A Detailed Guide to Corporate Gifting in 2024 [Infographic Included]

Mar 5, 2024 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

Use our guide to corporate gifting to discover the best way to make your brand stand out and increase your ROI. We’ve also added an infographic for a quick summary.

There will definitely come a time in your business practice that you’ll encounter an employee who is the very definition of exceptional, a client who is worthy of more than a mere “thank you” or a prospect with whom you’d like to engage. In times like these, how you respond is of utmost importance as your reciprocation can sometimes be the determinant of the growth or stagnation in your organization. Corporate gifting is a great way to nurture all your relationships and connections in the workplace. 

In this guide, we’ll provide insight into corporate gifting, running corporate gifting programs and how to make the most of a gifting platform.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the act of showing gratitude or interest to a business relation with a physical or virtual gift using your business identity. To maximize your gifting strategies, you can also implement the most prominent trends to better understand the needs and preferences of your customers, staff and clients for a tailored approach. 

Some of the best times to send a corporate gift include:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Corporate milestones
  • Personal days such as birthdays 
  • Holidays
  • Onboarding
  • As incentives (Sales, Marketing and HR)

corporate gifting

From custom books to inscriptions and engravings, you can incorporate personalized detail in your gifting to reflect the unique character and personality of your brand. 

Do You Pay Taxes When Corporate Gifting?

The tax implications on corporate gifts are not invariable and often depend on the circumstance. A gift can be tax deductible, but this is specific to the country, type of gift or the value thereof. It is best to contact your local tax practitioner for detailed guidelines on the deductions that you can benefit from.

Whenever you are involving tax deductions in your gifting strategies, it is always wise to keep a record of your corporate gifting expenses and the business purpose of sending the gift, to ensure you remain tax compliant. 

What is a Corporate Gifting Program?

A corporate gifting program is a structured and organized initiative implemented by a company to give gifts to clients, employees, partners, or other stakeholders. These programs are designed to enhance relationships, show appreciation, celebrate achievements, or mark special occasions.  

By using  a corporate gifting program you are able to increase employee engagement and retention, firmly establish business relationships and convert prospects into customers. The way that the program is set up depends on your requirements, but a gifting platform can streamline this process.

What is a Corporate Gifting Platform?

A corporate gifting platform is an online tool that facilitates the process of selecting, purchasing, and delivering gifts for corporate purposes. Your gifting strategies can be streamlined by using a corporate gifting platform, whereby all the aspects of your campaign are handled for you. 

For example, an international gifting platform, like Giftsenda allows you to select a gift from the online (international) catalog. Once you have put together a curated list of gifts, or identified a specific gift, you can share a gift link with your recipient, which will enable them to redeem the gift or choose one from your pre-selected gift collection. After the gift is accepted, your recipient then provides their delivery information ensuring the details are accurate as they are retrieved directly from the giftee. For brand awareness, you can create a customized landing page or email through which to deliver the gift link. 

corporate gifting platform

To measure the success of your gift campaign, you can track real-time data on your Giftsenda dashboard and use the metrics to identify areas that require improvement and those which are performing well. Furthermore, for a streamlined campaign, you are able to integrate your CRM and HRM systems with the Giftsenda platform so you are able to sync data easily when you need it.

Who Can You Send Corporate Gifts To?

As it is a necessary tool for fostering strong corporate relationships, every business connection is suited to corporate gifting. 

Valuable Clients & Customers

Your clients always have many choices to choose from when it comes to whom they give their business to. Your job is to keep them sticking with you. Your clients need you to acknowledge them and the most memorable or meaningful way is by showing gratitude through corporate gifting. About 75% of consumers in the U.S have reported they are loyal to a brand that understands them on a personal level. Incorporating personalization into your gifting campaign can ensure you improve your customer retention and loyalty. 

clients looking over an ipad

Cherished Employees

One of the most valuable assets in your business is your workforce. Employees are at the heart of your organization and require a heartfelt approach for their dedication. For your business family, a little motivation can come in the form of a physical or virtual gift, or an experience gift. After all, stats show that 75% of employees who received holiday gifts state it increased job satisfaction. 

Key Business Partners

The world of business partnership offers more opportunity than just added resources, it is a corporate relationship that can flourish into something meaningful as you no longer have to operate in isolation and you have a helpmate when the time arises. Nurturing these types of relationships are key and corporate gifting is an ideal route to effectuate this. In this sense, extending the gifting budget is also wise as the value of a business partner is often proportional to the value of the gift. 

Affordable Corporate Gift Ideas To Inspire, Motivate & Persuade 

There are various trends you can use to add some fun to your campaign, from personalization and sustainability to wellness and tech. From the little luxuries to trendy treats, there’s always something to add quirk and excitement. 

A Wellness Gift

With the increase in popularity of remote work, wellness gift boxes are always a hit. And spa gift sets aren’t limited to women, they can be equally as great for men too. Prioritizing health is an ideal way to show your recipients you care both in and out of the corporate workplace. Think soaps, candles and hand creams.

A Snack Basket 

Filling a corporate gift basket with snacks your recipient loves is a perfect way to make their day. This gift can be easily customized based on their preferences and liking. For a healthy recipient, you can add vegan snacks or carb-conscious treats to ensure they get all their favorite munchies without any of the guilt.

Gourmet Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? And they make the perfect corporate gift for just about anyone. Moreover, the best part of a gift such as this is the cost. With an inexpensive gift, you can remain within your gifting budget and still appreciate your valued recipients.  

Personalized Office Items

Stationery and other office supplies will always come in handy. And if they are branded with your company colors or logo, your gifting approach will ensure you increase your brand awareness and engagement, in addition to appreciating your recipients.  


Coffee is a great way to start engaging conversation and in the business world, having a “coffee meet” could provide a different manner of discussion, other than the typical office talk, which allows for stronger connections both professionally and personally. Sending your corporate recipient a coffee voucher to say “thanks for meeting with me” or “looking forward to our meeting” shows you’re in tune with business etiquette and vested in the professional relationship. 

Make Your Recipient’s Day With Giftsenda!

Corporate gifting ought to be easy. But let’s face it, it can be somewhat of a hassle especially when you are sending gifts internationally and you don’t have the right tools. With Giftsenda, you can send gifts globally with little to no effort and cost-effectively. Simply create a campaign online in a few clicks – and we’ll do the rest. Need more information? Speak to one of our gifting experts today or click here to start gifting! 

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