12 Luxury Christmas Gifts for Your VIP Clients

Sep 12, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Treat your VIP clients like the celebrities they are with premium gifts they’ll appreciate. We have 12 luxury client Christmas gifts that are sure to make an impression. 

Every client is important. That’s just a fact. But there comes a time in every business relationship where a client becomes a little more (or a lot more, in some cases) special than the rest. These are your VIP clients – the ones that generate the most revenue, and who are worth rolling out the red carpet for. 

In layman’s terms a VIP client is the one who is more valuable than a typical client. This can be anything from a big spender or a frequent buyer to a high profile customer whose patronage is an endorsement for your company. Whatever profile your VIP client fits; the most important is how you treat them in order to retain their business and keep the professional relationship healthy. 

And the best way to do this? Bring out the big guns when corporate gifting. We’ve got 12 luxury client Christmas gifts worthy of your attention and that of your valuable patrons too. 

  1. Premium Gift Basket 
  2. Luxury Coffee Gift Box
  3. Luxury Watch Organizer
  4. Premium Neckties
  5. Unique Collectibles
  6. A Wooden Chess Set
  7. Swivel Cheese Board
  8. Crystal Wine Decanter
  9. Bose Wireless Headset
  10. A Luxurious Experience Gift
  11. Upscale Globe Display
  12. Premium Golfing Accessories 

Why Send Client Christmas Gifts to VIPs

VIP gifting is a simple process and a mutually beneficial one. The client receives a worthwhile, high-quality gift; while your brand/ business gains the favor of the client in the form of advocacy, sales, referrals, purchases and so forth. There are several benefits to this gesture:

  • It is a statement of quality represented by your business practices
  • It creates stronger professional relationships
  • It is an expression of your commitment to the satisfaction of the client
  • It creates positive momentum to longer-lasting business connections

Client Christmas gifts, if done right, will encourage longevity, advocacy and loyalty to your brand. In fact, according to research; loyal customers who feel valued are more likely to spend 67% more when compared to new customers. And with stats like it just shows there’s proof in the pudding. 

Things to Consider When Sending Gifts

Getting clients to be loyal or dedicated to your brand is not always easy but it’s definitely worth it. When sending luxury christmas gifts to your most valuable clients, keep in mind there are some guidelines you ought to follow. This can include anything like:

  • Your recipient’s company policies or compliance laws
  • Their ethnic or religious practices
  • The appropriateness of the gift (for example, when sending alcohol or high-end cigars to a recipient who may not deem it appropriate) 

Other things to consider would be the location of your VIP client. Luxury Christmas gifts for your most valuable clients are typically not your run-of-the-mill corporate gift. These are often expensive and having them lost in transit when being delivered internationally is certainly not acceptable. Moreover, adding costs – like shipping or customs fees – may have you on the tail side of your budget; leaving you in the red financially. 

This is when an international corporate gifting platform like Giftsenda is the most effective solution. Platforms like these are designed to remove the costly nature of international corporate gifting. You can send luxury Christmas gifts to VIP clients within 2-5 business days, without the expense of shipping or customs fees. All gifts are locally sourced when using Giftenda, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about underlying expenses or the delivery of your luxury gift. 

Time is also of the essence, especially around the festive season. There’s so much to do and so many gifts to send; which generally leaves you with more stress than holiday spirit. Giftsenda gift links and email gift invites are ways you can seamlessly send multiple gifts – address free – to recipients all over the world. You can simply send a link to a gift or a curated collection via any messaging platform you choose or brand an email for a more customized approach when delivering a shareable gift link. Incorporating your CRM with the Giftsenda platform will give you the information you need at your fingertips, making for a seamless gifting campaign. Also, integrating Zapier with the platform will allow you to automate certain actions; saving you valuable time typically needed around Christmas time. 

12 Luxury Christmas Gifts Your VIP Clients Will Appreciate

From expensive jewelry to Apple products, here is a top selection of luxury Christmas gifts to woo VIP clients and gain yourself life-long brand advocates. 

Premium Gift Basket 

Who doesn’t love elegant snacking? Filling exquisite baskets with gourmet snacks are  luxury Christmas gifts your VIP clients will love. This gift is perfect for anyone and can be tailored to the recipient. For example, if your client is passionate about fitness and being healthy, you can add low-calorie, healthy snacks. Also; as it’s a Christmas gift; feel free to add holiday themed snacks to spread the joy of the season.

Message: Here’s a gourmet treat for a special client: Because life is too short for ordinary snacking.

Luxury Coffee Gift Box

Coffee is more of a necessity than a gift. Giving gourmet coffee as a gift is something your client will appreciate. You can even include a personalized mug to add a special touch. Perfect for the coffee lovers. 

Message: Because there are times when you don’t need an inspirational quote, you need coffee. Thanks for being a great client!

Luxury Watch Organizer

If your client loves watches and has a collection; a luxury watch organizer may be ideal for them. A watch organizer made of leather or elegant synthetic leather has a classic look and will make a great impression. Moreover, it makes for a practical gift when your recipient is traveling because they can safely transport their valuables.

Message: It’s about time you were appreciated for your efforts. Here’s to an awesome client. 

Premium Neckties

Gifting premium neckties is a great idea because it displays professionalism. Choose a personalized or well designed wooden gift box to present these neckties and make a lasting impression. 

Message: There’s no tie for first position. You’re our number one priority. 

Unique Collectibles

Some people love adorning their office spaces or homes with unique artistic pieces; like a vintage compass or unique paintings. If this is the case, give the gift of a unique collectible item your recipient will appreciate.

Message: A unique gift for a unique client. 

luxury Christmas gifts

A Wooden Chess Set

Chess is an exquisite game and an elegant wooden chess set makes for a luxury gift that’s also practical. A well designed chess set will look sophisticated, whilst doubling as an entertaining game. Ideal for chess enthusiasts. 

Message: We know a good move when we see one. Here’s to a lifelong business relationship. 

Swivel Cheese Board

A cheese board, that transforms into a multi-tier server for cheeses and appetizers, speaks of refined quality. And a gift that is synonymous with quality will appropriately reflect your brand values. 

Message: There’s nothing cheesy about this gift. We’re grateful for your business.

Crystal Wine Decanter

There’s something elegant about a wine gift. A crystal wine decanter exudes sophistication. Couple this with your client’s favorite bottle of wine and you’ve created a perfect pairing.

Message: An empty bottle of wine is better than a full one – it shows achievement. Cheers to many more business achievements with a valuable client. 

luxury client Christmas gifts

Bose Wireless Headset

A Bose wireless headset makes for a functional office gift, or simply to enjoy world class, noise-canceling sound when doing just about anything. This is a gift tech lovers will truly appreciate. 

Message: A well established business connection is like music to our ears. Here’s to many more years to come.

A Luxurious Experience Gift

Sometimes a gift doesn’t have to be a physical one. It can be a memorable experience that’s just as luxurious as an item. The experience itself can be tailored to your recipient based on their hobbies or likes. 

Message: Why not try out some bucket-list worthy activities as a reward for being a valuable client?

Upscale Globe Display

A globe has a corporate feel to it and as a display in a work environment, it can exhibit elegance and luxury. An upscale gift like this is a timeless and tasteful exhibit your recipient can proudly showcase.

Message: With the world at our fingertips, there’s a lot more success to look forward to. 

Premium Golfing Accessories 

This is an exquisite gift for golfing enthusiasts, which can be personalized to make for a memorable experience. A set of personalized golf balls, a carry case and other accessories is an ideal way to show your gratitude to a VIP client. 

Message: You’re one of our best clients by par. We hope you love the gift.

Happy Gifting!

The memories and impressions created through thoughtful corporate gifting can last a lifetime; fostering lasting business relationships. If you need a little help sending luxury Christmas gifts to your VIP clients, just reach out to one of our campaign managers who’ll be glad to assist. Alternatively, create a campaign today and start treating your most precious clients like the celebrities they are. 

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