5 Tricks to Close Deals Fast

May 27, 2024 | Business Tips, Sales

Learn the tricks of the trade and discover five ways to close deals fast, while simultaneously fostering goodwill and solidifying client relationships.

When you’re finding it difficult to close deals, it may be wise to take a step back and figure out if you’re concentrating too much on your brand instead of on the prospect. 

Closing deals is always about the prospect. It’s a process that includes empathy and your focus should lie on the buyer. What does your prospect need? Why are they on call with you? These are questions that should take top priority in your sales strategy. 

Many sales people feel nervous during closing. They feel afraid they might say the wrong thing or “mess up” the deal by sounding incompetent. As a result they tend to focus too much on their pitch instead of actively listening to the buyer leading to an apparent disconnect. If you are one of these people, we have five tricks to help you close deals fast and effectively shift your focus. 

The Struggle is Real in Sales

If you notice you are too focused on yourself, you can ask yourself vital questions to help you identify the needs of your prospect. These are:

  • Did you make the buyer feel respected?
  • Did the buyer feel comfortable?
  • Did the buyer feel welcome on the call?
  • Did the buyer feel motivated to engage further with you?

According to statistics, sales people find closing deals the most difficult part of their job. In fact, as per a Hubspot report; 36% of sales representatives concur. 

To dissect the struggle further, it is known that at least 80% of prospective buyers tend to say “no” before they say “yes” in a deal whilst 92% of salespeople give up after four “no’s”. With such staggering numbers, it is evident that persistence is key to overcoming the struggle. 

5 Tips to Help Sales Reps Close Deals Faster

Don’t Be Afraid of Pauses and Silences 

The “awkward silence” fear is a struggle even outside of the sales concept. People often think it is necessary to fill every pause with words to make up for the silence. However, when trying to close deals fast, the opposite may be true in that silence may be golden. 

There are some points of a deal that absolutely calls for silence as this gives you authority in the eyes of a buyer. Your silence also invites your prospect to speak and this is where you may gain the advantage by listening and guiding the conversation with your questions. 

Hone Your Closing Skills Appropriately

When closing a deal, you will sooner or later be faced with objections. Not every buyer is easy to close and if you’ve not honed your skills in closing, you may simply address an objection by justifying yourself. 

For example, if you are met with an objection that your product is too expensive and you are unable to redirect appropriately, you may find yourself justifying why the price is good. Here, instead you should address the objection by using questions to make your prospect see the value in your product or service. If your brand is good to begin with and you believe in it, you should lead with that and let the product/ service sell itself. 

close deals fast

Don’t Be Too Easy on the Prospect

Oftentimes a salesperson may focus solely on creating a pleasant experience for the buyer. But to effectively close deals fast, you may need to somewhat create an uncomfortable situation. After all, you need the prospect to realize you are making their lives better with your product/ service. And if you are too nice about it, the buyer may not feel any urgency in responding to you. Rather, focus on being polite and friendly but not overly so; assertive but not pushy; and ensure you find the right balance that helps you close the sale. 

Use Strategic Gifting to Persuade Your Prospect 

Corporate gifting is not a new concept in the business world. The act of professional gifting is not that of bribery. The gifts are not meant to “buy” a buyer but rather display a connection that shows appreciation or gratitude. Appreciation for their time, their energy and for their engagement with you. 

Here it is important to ensure gifts are not overly flashy or expensive. Rather, make the corporate gift practical and functional, and keep within the regulations of the company or business your prospect is affiliated with.

Also, the timing of the gift is important. Ensure your gift coincides with its intent. For example, if you are thanking a prospect for meeting with you; send the gift within a reasonable amount of time of meeting with the buyer. When using strategic gifting to close deals fast, the bottom line is to foster goodwill and solidify strong client relationships with genuine intent. 

Suggest a Trial

In cases where a prospect may be undecided, you can suggest a free trial that allows the buyer the opportunity to test your product or service before making any commitments. By doing so, you also allow yourself the opportunity to address the features of your product/ service in detail while addressing their hesitations in alignment. Giving your customers the space to decline at a later stage may persuade them to be open and willing to evaluate whether the product or service is right for them. 

Close Deals With Giftsenda By Your Side

One of the best tricks in the business is having the right partner by your side. When trying to close deals fast, there’s no better approach than partnering with an international gifting platform – like Giftsenda – to streamline your strategic gifting. 

With a gifting platform, you can seamlessly integrate your CRM systems with the interface for expedient data sharing. You also have the advantage of real-time data readily available on your dashboard for you to make data-driven decisions when evaluating your sales strategies. 

Moreover, sending gifts is effortless. You can share a gift link or customize an email to direct your recipient to a specific gift or a collection of gifts from which to choose. The best part is that you don’t need their delivery details to do this. This makes it simple to personalize your efforts and scale your strategy as needed. What could be simpler? 

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