5 Ways That You Can Use Gifts For Clients To Build Brand Loyalty

Jul 21, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Customer Experience, Marketing

Just as a name is to its bearer, so is a brand to a business. The methods used to create awareness and brand loyalty are as important as the brand itself. This can be attributed to the simple fact that business relationships are no longer built purely on the supply vs. demand principle, but are also cemented on mutually beneficial relationships that ensure unique service offerings and noteworthy experiences for clients on one hand, and adequate revenue-building opportunities for businesses on the other. 

It isn’t always easy to strike this balance, because more often than not, businesses invest more resources in sales optimization and loss mitigation tools instead of focussing on nurturing their relationships with clients that are the ultimate revenue-driving authority given their dollar value. In this blog, we highlight five ways that businesses can use corporate gifting as a tool to not only keep their brands top of mind, but to also promote customer loyalty.  

1. Client Onboarding Methods That Foster Brand Loyalty

Eons ago, simple newspaper ads with pitch-focussed headlines and overly sales-driven television ads worked to create awareness about new and emerging brands. Presently, however, buyers determine the trajectory of a business’s sale path, and as such, much is required to get a potential buyer’s attention, let alone keep it.

During the onboarding process, businesses can offer personalized ‘welcome to the family’ gifts to not only delight new clients, but also reward them for hurdling over the brand’s competition and choosing to do business with them. The addition of such human elements reassures the client that they made the right decision.

2. New Product Launches 

What’s a business without innovation, right? In the bid to constantly offer innovative solutions to customers’ continuously evolving needs, businesses are faced with the challenge of launching new products and service offerings, and what better way to introduce these to clients than through well-planned product introduction corporate gifting campaigns? Depending on the client engagement methods, businesses can use gift offers to:

  • Invite new and existing clients to attend on and offline product introductory events or webinars. 
  • Send newsletters, case studies, and ebooks to highlight the benefits of new product and service offerings.
  • Offer free product trials
  • Invite clients to participate in new product reviews

3. Celebrating Brand And Client Milestones

Be it launch anniversaries or the celebration of new business deals for the brand, or clients’ commemoration dates such as birthdays, marriages, childbirths, launching corporate gifting campaigns to express gratitude to loyal customers and celebrate their wins is sure to cement a brand as customer-centric, aware, engaged and caring. With this in mind, customers won’t only continuously prefer to deal with your brand, but they’re also likely to share their positive experiences with other potential buyers, resulting in earned lead generation and increased brand familiarity and loyalty.

4. Holiday-Based Gifting

Whether you’re looking to seal a new supplier deal, be named a vendor of choice by a prospect, extend an existing contract, or simply create an atmosphere that allows for brand refamiliarization, launching well-planned holiday-based gifting campaigns is the way to go. Why? According to psychological research, there are three ‘markets’ on which buyers base their decisions, and these align with their most basic needs: wealth, health, and relationships. By offering gifts you appeal to at least one of these markets, i.e. relationships, as you are building a relationship by putting the recipient first and providing them with some delight. During the holiday season you’re also guaranteed to appeal to your clients on a more festive level, and as a consequence, will remain top of mind whenever their need to purchase arises.

5. Surveys, Case Studies, And Reviews

Place your feet in your clients’ shoes for a moment and imagine a hypothetical sales journey. What’s the first thing you do when trying to decide whether a new product or service offer is worth the hype? If your response touches on reviews, then congratulations. You win the golden egg. Businesses can add a layer of gifting to influence their customers to leave product-related reviews, and entice them into participating in surveys. This way, potential customers are introduced to the brand, while existing clients are offered reward-driven experiences that positively affect their sentiments towards the brand.

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