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Sep 27, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Customer Experience

According to the Walker study, customer experience will preside over price and product as the key element that distinguishes brands from other brands in the coming years, and that alone highlights how essential it is for businesses to adopt solid customer experience-focused strategies. 

A good CX framework constitutes a customer-focused map, adequate planning, and a team on standby and equipped with the right information resources to handle customer traffic seamlessly and timeously. 

In this blog, we discuss the key constituents of an effective customer experience strategy and highlight how gifting can be incorporated to add reward-driven customization for users and enhance ROI results for businesses. 

Customer Experience Defined

While self-explanatory, understanding the below-the-surface definition of customer experience is paramount in order to successfully execute strategies aimed at improving the average customer’s experience with your product. In essence, customer experience encompasses the customer’s cognitive, affective, sensory, and behavioral responses during the entirety of the consumption process, including before they make a purchase, during consumption, and after. It is through this experience layout that customers formulate opinions about the brand, vet the brand against competing brands, decide whether to remain loyal or move on and retain user memories that determine whether or not they tell others about the brand. Get the picture?

What Constitutes Customer Success

For an average customer’s journey to be deemed successful, a continuous coalition between their journey and the overall experience is required. That is, enough resources must be injected into making the average buyer’s journey as seamless, quick, and simple to understand as possible. Shall we use a staffing and headhunting business as an example?

Client A is looking to fill position X in their organization. They come across Recruiter A’s ‘click for recruitment services’ ad, click through, and are led to a landing page and the journey was as follows:

  • Clicked on information card
  • Filled in all fields 
  • Uploaded information pertaining role to be filled
  • Downloaded payment terms and conditions
  • submitted  form and all supporting documents 
  • Booked a meeting with recruitment officer

Using the above, we can visually imagine Recruiter A’s customer journey map, and essentially identify elements of it that require improvement in order to yield the desired result, conversion. In a nutshell, Customer Success Teams proactively anticipate challenges that customers may experience while on their journeys and work towards creating a user system that addresses these in order to boost customer satisfaction, and buyer morale and improve retention.

Adding Gifting to Enhance Customer Success

While a seamless customer journey may result in increased conversions, there are no guarantees, especially since competitors are equally privy to this and are putting peas in pods to afford buyers seamless experiences too. So, strategically launching corporate gifting campaigns throughout your customers’ journey and adding commemoration gifts such as customer milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays as ‘need to gift’ points, will not only help you break through the noise, but will also increase loyalty and the general buy-in rate. 

You can use corporate gifting to:

  • Onboard new clients
  • Introduce new products and upsell to existing customers
  • Remedy issues (order delays, no responses, incorrect deliveries, product defects…) arise during the customer journey. 
  • Celebrate both the business and the customers’ milestones
  • Invite clients to events, product launches, and webinars
  • Thank clients for their patronage
  • Appreciate clients through a referral program
  • Prompt customers to take part in review campaigns and share their stories

Automating Customer Experience For a Large Number of People

Still, on the gifting front, you can execute the above-flashed gifting uses on a small and large scale, thanks to Giftsenda’s automated gifting capabilities. So, whether you’re looking to gift SWAG in bulk to reintroduce customers to your brand, or prefer to allow your recipients to choose their gift from our collections and themed marketplace, our experienced gifting advisors can help initiate automated corporate gifting campaigns at scale, and any address in over 200 countries worldwide. 

Armed with the above, you can map your customers’ journeys, and choose strategic points to open the floodgates of rewards through Giftsenda-enabled mass corporate gifting. Ask us how.

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