A Guide to Using Christmas Gifts for Marketing

Jul 12, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts, Marketing

Using Christmas gifts for marketing can be a great way to leverage the magic of the holidays. Appreciate your customers with a meaningful holiday gift. 

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s not time to start slowing down with your marketing strategy attempts. Nope, in fact you definitely should be leveraging the festive season to market your brand and gain loyal customers and clients. When looking for great holiday tips and how to use the theme of Christmas to your advantage, look no further than our guide to using Christmas gifts for marketing. Get ready to catch the holiday spirit!

using Christmas gifts for marketing

The Importance of Leveraging Christmas Gifts for Marketing Purposes

Keeping abreast with annual cycles is a given for marketing strategists. Christmas is an enormous opportunity to increase your emailing list, generate new leads, boost sales and increase conversions. That is, when you incorporate seasonal marketing into the mix. In essence, seasonal marketing is simply using holiday-themed products, services and marketing strategies to promote your brand. There are many benefits to doing this, such as:

  • Boosting Creativity Among Your Workforce: The holidays can provide a different and unique way for your team to keep your marketing fresh. 
  • Maximized Promotion Opportunities: Seasonal marketing allows for you to better maximize on possibilities to promote your product/ service to clients, employees and prospects because everyone loves the cheer around Christmas. Also, these opportunities enable you to create new, special promotions (different from the ones you regularly use). 
  • Better Reach to Clients and Christmas: Reaching customers over the festive season is a great way to convert them into loyal brand activists. The holidays can also help you to attract new customers, emotionally engage with your customer base and drive higher demand. 

Thoughtful gifts can strengthen your business relationships with customers and clients because it is an extra effort on your part to nurture the existing bond you share with them. Using Christmas gifts for marketing will demonstrate to your dedicated and new customers/ clients you are loyal to them, which will in turn make them loyal to you and your brand. 

Understanding Your Target Audience

For successful marketing, you need to reach the most appropriate decision-makers, at the right time, with the right message. These people are those that have the propensity to engage with you or buy your product. And the foundation of reaching your target audience begins with “knowing them”. This tactic is not only limited to knowing the needs of your audience; but also being in tune with their wants and the manner in which to engage with them. 

Analyzing customer demographics and preferences are ways to get information about your target audience. It may seem daunting when first read but this process is not as complex as you may think. It is simply studying your audience and defining their buyer personas according to demographics (statistical data that is used to characterize a certain group of people). Some demographics can include age, economic status, race, gender identification, location, education and so on. 

To get more in-depth knowledge of your customers, you can also try to understand their needs and pain points over the holiday season. Asking the right questions can help you accomplish this goal – you can use customer feedback to identify common pain points or get your sales teams talking to get an idea of their experiences. Moreover, online reviews serve as an useful source of information for getting to know your target audience and they are easily accessible as well, without requiring too much effort on your part. Alternatively, keep a close eye on your competitors and what they’re doing over Christmas to gain some traction.

using Christmas gifts for marketing

Being Strategic With Your Gift Selection

It’s Christmas and this means not any old gift will do. Plus, the idea is to attract the attention of your customers and clients over the holidays when you’re using Christmas gifts for marketing purposes and not just give them a product that they’ll place into the drawer a few minutes after receiving it. At the same time, you need them to remember your brand when they receive the gift and not just the gift itself. For this reason, align your Christmas gift with your brand image and values. If you’re a premium tech company, for example, give the gift of a tech product that shows you are all about quality and practicality. Ensure your company logo and brand colors are appropriately represented for optimal brand recall. 

In general, choose a gift that will add value to your customer/ clients life and enhance their customer experience. A memorable and useful gift will do far more for you than one that is only branded with your logo and serves no (or not much) purpose. If you’re not sure what gifts to give – you can always use our gift collection feature and allow them to choose their own gifts – worldwide. 

Check Out These Christmas Gift Ideas

Take a closer look at the product/ service you’re offering and get creative with the gift you’re sending. Consider ways in which you can add a little fun to the idea and make it stand out. Personalization is a great touch point because it has a unique flair that is often more memorable. Think outside the (gift) box. 

A Personalized Christmas Mat

An example of a great creative holiday gift is a beautiful Christmas mat, embroidered with your recipient’s name or surname, to place under the tree. That way, each time they look at their Christmas tree and get into the festivities, they’re reminded of your business.

A Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament

Along the same lines a Christmas mat, a Christmas tree ornament – customized with your recipient’s name or surname, is an amazing way to have your brand stand out. 

Reindeer Mug With Spoon

Reindeer are just the cutest part of Christmas and your gift will be a hit, especially as Christmas is a time that calls for not chocolate or cocoa. 

A Branded Holiday Sweater

Sweaters, no matter how decorative they are, are always acceptable around Christmas time. Add on your company logo in a tasteful way and you’re sure to have a lovely gift.

Personalized Christmas Jars

You can add a cute holiday message and / or your recipient’s name to a jar that will serve as both a practical and beautiful Christmas gift. What’s more – go the extra mile and fill the jar with some delicious treats!

Christmas Gift Baskets

Create an unforgettable corporate Christmas gift basket by loading it up with gourmet treats, personalized office accessories, spa products for relaxation, tech gadgets, festive decorations, and a heartfelt thank-you note. It’s the perfect way to spread holiday cheer and maybe even score that big deal.

Fun Seasonal Socks

Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or any other festive occasion, these socks will put a skip in your step. With vibrant colors, fun patterns, and a cozy feel, they’re a perfect way to add some flair to your outfit and celebrate the season in style.

Use Gifts as Prizes for Seasonal Promotions

In addition to making current clients feel appreciated, you can generate new leads by running promotions and using your gifts as prizes. Promote your gifting campaign on your website, include mentions in blogs and on whichever social media channels you choose. Create personalized landing pages or email campaigns to showcase your gifts and encourage engagement by offering polls or quizzes; using interactive content to highlight your marketing strategies. Why not run a promotion where the winner will be able to choose their own gift from a special collection? With gift links, you just have to share the link. No need for them to send you delivery details!

using Christmas gifts for marketing

Measuring the Impact of Christmas Gifts on Marketing

Reporting on the performance of your seasonal marketing campaigns is never straightforward. But with Giftsenda, it’s easy. Keeping a close eye on certain metrics will provide you with at least meaningful insight as to whether you’re in the right direction. When using an international gifting platform, you can easily track the success of your gifting campaign by analyzing the number of gifts delivered, deliveries in progress as well as the gift acceptance rate. You can compare the total cost of your gifts to the ROI of your campaign.

The success of your Christmas marketing strategy can also be determined by tracking customer engagement and feedback, as well as by conducting post-gifting surveys to gather further insight. Thereafter, improvements can be made in areas that are less-than-ideal; making for more successful future gifting campaigns. 

Let Giftsenda Lend a Helping Hand

With so many tasks at hand around the holiday season, you can streamline your seasonal marketing campaigns by using a professional, experienced, international gifting platform. Giftsenda has over 20 years of expertise in the gifting industry and you can ensure all your marketing strategies are a success when you leverage the many benefits our services have to offer. 

Address-free gift links are the perfect way to send Christmas gifts in bulk to your customers and clients worldwide. These links can be shared on any platform of your linking and it gives your recipients the choice to choose any gift from a curated, budgeted-limited gift list. Once the gift is chosen, the delivery information is supplied by your recipient; making for accurate address collection. For a more personal delivery method, you can use email gift invites that are branded to send the gift link to recipients all over the world. 

Delivery takes around 2-5 business days and the Christmas gifts are locally sourced, so you don’t have to pay for customs fees. Moreover, you don’t have to do anything, other than authorize and make payments for your gifting campaigns; leaving you feeling like you have a host of elves to help you around Christmas time. 

If you want to reach more customers and increase brand awareness, let us help you when using Christmas gifts for marketing purposes. Combine the magic of Christmas and Giftsenda, and start a campaign today. There’s no subscription needed! 

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