ABM Gifting Platforms to Consider in 2024

Nov 7, 2023 | Business Tips, Marketing

We have listed some of the best ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024 to target your efforts. Reach high-value customers with the most effective ABM strategies.

B2B gifting and ABM (account-based marketing) have gone hand-in-hand for some time now, for the most obvious of reasons. One of the best routes of enhancing customer or buyer experience is through gifting, which coincidentally is a vital aspect of account-based marketing. With that in mind, we’ve prepared insight on some of the best ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024. Let’s get going!

What is ABM?

Account-based marketing, in simple terms, is a tactical and deliberate approach of targeting high-value accounts in a business or market. This approach is focused on creating a customized buyer experience for better customer relationship, acquisition and overall business growth. 

The intent of these strategies is to identify and communicate with high-value accounts as though they are independent markets. And the end game? This, in addition to tailoring the customer experience and all communications to the account, can increase the company’s ROI and promote customer loyalty. 

Why Do You Need an ABM Gifting Platform?

Adding gifting to your ABM is the personal touch your business needs to foster and retain professional relationships. 

With a rise in the corporate gifting industry to $242 billion, up from $125 billion prior to COVID, more and more businesses have identified the benefits of this marketing approach and leveraged it to increase their revenue and relationship statuses. 

Some of the use cases that implement gift-first tactics include:

  • Meeting Invites: you can increase your meeting acceptance rates when adding a gift into the mix.
  • Event Gifting: a “thanks for attending” email can be branded and sent to customers via a gifting platform – allowing them to redeem a gift. 
  • Special Event Celebration/ Milestone Gifting: companies can celebrate the special days of the high-value customers, such as birthdays or anniversaries, with a high-value corporate gift. 
  • Personalized Customer Loyalty Gifting: your customers can be rewarded for their business with a personalized corporate gift. 

An ABM gifting platform is an essential tool for the modern marketer to amplify their strategies and boost brand reputation. While gifting is an ever tangible way to add instantaneous value to key accounts, using a gifting platform is a surefire way to streamline this approach. 

Things to Look for in a Platform

The best ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024 will be those that are convenient, cost-efficient and suited to your professional needs. To make certain that gift-based ABM is a sustainable approach for your business, it’s best to focus your efforts on the use of technology and finding an appropriate gifting platform. This means looking for the following things in a gifting platform:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Global gift delivery/ Service Coverage
  • Sustainability
  • Scalability 
  • API-integration
  • Personalization
  • Goal Alignment

When taking cost into account, the gifting platform you use should not charge you exorbitant fees – after all the point of your ABM strategy is to make money. The reach the platform offers ought to be wide as there will be recipients worldwide who you will need to target.

A sustainable approach to gifting will also be advantageous. For example, does the gifting platform make any effort to reduce their carbon footprint? This is another important factor to consider; especially when it is in line with your personal business ethic. Convenience and efficiency go hand in hand in this case and the ability to streamline your gifting campaign is paramount especially when it comes to revenue, resources and time. 

The Best ABM Gifting Platforms to Consider in 2024


Best for value with free & reasonably priced gifting and extensive gift options

Giftsenda is an international gifting platform that helps foster relationships with corporate connections internationally. The catalog has various gift types, with 1000s of options, in addition to custom branded gifts. The platform offers project-based plans, making it affordable for all business sizes. 

  • Cost-efficiency: gifts are locally sourced removing the cost of expensive shipping and customs. 
  • Global delivery/ Service coverage: Delivery to over 200 countries
  • Sustainability: By sourcing gifts locally, the need for long-distance shipping is avoided thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods. In addition, Giftsenda has a range of eco-friendly gifts that align with sustainable practices. There is also the option to exchange a gift or donate it to a charitable organization, therefore reducing waste through unwanted gifts.
  • Scalability: Automated gifting features that offer address-collection & recipient gift selection allow for easy and convenient bulk gift sending. 
  • Integration: API integration is available. CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce allow you to send personalized gift invitations via the CRM and triggered gift sends using workflows. Other integrations that are also currently available include Zapier and BambooHR. 
  • Personalization: Each gift can be personalized with a custom message and your logo and branding can be added to various gifts or greeting cards – whether you are sending single gifts or in bulk.  
  • Goal alignment: With expertise spanning over 20 years in the industry, the gift campaign managers of Giftsenda are able to align your gifting with the objective of your campaign. Furthermore, Giftsenda’s in-depth reporting features to measure ROI allow you to identify areas of your campaign that are performing well and those that require improvement thus aligning your marketing goals with your overall business goals.   

ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024


Best for gifting staff and recipients who love snacking

Snacknation is known for procuring healthy, delicious and tasteful snack brands and curating gifts tailored to a recipient; connecting them with individuals for whom they are ideal. From enabling senders to select the snacks, to using the snacks to establish corporate relationships; Snacknation’s motive is creating a memorable experience for their customers.

  • Cost-efficiency: The pricing of a gift campaign can be customized to the sender, based on their budget and needs. Continental U.S. shipping is free (included in the membership fee) while Alaska and Hawaii require an additional surcharge.
  • Global delivery/ Service coverage: Snacknation is available in the Los Angeles area, they currently do not offer international shipping.
  • Sustainability: There is the option of sending e-Gift cards, which is a sustainable way of gifting in itself. 
  • Scalability: There is the option of sending gift cards, which allows for simple bulk gifting.
  • Personalization: There is a wide range of snacks and recommendations, as well as a range of healthy options that can be customized according to the recipient. A custom note can also be included in the gift. 
  • Goal alignment: You are able to work with a snack concierge (account manager) over the first few months to communicate your team’s snacking preferences. 

ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024


Best for personalizing gifts with AI-based software

With the use of AI technology, Alyce is able to recommend a unique gift for recipients to create a personalized touchpoint. On the website, details, such as the recipient’s name, email address and any other traditional information you deem relevant is used to generate research on the person; before which three gifts are recommended based on the details provided. 

  • Cost-efficiency: The Alyce marketplace pricing includes all applicable costs (customs, shipping and taxes).
  • Global delivery/ Service coverage: This platform offers gift delivery to the U.S. and Canada, outside of these locations, there are the options of gift card and gift donations for gifting. 
  • Sustainability: By allowing recipients to exchange their gift for another, donate it to a charitable organization or accept an e-gift card, Alyce supports sustainability by reducing the amount of waste created through unwanted gifts. 
  • Scalability: You can use the Alyce bulk gift template to send multiple gifts. 
  • Integration: Teams can integrate their gifting campaigns into their CRM workflow and measure the results, streamlining data sync with minimal effort. 
  • Personalization:  Alyce offers gift selection through AI-based personalized services (gifts are AI-selected based on the recipient information provided).
  • Goal alignment: There is the option of sending physical gifts, on-demand services, subscriptions, branded products/ SWAG, gift cards and experience gifts for the purpose of building professional relationships through corporate gifting.

ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024


Best for gifting from U.S. based warehousing

Sendoso is a direct mail automation solution for businesses to engage with customers by combining logistics with automation. It stores and ships company SWAG, direct mail and customer gifts to global recipients, whilst creating a unique gift experience for any corporate need. 

  • Cost-efficiency: They offer a range of subscription options, each priced differently.
  • Global delivery/ Service coverage: Sendoso offers warehousing across the USA (Phoenix, Hayward aka. Beverage-US), Europe (Peterborough, UK, and Dublin, Ireland), and Australia (Ingleburn). There are no customs fees if the gifts are purchased within specific countries and sent to the in-country sending fulfillment centers (SFCs), Anything across the border will require an Importer of Record (not provided by Sendoso) and all customs, freight and duties are at the cost of the sender prior to the goods landing at any SFC. 
  • Sustainability: From sustainable packaging to eco-friendly partnerships, Sendoso is environmentally conscious. 
  • Scalability: Sendoso assures scaling globally with international address validation and expanded gift selections 
  • Integration: Teams can integrate their gifting campaigns into their CRM workflow and measure the results, streamlining data sync with minimal effort. Various other integrations are also available. 
  • Personalization: You can diversify your marketing strategies with Sendoso’s personalized sending options, such as branded SWAG. 
  • Goal alignment: Sendoso’s in-depth reporting features to measure ROI allow you to identify areas of your campaign that are performing well and those that require improvement thus aligning your marketing goals with your overall business goals. 

ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024

Loop & Tie

Best for eco-conscious gifting

Loop & Tie is directed at customer engagement through its comprehensive system of gift curation, analytics and shipping. It is dedicated to sustainable gifting through its land restoration and regenerative agriculture initiatives. 

  • Cost-efficiency: Loop & Tie charges flat rate shipping when using their “Gift and Go” option, and free shipping with their memberships. 
  • Global delivery/ Service coverage: Most Loop & Tie marketplace collections can only be shipped to mainland USA, Alaska, and Hawaii; however, international collections are available to send gifts worldwide.
  • Sustainability: Gifts are sourced from small businesses, local artisans and gift makers form underrepresented groups. The gifts are also proudly delivered in reusable, recyclable packaging. 
  • Scalability: There are bulk-gift codes available for when sending multiple gifts. 
  • Integration: Teams can integrate their gifting campaigns into their CRM workflow and measure the results, streamlining data sync with minimal effort. 
  • Personalization: The gift experience can be customized on and offline, from uploading your own email header designs to creating your own collections and kits. 
  • Goal alignment: Gift tracking and performance analysis helps align your marketing goals with your overall business goals.

ABM gifting platforms to consider in 2024


*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company.  

With the numerous options available, Giftsenda stands out as a renowned name in international corporate gifting. With customized gifting options and streamlined processes,

Giftsenda focuses on the experiences gifting creates; a memorable touchpoint for businesses to connect with their recipients – with a human connection in mind. Our experience shines through the corporate gifting industry as we skillfully attune our services to meet the needs and goals of each individual business globally. 

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