11 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Business Partners

Jul 19, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Be amazed with these 11 meaningful Christmas gifts for business partners that will strengthen your allegiance, add value to your brand image and build professional trust.

Could you imagine your business without the partnerships that add success to it? If you can’t, then you have a valuable relationship that requires nurturing and pruning at hand. A task, you will find, can be both simple and rewarding (with our help, that is!). 

Business partners are the soul of your organization and they add a myriad of wealth and affluence. Doing well to appreciate these allies will see new levels of success and a continued alliance. And what better time to demonstrate your appreciation than at the luster of Christmas time. Prepare to be amazed with our 11 meaningful Christmas gifts for business partners. Pick one that best matches your vibe and wow those associates who do so much for your organization!

Why Send Gifts for Business Partners?

Around the holidays, people often look forward to, and sometimes expect to receive a gift. This is true for any type of relationship – whether business or personal. Moreover, according to stats at least 83% of people say they love promotional gifts. That said, Christmas gifts for business partners also have their own set of advantages for you and your brand. Let’s look at some of these benefits of sending gifts for business partners around the festive time of year:

  1. It Markets Your Brand Appropriately: Christmas gifts do a ton for marketing your brand. This time of year is often a way to market your brand image in a slightly different manner – in keeping with the festivities. It’s been said that people often keep a branded promotional item for a year or so; longer depending on the functionality of the product. So, when choosing your Christmas gifts for business partners and associates, keep the practicality of the gift in mind. If it serves the purpose of being used multiple times, those are many opportunities to optimize brand recall. 
  2. It Shows a Vested Interest in the Partnership: For you to demonstrate loyalty to your valued business relationships, you often need to put in effort. Corporate gifting is a well-recognized and proven method to display appreciation and recognition in the workplace. Sending your business associates a Christmas gift will be a sign of your efforts in keeping the professional bond strong and relevant, which will lead to a reinforcement of mutual trust.  
  3. It Reinforces Value in Your Business: Sending a gift around the holidays, and more specially a well-thought out gift, will help reinforce value in your company. If you choose a premium or high-quality gift; you are sending your colleagues a specific message about your brand. Alternatively, your choice of a sustainable gift will demonstrate your attentiveness to the wellbeing of the environment. 

What to Keep in Mind

There are some important things to note before sending Christmas gifts for business partners. These revolve around proper gifting etiquette and appropriateness. For starters, review the company policy and regulations that your business associate is required to adhere to. In some cases there may be a spend limit that you are essentially required to abide by or other regulations that dictate the type of gift your recipient is allowed to receive. In these cases, when using Giftsenda, the recipient will have the option to swap a gift for a more appropriate option or donate it to a worthy cause.  Also, if you are sending a gift to an international partner, it would serve you well to familiarize yourself with their gifting customs and beliefs, such as those religious or political. 

Choose a gift that reflects your message well and serves a purpose. You can highlight your brand image with your gift choice and let the gift speak for itself, or you can find a way to add in your mission statement to reflect those values. Moreover, for a more personalized approach, you can customize the gift; which shows you’ve put in the extra effort to make a meaningful difference. 

11 Meaningful Christmas Gift Choices to Wow Your Business Associates

Everyone knows half the fun of receiving a gift is the little inscription or message that comes with it; whether it’s meaningful, funny or just plain special. We have some great gift ideas for you to choose from when sending Christmas gifts for business partners and equally great messages for your gift notes to go along with them – much like Santa’s milk and cookies. 

Swarovski Christmas Crystal Figurines

Keeping on a budget for your Christmas marketing is sensible, but there are times when truly high-valued business partners need a little more recognition (and a larger portion of your budget spend). For times like these, Swarovski Crystal Figurines are perfect as they demonstrate your appreciation for quality, refinement and the shared professional relationship. 

Message: Tis the season to sparkle.

A Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament

Just about everyone has a Christmas tree around the holidays and just about everyone likes to see their name on an ornament. Why not send your business partner a Christmas tree ornament engraved with their name or family name?

Message: Our partnership has the perfect chemis-tree.

Christmas gifts for business partners

Cinnamon-Spiced Christmas Cookies

Whether you’re sending these as Christmas gifts for business partners or leaving them out for Santa on Christmas eve; it’ll be a hit all the same. Cookies, specially made to celebrate Christmas (with cinnamon), are a great treat for your associates that can be enjoyed with a festive cup of cocoa. 

Message: Sugar and spice; and makes our partnership nice.

Christmas gifts for business partners

A Signature Bottle of Wine

White or Red, a signature bottle of wine can be enjoyed at Christmas dinner or just about anytime. You can personalize the bottle with something special for your business associate; making the gift that much more memorable. 

Message: Here’s to a white Christmas. But if the white runs out, you can drink the red.

Office Accessories 

A Christmas gift that is functional all year round. Office accessories are practical and can be customized for extra enjoyment. You can also base the gift on your business associates needs. For example; if you know your partner often sends direct mail; you can give them a gift of personalized envelopes and a letter opener. 

Message: For everyday use: slay. For Christmas: sleigh.

A Christmas Tree Picture Frame

Giving the gift of a picture frame allows your business partner to use it as they like: for the home team or the work team. Either way, this gift appeals to both their kinship and their business persona. Moreover, a picture frame can be personalized to tastefully add your logo or brand, keeping you at the front of your partner’s mind when it comes to business. 

Message: The joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays.

An Assortment of Dried Fruit And Nuts

Snack baskets are delicious. You can keep them healthy for your fitness conscious business partners or add snacks that you know are their favorite. To keep in line with the festivities, an assortment of fruit and nuts will do just well. 

Message: We’re just nuts about our partnership.

A Beautiful Clock

Clocks are purposeful, and when you choose one that is beautifully designed, they are a sort of art to look at in the workplace. Not only can these be used to decorate the office, home or any other space; but a branded clock can also effectively market your business.

Message: Christmas is not a time or a season; It’s a feeling. Wishing you the joy of Christmas every minute of the day.

Barware/ DIY Cocktail Gift Sets

Business branded barware and DIY cocktail gift sets have a flair of sophistication all of their own. Take a minute to consider your business partners drinking habits before sending the gift. If you know they love wine, you can send them branded wine glasses or their favorite bottle of wine. Likewise, if you know your associate has a liking for champagne or cocktails; a champagne flute or DIY cocktail gift set will be a great idea. 

Message: Cheers to a great partnership.

Christmas gifts for business partners

Travel Accessories 

More than often, business people are known to travel. Travel accessories, customized with your business partners name/ company name, makes for a great gift that will also come in handy on business trips and vacations. Plus, Christmas time is the perfect time for a holiday. 

Message: You know it’s time for a vacation or business trip when you start to look like the person on your passport.

Personalized Christmas Photo Snow Globe

Celebrate your partnership with your business associate by sending them a personalized snow globe. This customized approach will show you took the time to make it meaningful, and if all else fails; it’s fun! 

Message: There’s snow business like our business.

Use Giftsenda to Send Christmas Gifts to Business Partners

Whether you need an efficient way to choose Christmas gifts for business partners or an easy way to send them, Giftsenda has it all. Our gift links are the simplest way to send a link to your business partners, all around the world. They can be shared on any platform you choose and they collect the delivery information for your recipient directly from them. 

And if you’re worried about your gift arriving on time; our reindeers are the fastest. Your gift will be delivered between 2-5 business days because they are all sourced locally – meaning you don’t have to be concerned with customs, shipping fees or your gift being lost in transit. 

You can even integrate the Giftsenda platform with your CRM platform to make for a seamless gifting experience; with real-time data tracking that gives you a breakdown of your campaign – from the number of gifts delivered, those in progress, the cost of your campaign and so on. With details like these, it will make it easier for you to identify areas to improve and those to continue for future gifting campaigns. 

Save yourself the time and effort, and save Santa the trip; let us help you out with your holiday gifting. Start a campaign! No subscription needed. 

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