Best Customer Gifting Platforms of 2023

Nov 8, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips, Corporate Gifting

Discover the best customer gifting platforms to connect with business associations and foster meaningful professional relationships that drive revenue. 

For those with experience completing a manual gifting campaign, we understand the pain. The time-consuming process and little frustrations that go along with sending corporate gifts on your own can, most surely, negatively affect your team, shrink your ROI, and not to mention – give you a spurning taste of corporate gifting all together. 

Using a customer gifting platform, you can alleviate these stresses and see the act of corporate gratitude in a lighter sense. The automated services and features of a gifting platform allow you to turn a gifting campaign into a convenient and profitable investment. 

What Is A Customer Gifting Platform?

Manual gift sending is an almost antiquated way of fostering or establishing business relationships that requires a large task force to monitor, track and account for success of the gifts delivered – especially if gifts are being sent internationally. A gifting platform is a streamlined, user-friendly online interface that manages all of the above.

What To Look For In A Customer Gifting Platform


The key feature of a personalized gift is the impact it has on the recipient. This is because the gesture is customized to the receiver, based on their preferences and likes, and not a generic gift chosen with minimal thought. 

Leveraging the information on your CRM, personalizing a gift for your recipient is in fact, quite simple. There are a plethora of options when customizing a gift, from branded gifts to personalized and branded greeting cards and messages.

The Buyer’s Journey

The success of your gifting campaign can only be known if it’s measured or made known. With automated tools like address collection links you can be sure your gift will be securely delivered to its recipient but you can also ensure you track the response and analyze the outcome of the strategy to measure its ROI. Gifting reports can assist in parsing the data of a campaign, so you can better evaluate the areas that are successful and those that require improvement in future strategies. 

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Probably the most sought after and beneficial feature of a customer gifting platform is automation. The ability to choose, personalize, ship, and track a gift with little to no manual effort or data input. From an easy, triggered campaign – where an end-user action elicits the automation software to send a gift – to a more fully customized approach where the automation software selects a gift based on the input data of the recipients preferences and likes.

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Creating a scalable gifting campaign can be the key to unlocking business expansion, increased revenue and a broad-ranging customer base. Data and CRM integrations allow for campaigns to target a few, high-value recipients; a multi-tiered customer model or even entirely-automated, triggered sends to every prospective customer that enters a specific stage of your pipeline. Successfully scaling a gifting campaign ensures teams create genuine business connections even when interacting with a sizable pool of recipients. 

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Budget Management 

Maintaining a budget can be one of the most challenging aspects of corporate gifting. But with pre-set budget parameters, it is simple to ensure your business keeps both the bottom line and ROI in mind.

The Best Customer Gifting Platforms 


Cost-efficient & sustainable international corporate gifting, with delivery to over 200 countries and over 10 000 gift options.

With a large catalog of gifts, such as SWAG, e-Gifts, tech, physical gifts, luxury gifts and gift experiences; Giftsenda is a one-stop gifting solution for all corporate types. The gifts are sourced from the country where the gift is to be delivered to, making this route of global gifting more cost-effective than others as it removes the need to pay for expensive freight and customs. This also makes the gifting process a sustainable approach as the carbon footprint is reduced with regard to the transportation of goods. 

Whether your gifting campaign is for a few recipients or needs to be scaled for a pool of recipients, Giftsenda makes the process simple with gift links and email gift invites that collect delivery addresses and allow the recipient to redeem a specific gift or choose one from a pre-curated collection. The links can also be delivered as part of a branded landing page or customized email for brand recognition. This type of corporate gifting is appropriate for all and projects can be once-off or as part of a regular subscription plan. Giftsenda also offers CRM and other platform integrations for easy data synchronization. 

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Gift Baskets Overseas

Snack and gourmet gift baskets for global delivery using a gift concierge.

Gift Baskets Overseas is an e-commerce platform that has expertise in gifting, both for the average consumer and for the corporate customer. This gift delivery service maintains a presence in each region it serves, making it a company that specializes in multilingual customer service, secure payment and online ordering convenience. Orders can be placed via bulk order sheets – containing delivery details and other information. There are no automated gifting features or campaign reports. 

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Personalized gifts using AI software

Alyce uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze input data and social media activity, to personalize a gift to its recipient. This gifting platform is best for gift delivery in the U.S. and Canada, outside of these locations there are e-Gift card gifting and gift donations available. Personalized offerings are best for establishing professional relationships. 

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Curated snack gifts based on recipient profiling 

Snacknation is a gift delivery service mostly for employees. The sender is in communication with a snack concierge who helps them put together a snack gift perfect for their recipient (based on their preferences). This company does not offer international delivery and is mainly operable within the Los Angeles area. Snacknation is great at personalizing gifts and thereby creating lasting business relationships through corporate gifting. 

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Great for corporate SWAG kits

With SwagUp, teams can create, automate and deliver high-quality branded SWAG across multiple use cases. They are able to put together an assortment of branded items, from notebooks to sweatshirts, perfect for building brand awareness and loyalty. The automated software used by this gifting platform helps make a gifting campaign seamless. 

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Best for personalized gifts for delivering meaningful gift experiences

Snappy offers personalized options for gifting through their proprietary digital “gift of choice” platform, which combines exciting and memorable experiences with expertly curated gift selection and advanced technology. They are able to offer companies and consumers various gift options, such as gift cards, physical gifts and experience gifts. 

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Best for revenue-driven corporate gifting

Reachdesk enables businesses to deliver memorable gifting experiences, at scale and at an international level through the full customer lifecycle. With specific tools and features, the company is able to customize gifts, gift messages and gift packaging to meet the branding style and marketing aims of the business. The gifting platform also offers various API integrations for a clear and quantifiable ROI. 

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Best for experience gifts 

As a global gifting solution, Tinggly offers over 10 000 experience gifts worldwide. Their mission is to promote joy through experiences, whilst reducing the need for tangible gifts. With this gifting platform, the recipient, the experience gift and the sender can all be in different countries. This form of gifting is sustainable and gifts are offered as e-vouchers, e-Gift cards or experience collections. 

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In the corporate industry, business relationships are necessary for a company’s success and survival. Establishing and maintaining these connections are vital for growth, and a great way to do this by leveraging the power of a customer gifting platform. For more info visit or start a campaign today to connect with your professional associations on a meaningful level. 

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company.  

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