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Dec 18, 2023 | Gifting Platforms

If you are looking for some information on Sendoso competitors or alternatives, keep on reading. In this detailed exploration, we’ll have a look at the Sendoso and Giftsenda platforms, revealing their standout attributes, distinctive traits, and how they fulfil an array of corporate requirements. From their global outreach capabilities to their knack for personalized assistance and seamless integrations, get ready for a guided journey through the intricate world of corporate gifting.

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Flexible, Truly International and Seamless Corporate Gifting

Giftsenda caters to Marketing, Sales, HR, and CX teams, enabling them to craft meaningful connections through specially curated gifting experiences – without the need for a subscription. The platform’s strength lies in its adaptability and global reach, opening doors for diverse connections worldwide. With an extensive catalog spanning gourmet treats, personalized gifts, and custom SWAG, Giftsenda offers a gamut of options to enhance recipient engagement. Its pricing model is flexible, with options for both occasional and frequent gifters. This versatility marks Giftsenda as a standout player in the gifting landscape.

Global Gifting

Our platform enables you to send physical and digital gifts in over 200 countries worldwide via various delivery methods. Through shareable gift links, recipients gain the autonomy to choose their preferred gifts from a range that suits their budget or from specially curated online gift collections, empowering them to redeem the gift and provide delivery details effortlessly. This significantly advances global gifting practices, enhancing convenience, accuracy and flexibility.

Dedicated Project Managers

Unlike conventional support roles, our project managers don’t just assist; they become your strategic ally. Picture having a personal guide tailored to your business goals throughout the entire gifting journey.

Customer Support

At Giftsenda, we redefine customer support, making it an integral part of your gifting success. Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility shines through our multilingual 24/7 customer support team. Break free from language barriers and embrace a globally inclusive platform where assistance is provided in various languages.

Corporate Gifting Platforms Comparison

Diverse Gift Catalog

Giftsenda’s gift catalog isn’t just a collection; it’s an experience, a journey through thousands of international gifts designed to leave a lasting impression. From exquisite artisanal chocolates to personalized branded merchandise, our catalog is a treasure trove that allows your business to resonate genuinely with your audience.

Personalized and Custom Gifts

Our suite of user-friendly tools provides you with the creative freedom to curate custom gifts that go beyond the ordinary. From personalized digital invites that set the tone to the inclusion of branded items, Giftsenda effortlessly integrates your brand’s unique narrative into every element of the gift box.

Effortless Ordering and Delivery

We take the hassle out of gifting logistics, providing a streamlined ordering and delivery process. Enjoy cost transparency, a plethora of shipping options, and tracking capabilities for efficient global deliveries.

We handle all the logistics, leaving you with a simple task – create your campaign online. Giftsenda ensures that the process is not just efficient but a joy, making every campaign a seamless and stress-free success.

Scalable Across Teams & Budgets

Giftsenda ensures everyone across the organization can leverage the platform, allowing teams to manage budgets, assign specific sending options, and execute strategic sends tailored to their departmental goals. Additionally, the platform’s ease of use saves significant time, driving real results in terms of response rates and campaign ROI.


We boast robust integrations with key platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, BambooHR, Zapier, and its own Giftsenda API. This diverse integration suite ensures seamless connectivity across CRMs, HR systems, and workflow automation tools. Moreover, our dedicated Gmail plugin facilitates effortless incorporation of thoughtful gifts directly within the Gmail interface, streamlining the gifting process for users within their familiar communication platform. This integration versatility caters to diverse business needs, allowing for customized gifting strategies aligned with specific workflows and objectives.


Drive Deeper Connections and ROI with Sendoso’s Direct Marketing

Sendoso emerges as an expansive platform offering a variety of corporate gifting solutions that break free from traditional norms and helps increase pipeline, ROI and customer retention. Recognized for its vast sending possibilities and fulfilment centers, Sendoso reshapes gifting into a strategic tool that spans the entire customer journey. Its repertoire covers modern direct mail, personalized gifts, various eGifts, and diverse experiences, allowing for a broad spectrum of gifting options. The pricing model is mainly subscription based, except for e-gifts that can be sent via Sendoso Express.

Global Gifting

Depending on which plan you choose, you will be able to send gifts domestically or via international fulfillment centers. With a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Sendoso provides an array of gifting options curated to resonate with recipients worldwide.

Dedicated Project Manager

Ensuring a seamless gifting experience, Sendoso provides users with the invaluable support of a dedicated project manager. This professional plays a pivotal role in guiding users through every step of their gifting journey. From initial planning to execution, the project manager provides personalized support, ensuring that each gifting initiative aligns with the user’s goals and objectives.

Corporate Gifting Platforms Comparison

Customer Support

Offering reliability and responsiveness, Sendoso goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free gifting process. The dedicated support team is equipped to address user queries promptly, providing assistance at every stage of the gifting journey. Whether users have questions about customization options, delivery logistics, or any other aspect of the platform, Sendoso’s customer support is a reliable resource, contributing to a positive and user-friendly experience.

Personalized and Custom Gifts

Distinguishing itself through a focus on unique Physical Impressions™, Sendoso offers a variety of personalized and custom gifts that go beyond the ordinary. The platform provides a range of options for users to create bespoke gifts, ensuring a personal touch that resonates with recipients. From branded merchandise to custom SWAG, Sendoso empowers users to craft gifts that reflect their brand identity and establish a memorable connection with the recipients, elevating the overall impact of corporate gifting initiatives.

Ordering and Delivery Process

To guarantee a seamless gifting process, Sendoso’s dedicated team handles logistical complexities with precision. From efficient inventory management to meticulous packing and shipping, the team ensures that items are delivered. This meticulous approach not only streamlines the entire ordering and delivery process but also guarantees a consistent and high-quality experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Scalable Across Teams & Budgets

Sendoso ensures scalability across teams and budgets, allowing organizations to manage budgets, assign specific sending options, and execute strategic sends tailored to their departmental goals.


Sendoso offers seamless integrations with apps and platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, 6Sense, and Outreach. This integration versatility empowers diverse teams, including sales and marketing, to effortlessly execute targeted sends or automate campaigns directly from their preferred workspaces.

By linking with these popular applications, Sendoso ensures a streamlined workflow, allowing for the synchronization of gifting initiatives with existing CRM and marketing automation tools, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach strategies.


In the corporate industry, business relationships are necessary for a company’s success and survival. Establishing and maintaining these connections are vital for growth, and a great way to do this by leveraging the power of a corporate gifting platform. Depending on your gifting requirements and budget, one of these platforms will be a good fit for your business. Should you wish to find out more about Giftsenda, you can contact us with any questions or book a demo.

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company. 

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