5 Ways To Personalize Your ABM Outreach For Better Results

Aug 7, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Marketing

The fact is, it takes buyers a mere moment to decide whether or not marketing messages appeal to them, and as a marketer you are always working to optimize your chances of your product catching the interest of a prospective customer. Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent, lift revenues by 5 to 15 percent, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10 to 30 percent. The modern-day buyer loathes off-target marketing noise and prefers experience-focussed offers that solve their immediate problems and are memorable – this is the primary focus of account-based marketing (ABM). To lead a target down the funnel and ensure conversion while demonstrating value. In this blog, we list five methods that businesses can use to personalize their ABM outreach.

1. Analyze and Optimize Your Existing Client Data

As with all things ripe and healthy, let’s start from within. According to research-backed data, acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer, and increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. Therefore, reinvesting in your existing book of clients proves more profitable and generally makes more ‘cents’. Before conducting external research on prospects and backing that up with solution-based content, analyze existing client data, dissect how your organization caters to these clients, understand how their needs have changed, and optimize their experiences.

The above can be executed through user experience surveys, reviewing current strategies with your clients and suggesting changes, as well as through continuous engagement with your clients. Sometimes, asking literal questions yields more results than creatively seeking answers without asking the question.

2. Create Target Audience-Specific Content for Your ABM

Whoever said content is king was surfing the truth wave. It’s easier to understand why similar brands perform differently, especially when looking at the type of content they produce, the messaging that accompanies the content, and the creatives that give the content its appeal. The biggest mistake a brand can make is to follow content trends that yield impressive numbers on a general scale, but don’t entirely talk to their target audience. 

When creating content and curating marketing messaging, pay attention to:

  • Focus on your audience. If it’s varied, ensure that you produce content that harbors pieces of information that appeal to your different buyer personas. 
  • Make your content as educational as possible. 
  • Identify themes relevant to your offers and explore those in your content. Yes, sell, but inform and entertain too. 
  • Repurpose marketing collateral in a creative way to avoid breaking the bank with custom content. 
  • Create seamless opt-in methods.

3. Back Calls-To-Action With Personalized Landing Pages

Whether educational, entertaining, or sales-based, digital content yields better engagement and reach when accompanied by a clear call to action. The more audiences follow action prompts, the greater the conversion probability. 

Be it an e-commerce site and website, create landing pages that address FAQs, product and service descriptions, pricing information, user guides, and reviews. In a nutshell, create a hub that houses all the information prospects will need to make their purchasing decision. Additionally, ensure that ‘assist me’ tabs are visible and active, in case a prospect requires information not housed on the landing page. The more interactive, user-friendly, and informative the landing pages, the better the experience for your prospects. 55% of marketers agree that personalized content is key to ABM success.

4. Using Gift Offers As Subjects, Send Direct Emails To Your Core Contacts

Generic emails do the trick for mid- business communication, but sometimes don’t quite cut it when it comes to sales-driven communication. Both your clients and prospects receive enough marketing emails to last them a few lifetimes, so if nothing in your subject messaging triggers interest, then nothing will. 

Gauge your recipients’ interest and/or delight them by offering them gifts along with a meeting invite, event invite or to thank them for their loyalty. This way, you can initiate or maintain your business relationship on an experiential basis, while highlighting your service and product offering.

So how can you send gifts to many accounts, especially if they are in different countries? It’s easy! By using our corporate gifting platform you will have access to various tools to send gifts accompanied by personalized messages to your target accounts, from shareable gift links to email gift invites. By allowing them to choose or swap a gift, you can take that extra step to make them feel like you are putting them first. Nobody wants a gift that they will not value. Gifts can be delivered to over 200 countries and are all locally sourced for lower shipping rates. What’s more, you will be able to track all the interactions and view reports on your gift campaign performance to help you improve your ROI.

5. Use Follow-Ups As A Data-Collection Method as Part of Your ABM

No matter how immaculate a lead generation strategy can be, some leads need more nudges to walk toward the decision-making stage. It is, therefore, in a business’s best interest to formulate a solid follow-up strategy that further highlights the value of its offers without sounding too pitchy. This is where corporate gifting can be incorporated to entice your MQLs and lead them further down the sales funnel. Here, you can offer gifts when:

  • Sending follow-up emails. Instead of the traditional “As per our previous discussion…”, send a gift link to reinitiate the conversation.
  • Updating target accounts on new product offerings or service improvements. Invite them to a demo or launch event with a personalized gift as a token of your appreciation.

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