The Gifting Game EP5: What to Consider When Sending a Gift

Jun 28, 2024 | Podcasts

In this podcast we share some tips on how you can send the perfect gift that will make both your recipient and business happy!


Hi everybody and welcome back to another episode of the Gifting Game. The podcast where we talk about all things business and corporate gifting. 

Today we’ve lined up some useful information on what you need to consider when sending a gift. You will discover the most important areas you need to pay attention to when you are showing gratitude to an employee, a client, a prospect, or any recipient in a corporate setting.

So, let’s kick off with the first tip.

When sending a gift, one of the most important areas to consider would be your recipient’s preferences. After all, no-one wants to receive a bad gift. Or more importantly, no-one wants to give a bad gift. And to ensure your recipient loves what they get; you can do a little research before sending a gift. One way to do this would be to scour through the social media platforms for little hints on the type of person your recipient is and what’s important to them. 

For example, if there are many pictures of your recipient with a pet; that would be a hint that they are an animal person and you can keep that in mind when choosing their gift. Similarly, if you find that your recipient is a health-conscious person; you could put together a gift basket of healthy snacks that are in line with your recipient’s lifestyle and diet. If you have the option – you can also send out a survey to gather these kinds of details or even better – use a gifting platform and allow the recipients to choose their own gifts.

Another aspect to consider is cultural sensitivity.

Being aware of the cultural aspects of your recipient would serve you well in not offending them. Read up on the gift etiquette of the country your recipient is from and also on their religion / traditions if you are aware of this information. Some cultures do not find alcoholic gifts appropriate and these are the types of tips that you need to be aware of before sending your gift. 

Your budget is also a vital aspect when sending a gift.

You need to remain within the financial parameters your budget calls for and not stray even a little. This is because each little extra you spend on a gift can add up and eventually land your business in the red financially. This does not mean you cannot splurge when the occasion arises. If you have a VIP client that you would like to show extra appreciation to, you can splurge on their gift. Tiered gifts are often required as each business connection is not equal in importance to the next, and some require more attention than others.

If you have a busy schedule; you might need some help with gifting. With Giftsenda, you can save time and send gifts with minimal effort. Shareable gift links and email gift invites are a great way to let recipients choose gifts and collect their delivery details – which means there is less homework for you to do. You can even scale your gifting strategy and send multiple gifts to recipients all over the world with ease. Visit to find out more. 

Our time here is up but before we leave you to your gifting we thought we’d leave you with some food for thought. It was Albert Camus, the French philosopher and  Nobel Prize recipient, who said “real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present”. Until next time… always be gifting!  

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