8 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Jul 19, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Express the essence of Thanksgiving by sending thoughtful gifts that show your gratitude. Send Thanksgiving gift experiences for clients that highlight the season and its meaning.

Just about every table this turkey day will be featuring a gleaming roasted bird, traditional family thanksgiving sides and a pumpkin pie with a generous dollop of cream. And if your family is going to make the day feel like it uniquely belongs to them, there’ll probably be a list of thanksgiving-themed activities to go with the festivities. Just as you put in the effort into making this holiday special for your biological family, so too should you be putting in the effort to make it memorable for your work family. This means celebrating the tradition of thanksgiving by giving your clients a gift to mark the occasion. If there’s anything to be truly thankful for, it’s our 8 thoughtful thanksgiving gift ideas for clients. Let’s proceed, shall we?

What is Thanksgiving?

For those who haven’t heard of this holiday, thanksgiving is a holiday when Americans gather for a day of feasting, family, giving thanks and more-often-than-not, Football. 

Marked for the fourth Thursday in November, this holiday – also colloquially referred to as “turkey day” – is based on the colonial Pilgrim’s 1621 harvest meal. The flavors recognized during thanksgiving are often pumpkin, cinnamon, cranberry and so forth. Which, quintessentially happens to be pretty trendy when choosing thanksgiving gifts for clients too. You can base your client gift on a specific theme or flavor for Thanksgiving and make the art of giving thanks that much more memorable. Later on in this blog, we’ll show you just how to do that to make your marketing strategies a roaring success.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

When November rolls around, don’t just pick a gift that says Happy Thanksgiving and be on with it. There are ways your thanksgiving gifts can create a positive association with your brand and yourself, while simultaneously encouraging recurring business. Here’s a look at some of those: 

Be Mindful to Avoid Common Gift-Giving Drawbacks

You may not think there is anything wrong with giving a gift because after all it’s the thought that counts, right? While that may be so; your corporate gifting strategy is just that – a marketing strategy. With that said, you need to be mindful that you are not spending out of your marketing budget (a gift of $10 – $25 should be appropriate), you are adhering to your recipient’s company policy and regulations, you are not being too salesy (instead of being strategic) and you are not sending an inappropriate gift, such as sending alcohol to someone who does not drink. Pitfalls, like these, while they may be honest mistakes can reflect poorly on your relationship with your client as well as on your brand image. 

Be On Time With Your Gifting

Timing, in essence, is everything and never more so in this case. A month after Thanksgiving will no longer be Thanksgiving as the focus of your client will probably start to shift toward Christmas. Ensure your gift makes it to its destination when it is meant to and save yourself the humility of sending a Thanksgiving-themed gift at Christmas time. 

Be Mindful Of the Details Of Your Gift

There is no magic in corporate gifting, it’s all in the details. Personalization is a way to add a little personal detail to your Thanksgiving gifts for clients, which takes a good gift and makes it great. Also, add unique touches, like specific branding, styles and wrapping your client may find interesting. 

How to Send Thanksgiving Gifts With Giftsenda

Whether you’re the CEO of a multinational corporation or a small business owner, a gifting campaign can stump you all the same; especially if you are sending gifts to clients who live in another country. With Giftsenda though, the task is as easy as … pumpkin pie! 

Giftsenda gift links were specially created to remove the hassle from bulk gifting because they can be easily sent on whichever messaging platform you wish to use. You can use a single gift link for 100s of recipients worldwide. The gift link will essentially give your recipient access to the Giftsenda gifting platform, allowing them to choose a gift of their liking from a list of products specially selected by you (according to price range, holiday theme, style, category and so forth). Once your recipient has honed in on the gift they want, they simply select it and provide their shipping information. The process is only finalized once you accept it though; making for safe and secure transacting and address collection. 

Gifts usually take 2-5 business days to deliver so you can schedule your gifting campaign to coincide perfectly with Thanksgiving; without having to be concerned about your gift being lost in transit or held back at customs for whatever reason. Plus, all our gifts are locally sourced according to your recipient’s location, thus ensuring sustainable corporate gifting practices. 

Once you’ve delivered all your thanksgiving gifts for clients, that doesn’t mark the end. In fact, that can be the beginning of tracking / measuring the ROI of your Thanksgiving gifting campaign because you can analyze data, such as the total gifts received, total gifts in the process of delivery, the cost of your gifts/ campaign and so on. Having an idea of these metrics will help you recognize areas where your gifting strategies were unproductive and how you can improve your efforts in future. And for those who use CRM and other automation platforms, seamless integration with the Giftsenda platform makes it easier to track client preferences, interactions and other metrics. 

8 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Thankful Receivers

Thanksgiving gifts for clients – that speak to their interests and hobbies – will show you took the time to think your gift through. If you’re in search of some idea’s, take a look at these:

1. A Bottle of Wine

A beautiful bottle of wine, preferably one that is your client’s favorite will make for a great gift. You can also choose a bottle that will pair great with their Thanksgiving meal. I’m sure they’ll thank you for it. 

Message: The most important step in any Thanksgiving recipe is adding wine to the cook. Salut!

Thanksgiving gifts for clients

2. Happy Thanksgiving Airbrushed Macarons

Ah, the sweet meringue based confection that needs no introduction – not even at Thanksgiving. And to celebrate this holiday, gift macarons that are flavored with pumpkin or cinnamon spice. You can even write a thank you message on the macaron itself. How special!

Message: This gift is not equal to the extent of my gratitude for the professional relationship we share, but it’s a sweet start!

3. Wellness Gift Baskets 

If there’s one thing to be thankful for during Thanksgiving, it should be good health. A wellness gift basket, with items like bath salts, massage oil and a scented candle, is a great way to prioritize the wellbeing of your recipient. 

Message: Do something today that your future self will thank you for. 

4. A DIY Cocktail Kit

When thinking about gifting a DIY cocktail kit for Thanksgiving, think pumpkin drinks, cranberry thyme gin and tonic or the cinnamon maple whiskey sour. And if your recipient likes the sweeter cocktail, may the pecan pie martini, that doubles as a dessert, will be a hit. 

Message: This Thanksgiving, eat; drink and be cranberry! 

Thanksgiving gifts for clients

5. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Coffee, as we all know, contains caffeine – which is known for increasing energy levels, helping people feel less tired and burning fat by jump starting the body’s metabolism; it’s like it was made for both before and after a Thanksgiving meal. A temperature control smart mug is an ideal gift to keep your recipient’s coffee at the perfect temperature. 

Message: Because good ideas start with brainstorming and great ideas start with coffee.

6. Pumpkin Pie Dish

Pumpkin pie is a must for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. With its design, this pie dish is both festive and functional for the holiday. 

Message: Good vibes and pumpkin pies! Happy thanksgiving to a valued client. 

7. Spiced Pumpkin Latte Candle

Candles are beautiful and when they’re scented to remind you of Thanksgiving, it’ll be easy to get your recipient into the holiday spirit. Give the gift of a candle that smells like a spiced pumpkin latte. 

Message: It’s not joy that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us joyful. 

8. Gourmet Cookies 

Who doesn’t love cookies? Sweet little treats that add joy and happiness to the thanksgiving dessert table. And in keeping with the festivities, send your recipient cookies flavored with plain cinnamon or pumpkin spice ( a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger). 

Message: We’re thankful for sweet clients like you!

Thanksgiving gifts for clients

Wrapping Up

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and if you need help with your gifting strategies, sending international gifts in bulk or with selecting amazing Thanksgiving gifts for customers; reach out to start a campaign today.

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