Cold Outreach Email Templates for 2024

Apr 19, 2024 | Business Tips, Corporate Gifting, Sales

Warm up your sales approach with corporate gifting and the best cold outreach email templates, and let professional gratitude do all the heavy lifting. 

Ah, the ever stressful cold outreach. How can something so necessary be seen as something so boring among your prospects? The short answer: because it’s the same as the 100 other emails they’ve received about 10 minutes prior to yours making its successful landing in their inbox. 

While you sit back, crossing your fingers at the back of your head, feeling a sense of accomplishment that you’ve just delivered the kindest, thoughtful and best pitch-driven message; your email could possibly be just another number in the unread pile – or worse, spam!

So, just how can you thaw up that cold approach and generate some warmth in your engagement? We’re going to tell you how! Better yet, in this blog you can find five of the best cold outreach email templates to turn your pitch game around. 

What is Cold Outreach?

Cold outreach is the act of reaching out to people, whom you have no prior relationship or contact with, for the sole purpose of pitching your service or product the contact can be through email, text or any form of communication. While it may sound like looking for a needle in a haystack, cold outreach has the backing of an enormous pool of potential clients – even if its approach is less targeted than a warm outreach (where the contact is made with a recipient with whom you have some sort of relationship or prior contact). 

Why Do Most People Hate It?

Most, or at very least, a large percentage of people hate cold outreach because it’s spammy. According to research, only 23.9% of cold outreach sales emails are opened. 

Cold outreach is typically perceived as a generic message sent to multiple contacts, without much thought or personalization put into it. It can also be seen as an expectation that you should show interest, without any interest being shown to you in return because you are simply another number on a mail list. 

In addition, most people could possibly be annoyed with the fact that cold outreach emails simply take up space in an inbox, all serving the very same purpose of a sales pitch. 

How To Make Cold Outreach Warm Again

In reality, the average cold email response rate is only a staggering 8.5%, but when offered an incentive of some sort, your customers will have more reason to reach out. Gifting can help warm the cold approach and adds a form of personalization needed to convert a prospect, all while maintaining the ease and convenience of a cold outreach. 

For example, if you send a coffee voucher in your mail after they have booked a meeting with you – by way of a shareable gift link – you are more likely to get the attention of your prospective customer. Not to mention, your strategy is more likely to stand out from the competition, which is exactly what your brand needs: to stand out! 

Using a corporate gifting platform can boost your sales strategy. Not only are the shareable gift links convenient; they are scalable and can be sent to multiple contacts effortlessly – whether national or international.The gift link requires minimal details – the recipient chooses the gift and provides delivery details.  

Five Cold Outreach Email Templates to Add to Your Sales Approach

Adding humor to your cold outreach email can help grab the attention of your recipient. It’s also a little way in which you can warm an approach that is impersonal. Another way to be more effective and personal in your strategy is to add in the name of your prospect as opposed to simply saying “Hi there!”. Here are some cold outreach email templates to take a look at. You can also download the templates here.

Template #1

Hi [Prospect Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out from [Your Company], a leading firm specializing in [insert your details here].

I have been following [Prospect’s Company] – and have been impressed by your [specific achievement or project]. It’s evident that your team values creativity and strategic thinking, which is why I believe we could be a great fit to collaborate and [what you can deliver].

To showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional results, we’re offering a complimentary gift to all new clients who book a discovery meeting with us. Let me know when would suit you best. 


[Your Name]

cold outreach email template

Template #2

Hi [Prospect Name]

I saw this and couldn’t resist. We think we have just what [Prospect’s Company] would need. 

If you are interested in learning about how we can make your everyday operations easier, feel free to reach out. 

To showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional results, we’re offering a complimentary gift to all new clients who book a discovery meeting with us. 


[Your Name]

Template #3

Hi there [Prospect Name]

We haven’t been able to reschedule our [product] meeting and it’s reminding me a lot of when Rachel stood up Ross on Prom night …

Jokes aside, I was curious if you are still interested in putting time back on the calendar for us to discuss strategies for [achieving X goal or outcome].

To showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional results, we’re offering a complimentary gift to all new clients who book a discovery meeting with us. Here’s my calendar if you’d like to discuss in more detail. If you’re simply not interested anymore, not a problem, just let me know so I can return my tuxedo. 🙂


[Your Name]

Template #4

Hi [Prospect name],

If you watched “Game of Thrones,” you know about that ending. If you never cared about “Game of Thrones,” chances are, you still know about that ending. My two cents? It was totally rushed and haphazard.

Let’s not be “Game of Thrones.” I’d love for us to take as much time as we need to get to know our respective businesses and see if we’re the right fit for each other. If you’d like to kick things off with a quick call, book some time on my calendar here: [Insert Meetings link]

PS. The coffee is on us – even if it’s a virtual meet! I will just send you a voucher, because coffee makes everything better.


[Your Name]

cold outreach email template

Template #5

Hi [Prospect Name],

Third time’s a charm!

As you can tell, I am very keen to speak with the [XXX].

If I am barking up the wrong tree, could you point me at the right person to speak to? If I am at the correct tree, can we speak?

PS. The coffee is on us – even if it’s a virtual meet! I will just send you a voucher, because coffee makes everything better.


[Your Name]

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