Fun Ideas For Social Media Giveaways

Jun 20, 2024 | Marketing

Convert followers into customers with fun social media giveaways that will showcase your brand and create a band of loyal advocates. 

One thing most people (if not all) love is winning. There’s just something unexpected, fun, thrilling and exciting about winning something or receiving something for free. This is even more so when you win something from your favorite brand… This is the viewpoint your business needs to keep in mind when trying to relate to its targeted demographic. A great way to create this feeling and to supercharge buzz around your brand is with social media giveaways. 

In this blog, we’ll help you with the in’s and out’s of leveraging social media to connect with your audience and convert them into customers. 

social media giveaways

What Is A Social Media Giveaway?

As the name suggests, a social media giveaway is a prize or gift given to a follower for completing a task on a social media platform. Here, influencers, creators and brands can ask their followers and audiences to do something, such as liking a post, tagging a friend and so on, for the chance to win something.

Social media giveaways are the perfect opportunities for businesses to launch and showcase products, while reaching a wider audience. The chances of winning are equal for all followers as the winner is selected at random thereby, giving each person fair opportunity. 

Why Are Social Media Giveaways Worth It?

At present, short-format videos dominate social feeds and creating meaningful engagement with your target audience can be difficult. Yes, views are awesome but when you resonate with a follower; you have the opportunity to foster professional business relationships.

This is where social media giveaways shine as they have the potential to:

  • Convert leads by asking people to sign up or submit their giveaway entries by completing an online form on your website.
  • Increase your followers as you can ask people to follow your brand or like a post to be a part of the giveaway
  • Increase brand awareness by partnering with other brands and influences as part of the contest
  • Increase brand loyalty as people are likely to stay committed to your brand and monitor your social feed if there is an incentive/ gift involved 

Ideas for Social Media Giveaway Prizes 

With the right gift or giveaway, you can easily turn a social media contest entrant into a loyal customer. You can even send the gifts to your followers with complete ease by means of a shareable gift link. With Giftsenda, you can share a link to a prize that allows your recipient to redeem the prize by simply clicking on the link. With such a seamless gift delivery, you can easily reach your followers no matter where they are in the world. 

Win those followers over with gift ideas like:

Giveaway Prize Idea #1

If your brand has anything to do with the indoors, you can create a fun night in for your audience with a Game Night Bundle giveaway! The lucky winner can receive cozy items that will make their night a little more comfortable, such as comfy socks, a soft throw, a set of premium playing cards, and/ or a selection of classic board games. This giveaway is perfect for followers who have families or even for those that don’t because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a cozy night in? 

Giveaway Prize Idea #2

If your brand has anything to do with the outdoors, you can compile a giveaway that explores just that. Let your audience enter a social media contest for the chance to win an outdoor adventure kit that includes items, such as a reusable water bottle, mini multi-tool kit set, camping snacks and more. Here you can ask your followers to complete an outdoor activity with your branded product or take a photo at a specific outdoor spot with a picture of your brand for the opportunity to win the prize. 

Giveaway Prize Idea #3

A self-care or spa gift set makes for a luxurious giveaway prize; especially if your brand is centered around a beauty product. Here you can ask your audience to enter the competition by posting a picture of them using your product or doing a specific self-care routine. The gift can be compiled of self-care or spa items, such as a facial roller, moisturizing lotion, aromatherapy bath bombs and so forth. The possibilities are endless! 

5 Ideas For Running A Social Media Competition

So you love the idea of social media giveaways because they meet your brand objectives but you’re not sure where to start. Turn to these five ideas for a fun, successful social media competition:

Easy-Peasy Social Engagements 

If you need a no fuss, no effort type of social media contest for your followers to engage in, simply ask your audience to like a post, follow or tag a friend in the comments section for a chance at winning the prize. It may sound simple, but a simple task such as this can create a band of brand evangelists to spread the word. 

A Creative Caption Competition 

Have your followers bring out their creative sides by asking them to create a funny, witty or smart caption for a photo. The photo can be anything – relating to your brand or not. And the prize goes to the person who’s answer stands out the most. 

A Selfie Contest

As it is, people take selfies on a regular basis, sometimes for no apparent reasons at all. Why not get a prize for it? With this competition, have your followers put their best foot forward (or best poses) for a chance to win a gift. Have your audience post a selfie with your product, your logo or if you have a physical business location, at one of your brick and mortar spots. 

A Spot-the Difference Contest 

Pick a photo that has a lot of detail and create a copy of it that is edited with some missing elements. Then have the entrants of the social media competition spot the differences. Here you can also make use of your logo and create an incorrect version of it, having your audience spot the differences. It’s a quick little game that increases brand recognition too. 

A Poem/ Haiku Writing Contest

Have your audience write a poem or haiku for the chance to win a gift. The poem or haiku should include the name of your brand and the best one wins. This is an opportunity for your followers to get real creative and showcase your brand in the best way possible. 

social media giveaways

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