Alyce Competitor: Gifting Platform Comparison

Jan 21, 2024 | Gifting Platforms

Looking for an Alyce competitor? Compare the unique features, integrations and accessibility of and Alyce and Giftsenda in this detailed gifting platform comparison. 

In a world spoiled for choice, having some useful comparative points to consider can be a helping hand when it comes to making an informed decision. If you’re on the hunt for Alyce competitors, you’re about to have some light shed on two of the best gifting platforms to consider.

From their cross-continental reach and efficient integrations to their attuned customer support and streamlined features, you’ll have all the information you need to choose a gifting platform that suits your needs.

Alyce competitor analysis

Giftsenda: A Subscription-Free Corporate Gifting Service

As one of the key Alyce competitors, Giftsenda stands out with its unique features and global reach. With over 200 countries and a diverse catalog offering more than 10 0000 locally-sourced gifts, you can use your gifting campaign to reach recipients all across the globe.

On the Giftsenda platform you can create a one-time project with no recurring costs and with or without the help of a gifting expert. For long-term gifting, there are subscription plans available with zero project fees.

When you use Giftsenda, your gifting strategies translate into a human experience rather than a simple send. This allows teams, such as marketing, CX, HR and Sales, to turn the ordinary one-to-many touch points into one-to-one experiences. 

With an impersonal approach, sales cycles can become longer, employees  can feel disengaged and the lack of attachment can introduce friction to your funnel. But, with a meaningful corporate connection; your gifting efforts can convert a high-quality gift experience into escalated revenue, reduced churn and improved ROI. 

giftsenda gifting platform

Address-Free Gifting

Defying the customary gift-giving norms, Giftsenda offers worldwide gift campaigns via a single shareable link that can be communicated on any messaging platform you prefer or via a branded email gift invite. With the use of a gift link, your recipients can streamline the process by redeeming a specific gift or choosing an item from a pre-curated list prior to providing their delivery information. They can also swap the gift or donate it to a charity of their choice. 

By collecting the details directly from your recipient, you can ensure error-free delivery, which comes in handy when you are conveying a gift to a country you are unfamiliar with. 

Dedicated Customer Support & Advice

At the heart of the Giftsenda operation is a dedicated team of customer support specialists and a gifting concierge service to ensure an adaptable, accessible and all-inclusive  interface. Our team is available 24 hours a day, catering to customers from varied backgrounds and nationalities, making it a key differentiator in the corporate gifting industry. With over 20 years of experience, our gifting experts can offer insight and advice into appropriate and culturally-specific project management. 

A Global Gifting Marketplace 

International gifting can be a cumbersome process, fully taxed with the uncertainty of delivery due to unfamiliar addresses and locations, expensive shipping and customs and a whole host of other affairs to contend with. 

When using the Giftsenda platform to send gifts worldwide, you can rest assured that your delivery will reach its destination timeously as we locally source the gift specifically from the country of your recipient. By doing so, you do not encumber the costly international shipping and handling costs associated with international delivery. Furthermore, we reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating sustainability into our business acumen when locally sourcing the items.

A Broad Spectrum of Gift Options

With our diverse offering of products (1000s of options in our international gift catalog), you will always find an appropriate gift for your business connection. You can choose from gourmet snacks, eGifts and vegan delicacies to branded tech and personalized SWAG.

From our online gift collections, that allow your recipient to choose their own gift, to our customized branded options, you can ensure you level up your outreach by placing your gift recipient at the center of your engagement. 

gifting solutions

Streamlined Order Placement & Delivery

With a user-friendly interface and efficient navigation, placing an order on the Giftsenda platform is simple and quick. You can easily select or customize the gift you want as well as order and deliver your gift with a few clicks; all while tracking your efforts and measuring the success of your campaign.

Gift links can be shared via any communication platform you choose and these can also be shared as part of a branded email or landing page for a more personalized feel. The shareable gift links are most useful when sending multiple gifts to recipients globally as they easily allow you to scale your campaign. 


One of the aspects we at Giftsenda prioritize is the capability to seamlessly integrate CRM platforms into your gift campaign. Our platform ensures smooth connectivity with your most used apps, such as Hubspot and Salesforce, providing an efficient bridge of information without the need to toggle back and forth for gifting initiatives and customer data. 

You can furthermore, automate your gifting by integrating our platform with Zapier, giving you access to over 2000 applications for enhanced workflow efficiency and productivity. HR teams can also optimize their gift campaigns through integration with Bamboo HR thereby creating a more coordinated approach to employee engagement and management. 

Alyce: The Personalized Gifting Platform

Now that we’ve taken a look at one of the best Alyce Competitors, it makes sense to dive into the details of Alyce itself. As a B2B and B2C gifting platform, Alyce is known for their personalized recipient-first approach.

By customizing their approach, Alyce believes they are able to create an unforgettable touchpoint that goes further than traditional gift giving. Their AI platform plugs into various apps that you use to track and interact with your relationships (with sales prospects, colleagues, employees and so forth) using the information extracted to recommend personalized gifts for said gift recipients. 

Alyce offers their services with extensive personalization, integrations and vast gift options to motivate even the hardest-to-impress engage. They have pricing plans that are quoted based on the needs of your gift campaign. Their subscription-based services include a plan for customers who are simply getting started with personal gifting (Essentials), the Growth plan for those who are looking to grow using personal gifting, the Enterprise pricing plan, which is determined by your business’s goals and needs and the Pro plan that is ideal for customers who are looking to maximize personal experiences. 

Alyce gifting platform

Address Verification 

When using the Alyce platform, you can secure the delivery information of your recipient with the address verification feature. All that’s required is sending the gift invitation to your recipient. The gift invitation can be featured as a gift code or a branded email or landing page for a more customized approach. Once accepted, these details will be shared by your recipient themself, without the need to request the information or the hassle of time-consuming address verification steps. 

Dedicated Alyce Support

You can reach out to the Alyce customer support team if you are unable to accomplish a task, running into issues or would simply like to speak to an agent. You can do so by either reaching out via the widget embedded in or by sending an email to [email protected] 

Their support team is available during the standard US business hours (9-5 EST, Monday to Friday). The dedicated team aims to respond to all requests within a business day of receiving it but are often able to respond sooner as well. Among the days the customer support team is unavailable to assist are the standard US holidays. 

International Gifting With Gift Cards

Alyce prioritizes their global reach and understands the intricacies of international gifting. They have expanded the reach of their gift card catalog to include over 100+ countries, with some of the gifts from favorite retail brands being redeemable in your recipient’s local country. They even handle the currency exchange seamlessly so you don’t have to. The gift cards are ready and available to use from the Alyce dashboard. Alyce itself does not distribute or hold the physical gifts but rather connects the customer with third – parties that send these out. 

A Diverse Range of Gift Options

With thousands of gift options on the Alyce marketplace, there’s always something for every recipient. Among the types of gifts available are physical gifts, branded SWAG, experience gifts, subscription memberships, such as BlueApron or Spotify Premium, as well as gift cards and on-demand services, such as professional photography or in-house massage sessions.

Quick & Easy Gift Campaigns

Creating a campaign with Alyce is simple. There are various campaign types you can customize for specific use cases, such as 1:1 gifting or a personal gifting campaign; 1:many gifting, gift code redemption and a prospecting campaign. If you are unsure which plan best suits you and your business needs, you can reach out to the company to get help in making a decision. 


You can effortlessly send, track and view your impact by integrating your Alyce gifting with customer advocacy, marketing and sales platforms you are already using. Among the applications your revenue teams can integrate the Alyce platform with include Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack and Outreach to name a few. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re in search of suitable Alyce competitors we sure hope this information has made your journey that much easier. Both Giftsenda and Alyce are extraordinary choices when looking for a corporate gifting platform and whichever you use, you can be sure your gifting strategies will extend far beyond mere gift giving. 

Alyce offers extensive personalized options and an opportunity to create meaningful business connections with your recipients. Their plans range from the basic pricing option, which is perfect for a small team, to the more extensive pricing plan, which has advanced features, discounts and other tools. Being a subscription-based service, this platform is best suited for long-term or more regular gifting. 

When you are creating an international gifting campaign that requires a variety of gifts, Giftsenda is your go-to platform based on its affordability, scalability and user-friendly interface. With its subscription-free options, you are able to match your budget to the needs of your gifting campaign seamlessly. For long-term gifting we also offer subscription-based services with various perks. 

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company. 

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