A Guide to Sending Gifts to Belgium, Culture & More

Mar 20, 2024 | Business Tips, Gift Ideas

Find out how easy it is to send gifts to Belgium and explore the beautiful country as we take you on a journey learning about the culture, traditions and more. 

As one of the smallest, yet most densely populated countries in Europe, Belgium is a great country to visit. From the landmark Atomium to relaxing in the hot springs to cultured city breaks in the Bruges; there’s so much to do and even more to see. I mean where else can you get a little cuddle from an Ostrich at an animal rescue farm for 65 euros ($71)?  While there are many words to describe this amazing country, boring will never be one of them! And that is why we have compiled this blog to take you on a descriptive journey so you are equipped with all the fun facts and quirky details you need when sending gifts to Belgium. 

The Atomium in Belgium

Things That People in Belgium Love

Belgium has a rich diversity of cultures and ethnicities. From the German speakers in the east, to the French speakers in Wallonia and the Dutch-speaking community in Flanders; there is an amazing blend of traditions and languages. But the one thing Belgians have in common is their welcoming nature. That said, their positive attitudes and politeness makes them a community of people who love food, drinks and socializing. 

Belgian waffles

While many may think the people of Belgium love chocolate, waffles and beer; that is only partly true. For example, it is not a very widely known fact that Belgians love coffee. In fact, the country has one of the largest ports for coffee storage. Yes, it’s true. Antwerp stores more than 250 000 tonnes of coffee; making it the largest storage site in the world. Moreover, in spite of their love of beer (and with good reason too!); the country is also known for their love of an elderflower aperitif known as the RoomeR, made with a wonderful mix of select herbs and elderflower. 

Gift-Giving Etiquette in Belgium

The gift – giving etiquette in Belgium is not much different to other countries. The people of this country generally value originality and quality over quantity and appreciate elegantly packaged gifts. When invited to their homes, the people of Belgium may expect good quality chocolates or flowers. However, remember not to give chrysanthemums as these typically signify death. Also, try not to give red roses or lillies. Moreover, when giving flowers as gifts, be sure to give flowers in odd numbers, not even (but not in sets of 13). 

For the gift card, it may serve you well to send the message in both English and Dutch or French. Reason being, there are many languages spoken in the different parts of the country. This is unless you are ascertained of the language your recipient is familiar with. Also, it may not be received well when a gift includes your business logo so it would be wise to consider this before sending business gifts to Belgium. 

Popular Holidays and Celebrations in Belgium

Belgian holidays encompass traditional events based on religious activity and folklore to music extravaganzas, national days, special tourist occasions and more. New Year’s Day and eve are especially important in Belgium. With both indoor and outdoor gatherings, street parades and other festivities to celebrate the stroke of midnight; Belgians bring in the New Year with love and enthusiasm. 

The Roman Catholic period of Lent is particularly associated with the origins of the February carnival. Brussels is the place to be when celebrating the carnival, with its colorful street parades, decorated homes, local street parties and such.

A festival / tradition in Belgium

The Belgian National Day is celebrated on July 21st and its biggest events also take place in Brussels. This day commemorates the country’s national independence, achieved in 1830 after the Belgian revolution, and is memorialized with firework displays, costume characters, street performers and more. 

Popular Gifts to Send to Belgium

As previously mentioned, an elegant floral arrangement or a high-quality chocolate box will be a great idea when sending gifts to Belgium. But, Belgians consider themselves somewhat of beer and chocolate experts. So when choosing a gift like this, always be sure to know the type of beer your recipients likes and ensure the chocolate is premium quality. A wine or champagne gift would also be appropriate, once again; taking into account the quality of the gift. 

If you are unsure whether a gift is inappropriate or unacceptable, a safe – yet well pleasing – gift idea is a gift basket. Gift baskets are easily customizable and you can add items that your recipient likes; which can be food items, beverages or even home decor items to form a wellness basket. To create your own gift basket, Giftsenda has a custom gift builder option to help you curate a uniquely personalized gift or you can also give your recipient the option to choose their own gifts by means of a shareable gift link. 

Belgian Gift Giving Made Easy With Giftsenda!

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