the why, the how, and the what of holiday gifting for employees.

Why Send Holiday Gifts to Employees

Let’s face it – your employees are the backbone of your organization. They dedicate their time, talent, and energy to drive your business forward. The holidays are perfect for expressing gratitude and showing them you care.

Employee holiday gifts are not just tokens; they are powerful tools for boosting morale, engagement, and loyalty. When you take the time to select thoughtful gifts, you’re letting your team know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated. A happy employee is a productive employee, and a little festive appreciation goes a long way.

A Guide to Choosing Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

Selecting the right holiday gifts for your employees can be a bit of a puzzle, but fret not! We’ve got you covered with these five tips to help you pick the perfect presents:

1. Know Your Audience:

Before diving into the gift selection process, take a moment to get to know your employees better. What are their hobbies, interests, and passions? Understanding what makes them tick will guide you in selecting a gift that resonates with their unique personalities.

2. Set a Budget:

Decide on a reasonable budget for your holiday gifts. A generous budget doesn’t always equate to a better gift. It’s the thought and personalization that counts. Remember, your employees will appreciate the gesture, regardless of the price tag.

3. Personalize Whenever Possible:

Personalization adds that special touch that shows you’ve put thought into the gift. For example, a custom-engraved item or a hand-written note can make even a simple gift feel extraordinary. It’s the little details that leave a lasting impression.

4. Consider Practicality:

While fun and unique gifts are great, practicality is also key. Think about how your employees will use the gift in their daily lives. Practical gifts that align with their needs and preferences are more likely to be appreciated and used regularly.

5. Be Inclusive and Diverse:

Keep diversity and inclusivity in mind when selecting gifts. Ensure that your gift options are suitable for all employees, respecting varying cultural and personal backgrounds. This approach fosters a sense of unity and belonging within your team.

Incorporating these tips into your gift selection process will not only make your employees feel appreciated but also ensure that your holiday gift-giving is a resounding success. Happy gifting!

10 Gifts Your Employees Will Absolutely Love

1. Craft Cocktail Kit

The Craft Cocktail Kit, offering fun holiday gift ideas for employees, is the ultimate gift for your staff who love to shake up some fun and mix their way to the perfect cocktail party. This DIY Craft Cocktail Kit includes everything they need for the funniest cocktail party: small-batch syrups, unique bitters, garnishes, recipes, even a Japanese-style jigger. Just add the base spirit! They can enjoy making delicious cocktails and expand their mixology skills, turning your staff into the life of the party.

Suggested Message: “Here’s to unforgettable cocktail nights. May your concoctions be as extraordinary as your work!”

Perfect for: Your hardworking staff who deserve a little extra fun and recognition, those who enjoy hosting lively gatherings with signature drinks, and anyone looking to elevate their bartending skills and have a blast while doing it. Shop for it here!

Employee holiday gift ideas

2. DIY Candle & Paint Combo

Searching for a distinct corporate gift? Our DIY Candle & Paint Combo is an inspiring choice for employees, clients, and partners. This gift includes all you need to create beautifully scented candles and classic-tone painted pieces. It’s a unique way to appreciate individuality and creativity, strengthen your business relationships, and elevate your brand image.

Suggested Message: “Nurture creativity with this unique gift. Celebrate the brilliance of your contributions.”

Perfect for: Staff who appreciate unique and creative gifts, those you want to foster stronger business relationships with, and anyone who enjoys hands-on creative projects. Shop for it here!

3. Sushi Making Kit

Unleash your recipients’ inner sushi chefs with our DIY Sushi Making Kit, offering delightful fun holiday gift ideas for employees. This kit has everything your staff need to craft their handcrafted sushi rolls, allowing them to dive into Japanese culinary delights. Whether they’re rolling with friends for a delightful evening or aiming to amaze guests with their newfound culinary skills, this kit is their gateway to sushi excellence.

This kit comes complete with sushi roll recipes, ensuring your staff’s creations are delicious and Instagram-worthy. It’s designed to serve approximately four people, perfect for entertaining at home or impressing their friends and family with their culinary prowess.

Suggested Message: “Roll with the best! Discover the art of sushi making and impress your guests with your culinary skills.”

Perfect for: Those who love sushi and culinary adventures, aspiring home chefs, and anyone who enjoys entertaining and sharing delightful meals with loved ones. Shop for it here!

4. Maple-Infused Baking Essentials

Introducing our Maple-Infused Baking Essentials – a delightful staff gift to elevate your team’s baking adventures. This curated collection features premium ingredients like Oats, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder, and the rich goodness of Maple Syrup. With Apple Sauce, Vanilla, and Powdered Erythritol Sugar, it’s perfect for staff members who enjoy maple-infused baked treats.

Suggested Message: “Sweeten your moments with delicious maple-infused treats. A token of our appreciation for your hard work and dedication.”

Perfect for: Staff members who love baking and deserve a special treat, a way to show your team appreciation for their dedication and effort. Shop for it here!

5. JBL Charge 5 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Charge 5 is the gift of music and appreciation for your hardworking staff. This portable Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound and is built tough for on-the-go use. It’s waterproof, boasts a rechargeable battery, and comes with a hardshell case.

It’s the perfect gift to show your team’s hard work and dedication. Your staff can take it home, and it will keep the good times rolling for years to come, a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Suggested Message: “We’re just turning up the volume on the expression of our appreciation for your contributions this year – it’s music to our ears!”

Perfect for: Staff members who deserve the gift of great music, anyone who appreciates excellent sound quality, and those you want to impress with a memorable gesture. Shop for it here!

Employee holiday gift ideas

6. The Ultimate Pamper Gift Package

Treat your staff to The Ultimate Pamper Gift Package, a soothing and rejuvenating experience in a box. This package includes a pure goat milk lip balm, a pure goat milk hand cream, a stress-relieving coloring book with coloring pencils, a cozy comfort throw, comfort socks, a lavender candle with a wooden lid, and a trio of delicious teas. It’s the perfect gift to show your staff they deserve some relaxation and self-care.

Suggested Message: “Take a break and indulge in well-deserved pampering. A token of our appreciation for your hard work.”

Perfect for: Your hardworking staff members, an excellent way to show your appreciation for their dedication and efforts, and a thoughtful gesture to help them unwind and relax. Shop for it here!

7. Strawberry Smiles Chocolate Gift Set

Treat your hardworking staff to our Strawberry Smiles Chocolate Gift Set. It includes 12 fresh strawberries, each dipped in Belgian milk chocolate and adorned with smile-themed edible toppings. The set comes with gift wrapping and a greeting card, a unique way to show your appreciation. Please note that the packaging and product brands may vary based on location and season.

Suggested Message: “Sending smiles your way as a token of our appreciation.”

Perfect for: Your dedicated staff who deserve a sweet treat, a thoughtful gesture to brighten their day. Shop for it here!

8. Customized Drinking Glass

Elevate your brand with our Customized Drinking Glass – a simple yet stylish way to make a lasting impression. This glass holds 15 oz. and is perfect for any beverage. You can add your company’s logo or a custom design, creating a personalized touch that will resonate with your employees. This sleek glass is packaged in a stylish gift box, making it a thoughtful and practical way to showcase your brand.

Suggested Message: “Cheers to your success! A glass that holds more than just a drink – it holds your story.”

Perfect for: Employees you want to leave a lasting impression on, a thoughtful way to showcase your brand identity, and anyone who appreciates practical yet personalized gifts. Shop for it here!

Employee holiday gift ideas

9. The Whimsical Owl Cookie Jar

Add some whimsy to your employees’ day with The Whimsical Owl Cookie Jar – a delightful gift to show your appreciation. This ceramic owl cookie jar comes filled with 12 delicious vanilla shortbread cookies, perfect for a sweet thank you.

Suggested Message: “For your dedication and a bit of sweetness!”

Perfect for: Your fantastic employees who deserve a delicious treat and a touch of fun. Shop for it here!

10. Mini Beer Pong

Holiday cheer and fun are on the menu with Mini Beer Pong – the perfect gift to add a quirky twist to your employees’ festivities. This modern, compact game promises endless laughter at holiday parties, tailgates, and beyond. Whether sitting or standing, the fun is portable and ready to roll.

Suggested Message: “Here’s to holiday memories, cheers, and a little friendly competition. Happy Holidays!”

Perfect for: Your employees who love a good time and want to make their holiday celebrations unforgettable. Shop for it here!


In conclusion, these fun holiday gift ideas for employees are more than just a formality. They are an expression of your gratitude, a boost to employee morale, and a way to foster a sense of belonging. This holiday season, step away from the traditional and explore these fun and unique gift ideas for your hardworking team. A well-chosen gift can brighten their holiday season, strengthen their connection with your organization, and ultimately, boost their performance. So, go ahead and put a smile on your employees’ faces with gifts that they’ll remember for years to come. Happy gifting!

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