A Guide to sending gifts to the Netherlands, Culture & More

Feb 7, 2024 | Gift Ideas

Find inspiration and gain insight into a beautiful country as we help you discover the easiest and most convenient way to send gifts to the Netherlands. 

Tulips, windmills and Delft Blue earthenware: these are a few things the Dutch can boast about when it comes to their beautiful country; the Netherlands or Holland as it’s also known. For one, these marvels are seen as quintessentially Dutch by the rest of the world, earning the nation their reputation of modern culture, influence and iconic creative spirit. This is why sending gifts to the Netherlands is so fun and expansive!

The Netherlands may be a relatively small country but it is crammed with world-famous icons. The strikingly bold colors of tulip bulbs flowering in the Spring are a common sight in Holland, making the “bulb-region” in the Netherlands a must-see experience for any holiday maker. It is a truly quintessential experience to even cycle along these extravagant landscapes, which is funny enough another famous trademark in the Netherlands as the country reflects a refined love for cycling.

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The Dutch cheese production is presently in the hands of the dairy factories, which are known to produce and export millions of tons of cheese a year. The people of Holland have a love of cheese so vast that each person is thought to consume seven pounds of this dairy delight annually. 

Wind and water have played a major role in the development and advancement of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam’s canal to Delft Blue; the intricate network of dikes, canals, dunes, dams and water – pumping windmills have influenced the landscape of the Netherlands, If you are on the path of searching for some inspiration when it comes to appreciating recipients in this spectacular country; you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey of Dutch heritage, from their iconic wooden clogs to their industrious culture, and give you some tips when sending gifts to the Netherlands. 

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Things that People in the Netherlands Love

Happiness is one topic that has been relentlessly researched in previous years. According to a 2023 World Happiness Report; the Dutch were ranked number 5 as it’s typically known for its high standards of living, overall quality of life and social welfare policies. So, what exactly makes the people of the Netherlands so happy? 

In Holland, a work-life balance is prioritized; where the work week is relatively short and there is a high number of vacation days. This allows the people of the Netherlands to prioritize their social lives, leading to a more positive outlook on their overall well-being. 

Among the things the Dutch people love include bicycles, wooden clogs and oranges, Gezellig(heid) – which translates to fun (another sign of the positive work-life balance of the people in the Netherlands), tulips and patriotic songs. And as for their love of food? This typically entails stroopwafels (or little Dutch syrup waffles as they’re known). 

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Gift-Giving Etiquette in Netherlands

As a rule, people in the Netherlands prefer to both receive and give small gifts. The Dutch are generally quite in tune with the principle of reciprocity, which is typically an indication not to “over- do it” when it comes to giving a gift. Although you may not be spending a ton of money on an extravagant gift, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality. The Dutch are still particular with the quality of gifts they receive. In Dutch gift giving customs proper etiquette is of the utmost importance. 

Popular Holidays and Celebrations in Netherlands

For most of the Netherlands, Christmas is a popular holiday and one of the most common times to give gifts. The only thing is; Christmas is celebrated on the 5th of December as this is considered to be the eve of Saint Nick’s birth. Also known as Sinterklaas Avond, the celebrations of this holiday begin weeks in advance and the Dutch children set out their shows filled with carrots, hay and sugar for Sinterklaas’ horse as part of the celebration. 

The other noteworthy holiday observed by the people of the Netherlands is Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day. Queen’s Day is celebrated on the 30th of April to celebrate the birthday of the country’s former monarch; Queen Juliana. Marked by festivities and considered as a day of togetherness and unity; revelers dress in orange to mark the significance of the House of Orange- Nassau; the reigning dynasty ruled by the Dutch Royal Family. 

Popular Gifts to Send to the Netherlands

Similar to Switzerland, you should give a gift of anything sharp; as this is deemed inappropriate. Also, white flowers are a big no-no as these typically connotate funerals. On the list of acceptable gifts to the Netherlands, you will find quality pens or desk accessories, imported liquor, electronic gadgets and calculators.

As mentioned previously the people of this nation have a serious love of cheese. A thoughtful and appropriate gift can also be a cheese gift basket. Filling a gift hamper with cheesy treats and their accompaniments is a great way to show your Dutch recipient you’re in touch with their culture and heritage. 

 An expensive bottle of wine is also a great gift to give to a Dutch recipient. The people of Holland love expensive wine, that is of good quality, and this is an ideal way to show appreciation and gratitude. Among other ideas for gifts to the Netherlands you will typically find bonbons, pastries, sweets, pickled herring and craft beer. 

A further option is a coffee gift. As of present, the Netherlands is one of the largest-coffee consuming countries globally. With an estimated 6.5 million cups of Joe consumed on an average daily basis, you could safely assume a premium coffee gift basket would be a great gift idea for the people of Holland. Add some cookies to the gift while you’re at it and you’ve made a match. 

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