Compare Employee Rewards Gifting Platforms for 2024

Nov 28, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips, Corporate Gifting, Human Resources

Compare the best ways to reward your employees using employee rewards gifting platforms to customize, streamline and automate your gifting strategies. 

In the words of Lou Holtz, “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

A few words of motivational wisdom can go a long way for employees to steer them in a favorable direction. Positive words evoke positive emotions. And if the power of words holds such relevance, how much more can your workforce be motivated with a gift reward for good work ethic. 

Rewarding your employee with a well-thought out gift can make a significant difference in their attitude and ability. In fact, 98% of employees who receive daily recognition feel valued by their employer, as opposed to 37% of the same who receive yearly recognition. While daily praise may be difficult to keep up with, weekly or monthly shoutouts can be just as effective. This is where employee rewards gifting platforms come in and do what they do best – shine. 

Employee Rewards Gifting

What Are Employee Rewards Gifting Platforms?

Employee rewards gifting platforms provide ease of access and convenience when creating a touchpoint with your workforce through corporate gifting. This is a user-friendly interface that selects, packs, ships and delivers your gift to a recipient. Using a platform as such also assists with automatic tracking of your gift delivery and gifting strategies so you can better understand the impact your efforts have on your employees and your overall investment as well. 

What To Look For In Employee Rewards Gifting Platforms

With so many gift options on the market and demanding schedules in the workplace, a gifting platform can provide many benefits when it comes to rewarding your employees. Some of the things to look for in an employee rewards gifting platform are:

Personalization & Branding

Over time your employees can become accustomed to receiving rewards for good work ethic and performance thereby leading them to being acclimated with the corporate gifting process and thus, somewhat decreasing the value of the gesture. Personalization is a great way to create a memorable touchpoint with your recipient and there are special ways to evoke feelings of ownership, for example when engraving specific details on the gift or packaging, giving the gift meaning and maximizing the impact of the gesture. This is also a great way to promote your brand in a tasteful way as well. 


An employee rewards gifting platform does all the work for you regarding the research and organization of your gifting campaign. This allows you to find a perfectly curated gift or selection of gifts from which they can choose, without having to expend time doing so. Some platforms also offer an AI service to help you select a gift based on your recipient’s preferences and interest. 

Employee Rewards


Budget control is simple when using a gifting platform. You can decide on a budget upfront and create a list of curated options within this price range for your recipients to choose from or establish this with the gifting company as a guideline. With pre-set parameters you can be worry-free about overshooting the price point because the preferred limitations are in place. 


Preparing a scaling system for rewarding employees can be daunting but when using a gifting platform, you can easily scale your gifting campaign within your budget. A gifting platform will allow you to easily transition from sending a gift to a single recipient to sending gifts to 1000s of recipients worldwide. 

7 of the Best Employee Rewards Gifting Platforms 


Best known for affordable, international gift delivery and their notable features to make corporate gifting streamlined and convenient. 

The Giftsenda platform allows you to reach employees in over 200 countries, making gifting a breeze with shareable gift links and branded email gift invites (these allow recipients to choose gifts and provide delivery details). The gifts are locally sourced, removing the need to pay for expensive shipping or delivery. For branded SWAG we also offer warehousing and inventory management in various countries. You can easily collaborate with a gifting concierge to help you select the perfect gift or create a custom collection with specific items to create a gift basket suited to your recipient. 

Platform integrations, like Zapier, HRMs and Bamboo HR, give you the freedom to integrate your gifting strategies with your most used apps so you can easily customize and automate your workflow. This makes data syncing easy without the need to toggle back and forth between the platforms, saving you resources, money and time. Real-time tracking also adds transparency to your gifting campaign. 

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Best known for personalized gifting options that give your recipient the gift of choice.

Goody provides data-driven personalization to ensure thoughtful gift selection. Their interface is user-friendly and real-time tracking features ensure there’s transparency when gifting. There are also convenient automated features to streamline HR operations. You can choose from a variety of gift options and you can send gifts to countries specified, with some gifts only for domestic delivery within the U.S. 

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Best known for employee gifting and customizable recognition programs. 

AwardCo is a prominent player in the corporate gifting industry, empowering companies to create tailor recognition programs that align with their goals. This platform offers analytics and tracking features to measure the effectiveness of their gifting programs. AwardCo integrates with Amazon business for access to a wide variety of products and international gift delivery.

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Best known for creating rewards gifts for employees who prefer customized snack baskets. 

Snacknation prioritizes healthy snacking with their extensive variety of snacks, customized to each recipient. They offer services to help you select a snack box based on your recipient’s profile and preferences, and offer home or in-office delivery within the U.S. 

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Best known for high-quality, customizable gifts for companies who prioritize branding and corporate relationships.

The platform offers a wide variety of SWAG and other items that can be customized for brand recognition. They offer scalable gifting options and team gifting options to recognize and reward entire teams or departments with a personalized gift. They ship directly from their various warehouses throughout the United States. They also have warehousing and fulfillment services if you prefer an on-demand gifting solution (or to ship outside the USA).

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Best known for AI-software to select a gift based on recipient data and preferences. 

Alyce is a corporate gifting platform that uses AI-software to help you choose the right gift, for the right recipient. The data input and social media information tracked by the software provides the details required for the interface to select a gift suited to your employee. Bulk-gifting is also available when using Alyce as well as the option of physical gift cards and e-Gift cards. 

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Teak & Twine

Best known for creating personalized gift boxes and crafts.

Teak & Twine prioritizes sustainability with customized crafts and gift boxes tailored to your recipients. They offer luxury and gourmet items for creating a personalized, memorable experience for employees and have unique themes to reflect their values and awareness of environmental responsibility. 

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Employee Rewards Gifting Platforms

Make a Wise Choice!

Much like the words of wisdom and inspiration you use to motivate your employees, so too does it take wisdom when choosing the righting gifting platform for your employee rewards efforts.

The employee rewards gifting platforms available are diverse in the benefits they offer, each as a convenient solution for memorable gifting experiences. As a one-stop solution, choose Giftsenda for its cost-efficient, international, automated and wide variety of gifting options. 

Find out more about Giftsenda at or start a campaign today. 

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company. 

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