9 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Jul 20, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Boost team morale and show gratitude to your hardworking employees this Thanksgiving with these 9 carefully curated gift ideas.

Thanksgiving, the holiday of turkey-induced comas, family feasts, and post-dinner naps. But it’s not just about the food and festivities; it’s also a time to reflect on the blessings in our lives and express gratitude. And what better way to extend that gratitude than by showing appreciation to your dedicated employees?

Sending Thanksgiving gifts to your staff can do wonders for team morale, productivity, and, ultimately, your company’s bottom line. Studies have shown that when employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more engaged, motivated, and loyal to their employers. So, let’s delve into the art of giving and explore these 9 thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas for your hardworking team.

Why Send Thanksgiving Gifts to Employees

Before we dive into the gift ideas, let’s take a moment to appreciate the benefits of sending Thanksgiving gifts to your employees. Research has shown that employees who feel appreciated are 85% more likely to go the extra mile and give their best effort at work.

Moreover, a culture of gratitude leads to a 50% increase in employee satisfaction and a 20% boost in productivity. By acknowledging your employees’ hard work and dedication through thoughtful gifts, you create a positive work environment and cultivate stronger employee relationships. So, let’s make this Thanksgiving memorable for your staff and reap the benefits of gratitude.

Things to Keep in Mind When Sending Thanksgiving Gifts to Staff

When selecting Thanksgiving gifts for your employees, it’s essential to keep their preferences and interests in mind. After all, the key to a successful gift is personalization. Take the time to understand your employees’ individual personalities and what they value. Are they food enthusiasts? Do they appreciate wellness and self-care? Are they avid readers or adventure seekers? Tailoring gifts to their unique preferences shows that you see them as individuals, not just cogs in the corporate machine. By aligning the gifts with your company culture and values, you reinforce a sense of belonging and create a work environment where everyone feels appreciated and understood.

9 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Sweet and Savory Chardonnay Basket

Indulge your employees with the Sweet and Savory Chardonnay Basket, featuring a 750ml Rock Falls Vineyards Chardonnay, smoked Gouda cheese spread, O’Brien’s Sticky Toffee, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, and more. It’s a delectable assortment that will make their taste buds dance with delight. The Chardonnay is perfect for wine enthusiasts, while the cheese spread, sticky toffee, and chocolate truffles offer mouthwatering treats. It’s the ideal way to show appreciation and make your employees feel extra special during Thanksgiving. >>Send it now!

Special message: Here’s to a Chardonnay-filled Thanksgiving overflowing with joy and relaxation. Cheers to a delightful holiday!

Italian Experience Deluxe Gift Basket

Delight recipients with this thoughtful gift that includes Bella Campagna Italian Pasta Seasoning Mix, Bella Campagna Mixed Olives, Lazzaroni Crunchy Cookies, and more. Experience the rich flavors of Italy in this deluxe basket. This gift is perfect for employees who appreciate the exquisite taste of Italian cuisine. From savory olives to crunchy cookies, it offers a delightful Italian experience that will transport them to the heart of Italy. >>Send it now!

Message: Buon appetito! Delight in the flavors of Italy with the Italian Experience Deluxe Gift Basket. Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with the richness of Italian cuisine and moments of culinary joy. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Organic Fruit Set

Make a lasting impression this Thanksgiving with this delightful gift. Inside, you will find a bountiful assortment of 2 Organic D’Anjou Pears, 1 Organic Braeburn Apple, 2 Organic Navel Oranges, 1 Organic Mango, 1 Organic Granny Smith Apple, and 2 Organic Kiwis, beautifully packaged along with a thoughtful Gift Card. The organic fruits symbolize the abundance of nature and the importance of wholesome nourishment. It’s a meaningful gesture to make your staff feel appreciated and cherished. >>Send it now!

Message idea: As we gather to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are truly grateful for your dedication and hard work. May this gift remind you of the blessings surrounding us and bring you joy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

Fall Harvest Basket

Create a memorable Thanksgiving experience for your employees with this thoughtful gift. Inside, they will discover a delightful assortment, including Red Apples, Green Apples, Oranges, Pears, Garlic Sausage, Water Crackers, Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheese Straws, and more. This carefully curated selection offers a variety of flavors to savor during the holiday season. The combination of delicious treats represents the warmth and togetherness of Thanksgiving, making it a perfect choice to celebrate and thank your hardworking staff. >>Send it now!

Message idea: Savor the gratitude this Thanksgiving! Enjoy this tasty gift as a token of our appreciation. Happy Turkey Day, team!

Slice and Savory Crate

Make a lasting impression with this impressive gift assortment, carefully crafted to leave a lasting impact. You’ll find a tempting array of gourmet treats, including Olive Oil, Sea Salt Water Crackers, Summer Sausage, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Garlic Cheese, and more. The wooden gift tray, gift wrapping, and greeting card add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. The delightful treats embody the spirit of togetherness and gratitude, making it the perfect choice to celebrate and thank your hardworking team. >>Send it now!

Message idea: Savor the gratitude this Thanksgiving! Our heartfelt thanks and a flavorful feast await. Happy Turkey Day!

Rustic Gourmet Gift Basket

Delight your staff with this delightful gift featuring a diverse selection of savory and sweet treats. Inside, they will discover an array of delicious items, including Crackers with Bacon and Habanero, Cracked Peppercorn Crackers, Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread, Hot Honey Crunch Mix, D’Arcy Puff Pastries and more. With its delightful assortment of flavors and treats, it’s sure to bring joy and show them how much they’re valued. >>Send it now!

Message idea: Wishing you a bountiful Thanksgiving filled with scrumptious delights. Thank you for your outstanding work and dedication to our team. Enjoy this gift as a token of our gratitude!

Tower of Tuscan Treats

Surprize your recipients with this thoughtful gift with a delectable assortment. Inside, they will discover an enticing selection, including Fruit Jellies, Chocolate Caramels, Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels, Nougat Peanuts and Fruits, Classic English Fudge Sea Salt, Madeleine Cake, Cookie Butter Cake, Lemon Cake, Raspberry Cake and more. The variety of flavors and treats offers something for everyone, creating a delightful experience. >>Send it now!

Message idea: Savor the sweetness of success and the joy of your hard work. Thank you for being an essential part of our team. Enjoy this gift as a token of our appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheese Board Delights

Have your staff indulge in this amazing gift featuring a tantalizing assortment. Inside, they will discover three types of cheeses, three flavors of crackers or flatbread, mustard, and a knife spreader. It’s an ideal way to show appreciation and make your cheese-loving employees feel valued and celebrated. >>Send it now!

Message idea: A cheesy delight to say “thank you” in the most delicious way. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to our team. Enjoy this gift as a token of our gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Snacks

Leave a lasting impression with this gift filled with a delightful assortment of treats. Inside, you will find a variety of delectable items such as Cinnamon Brown Sugar Kettlecorn, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pretzel Twists, Organic Sea Salt Multigrain Flatbread Crackers, Butter Peanut Crunch, Vegetable Cheddar Cheese, Sea Salt Caramel and lots more.  With its mouth-watering assortment of snacks and treats, it’s sure to delight their taste buds and bring a smile to their faces. >>Send it now!

Message idea: Sending a taste of gratitude and appreciation your way. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Enjoy this gift as a token of our thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

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FAQs About Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday celebrated in countries, such as Canada, the U.S., Grenada, Liberia and so forth. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving traces its origins to the Harvest Festivals and it is customary to express gratitude during this holiday. 

Is it Customary to Send Gifts on Thanksgiving?

Yes. It is customary to express gratitude to those around you on Thanksgiving. One of the most common ways is with a gift. 

Can I Send a Thanksgiving Gift Internationally?

Yes. Giftsenda has over 10 000 gifts to choose from, with delivery to over 200 countries. Both physical and digital gifts can be sent globally.

Can I Give My Recipient The Option to Choose Their Own Gift?

Definitely. Instead of having to pre-select specific items for your recipients, you can opt for our online gift collections and allow your recipients to choose their gifts from the wealthy list of choices housed in each collection.

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