Best Employee Gifting Platforms to Consider for 2024

Jan 19, 2024 | Business Tips, Human Resources

Discover a list of the best employee gifting platforms to consider when creating your employee engagement strategies.

Employee gifting platforms have evolved into indispensable tools for fostering appreciation, boosting morale, and strengthening bonds within the workplace. They are more than repositories of gifts; they curate experiences and gestures that speak volumes to an individual’s contributions and milestones. What sets these platforms apart is their ability to cater to specific HR needs and occasions, making the act of gifting a meaningful and personalized experience.

Let’s explore our list of the best employee gifting platforms for 2024 and what makes them unique.

employee gifting platform


Launch corporate gift campaigns in 200+ countries, in as little as 1-3 business days! Simply choose your gifts, personalize them with a message and decide how you want to send them. We do the rest. Gifts can be sent via email, SMS and direct mail (using address details). Our international gifting platform provides ultimate access to a wide variety of specially curated employee gifts (from branded SWAG to eGifts and gift baskets), coupled with gifting tools that allow recipients to choose their own gifts and provide their delivery details.

Exceptional Features: All-In-One Gifting Solution

Here at Giftsenda, we curate personalized employee gifts perfectly aligned with various occasions, from holiday celebrations to milestone commemorations. Our standout features include automated gifting tools, platform integrations, address collection features, and detailed campaign reports to measure your ROI. Giftsenda can even sync with your HRM to automatically send gifts for specific events like birthdays or work anniversaries.

If you need us to manage campaigns for you from start to finish, we provide concierge support to ensure a comprehensive and hassle-free gifting experience tailored to your unique requirements.

Best Use Case: Versatile Solutions for Employee Gifting Needs

At Giftsenda, we understand the importance of corporate gifting across various scenarios. Whether it’s celebrating staff birthdays, fostering connections within your remote workforce, or sending holiday gifts, we offer versatile gifting options. You can create single projects or decide to commit to an annual subscription plan.

Gift Baskets Overseas

Steering away from conventional platforms, Gift Baskets Overseas stands as a trailblazing eCommerce provider specializing in crafting heartfelt gifts that transcend boundaries. Founded on the principles of personalized sentiments and emotional resonance, this unique provider caters to both B2B and B2C markets across the globe. Their forte lies in curating gift baskets specifically. Orders can be placed on the online shop or through bulk order forms.

Exceptional Features: Amazing Gift Baskets

What sets Gift Baskets Overseas apart is its unwavering commitment to infuse every gift basket with personalization and emotion. Customers can also enjoy a personalized level of service.

Best Use Case: Celebrating Personal Staff Milestones and Emotional Occasions

Gift Baskets Overseas emerges as the ideal partner for acknowledging individual staff milestones or personal occasions through gift baskets, where the sender is comfortable with not being able to manage the campaign themselves and not receive campaign reports.

best employee gifting platforms


Founded on a mission to revolutionize office snacking culture, SnackNation has been a beacon of delectable innovation since its inception. Established in 2015, the platform stands firm on the pillars of enhancing workplace wellness, fostering community, and boosting productivity through the art of thoughtful snacking.

With a commitment to sourcing only the finest, health-conscious snack options, SnackNation’s core values revolve around curating choices that not only tantalize taste buds but also prioritize nutrition and well-being. The platform’s dedication to creating an office ecosystem that thrives on positive energy and wellness shines through its carefully selected snack offerings.

Exceptional Features: A Melange of Thoughtful Snacks

What distinguishes SnackNation is its curation of snack options that resonate with the essence of the modern workplace. Standout features lie in SnackNation’s commitment to providing not just snacks but an experience. They curate themed snack boxes, seasonal delights, and even wellness-focused selections, delivering not just sustenance but an infusion of positivity and excitement within the workplace.

Best Use Case: Enhancing Office Celebrations and Nurturing Team Bonding, Regionally

SnackNation excels in elevating office celebrations, nurturing camaraderie, and celebrating achievements without missing a beat. Whether it’s acknowledging milestones, fostering team cohesion during meetings, or simply adding zest to everyday work routines, SnackNation’s array of snacks infuses each occasion with a delightful touch.


Snappy Gifts, a system available for both mobile and desktop consumers, provides companies with software for personalized gifting based on employee data like age, gender, and location. It syncs to recommend gifts for specific events like birthdays or work anniversaries. The platform sends gifts via text or email, where the recipient gets a “virtual scratch card” to reveal the pre-chosen gift. They can then accept it or swap it, with the employer receiving an email for the purchase request. 

Exceptional Features: Revolutionizing Corporate Gifting

Snappy stands out for its innovation in corporate gifting, offering a personalized and streamlined experience. Its system’s ability to tailor gifts based on employee data and events ensures a thoughtful touch, enhancing the significance of the gesture. The platform’s seamless interface and instant gratification mechanism elevate the gifting experience, making it efficient and engaging for both employees and employers.

Best Use Case: Customizing Celebrations and Acknowledging Milestones

Snappy excels in customizing celebrations and acknowledging individual milestones within the corporate environment. Whether it’s recognizing achievements in competitions, hitting team targets, or celebrating personal milestones like birthdays or work anniversaries, Snappy’s array of customizable options enhances the gifting experience. 


SimpleCert is a complete and user-friendly Certificate Management System that empowers businesses to effortlessly create personalized certificates. With its intuitive interface, users can craft customized certificate and email templates, incorporating unique images and text to suit various milestones and achievements. This platform simplifies the process by allowing the upload of individualized data for each certificate, such as recipient names, and enables the sending of emails to recipients with download links for their certificates.

Exceptional Features: Certificates for Recognition

The easy-to-use system helps in creating an environment where employees feel seen, recognized, and celebrated for their achievements. By streamlining the certificate creation process, SimpleCert® enables businesses to promptly acknowledge milestones, thereby contributing to a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Best Use Case: Personalized Achievement Culture, On An International Scale

This solution is best for companies that wish to focus on giving gift certificates instead of physical gifts. Whether it’s celebrating probation completion, acknowledging target achievements, honoring the “Employee of the Month,” or shining a spotlight on internal awards ceremonies, SimpleCert® offers a diverse range of gift certificate options to suit every occasion.

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Specializing in seamless SWAG gifting solutions catered for conferences, brand events, or internal use-cases, SwagUp is an online platform that offers employers with a wide variety of branded merchandise to send to employees.

Exceptional Features: Customized SWAG

The platform’s focus on personalized branded merchandise ensures that every item reflects individuality, making it stand out and leaving a lasting impression.

Best Use Case: Amplifying Brand Presence

This solution is best for those who are looking to only invest in SWAG gifts. The platform allows you to create, automate & distribute SWAG globally.


XperienceDays specializes in offering a myriad of gift certificates that unlock diverse experiences, ranging from serene field trips to heart-racing adventures. This platform serves as the ultimate destination for commemorating pivotal milestones, recognizing long-serving staff, or honoring sales achievements.

Exceptional Features: An Emphasis on Experience Gifts

What sets XperienceDays apart is its focus on providing experiential gifts rather than material items. By prioritizing unique experiences, the platform elevates the impact of employee gifting initiatives, offering a touch of excitement and novelty to each celebration.

Best Use Case: Elevating Employee Milestones with Experiences Across The US

For those aiming to present experiences as gifts for significant milestones, extended service recognitions, or commendations for exceptional sales targets, XperienceDays provides a diverse range of experiential vouchers.


We hope that this list of the best employee gifting platforms has given you some more insight on the right solution for your business! If you want to find out more about Giftsenda’s solutions, you can book a demo with a Gift Campaign Manager. What’s more, gifting projects can be launched without a subscription – providing companies with an easy and affordable way to send gifts to employees worldwide.

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