Gift Ideas for Marketers in 2024

May 2, 2024 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips, Gift Ideas, Marketing

Impress and delight with the best gift ideas for marketers for 2024 and add some magic to your gifting campaign with the tips on how to do just that. 

If you’ve ever read or seen an ad or commercial that made you cry with laughter or moved you with emotion, you’ll be able to appreciate the magic behind great marketers. 

The secret to the trade is telling a good story with humor, cleverness and wit. But all the magic doesn’t come easy. These well-developed skills take time to hone and are not a dime a dozen when it comes to the business world. 

This is why impressing a marketer can be tricky and finding the right gift can feel like a hit and miss. You can find the right gift, which makes perfect sense to you, but can in some cases be seen as just “meh” in the eyes of a marketer as it may not be up to trend or relevant. 

Luckily though, with the help of this informative blog and our stellar research skills, you’ll have gift ideas for marketers that will turn the table on their witty minds and make them roll over with laughter… or at the very least, you’ll make them smile! 

What makes the perfect gifts for Marketers?

With hectic job descriptions, demanding schedules and long hours; marketers could probably use a gift that makes their lives easier. Chances are they already own a few pieces of branded SWAG or a coffee mug with their name on it so these ideas are typically not going to make the cut. When thinking over gift ideas for marketers, try consider making the gift:

  • Practical and functional
  • Useful or purposeful
  • Relaxing 
  • Something that organizes the workspace
  • Something that accelerates their productivity 
  • And in a perfect world … something they’ve been dreaming of

It might sound like a daunting task but with a little scouring of their social pages and some research, you can get a pretty good idea of what they like. Furthermore, a little exploring of their type of work can give you some insight into their sense of humor and what they find witty.. then simply tailor your gift from there. 

Our list of snazzy gifts for Marketers

So, now that you can appreciate the marketers around you, let’s dive into some gift ideas!

A Branded Laptop Sleeve

If there’s one thing a marketer probably cannot live without; it would be their laptop. What not to give the gift of a branded laptop sleeve. This will protect what they value most and increase the longevity of their most used devices. What’s more, you can brand the laptop sleeve with a funny saying perfect for a marketer, such as “ Digital marketers do it for the clicks.”. 

A Scented Candle

Filling the workplace with aromatherapy can have a direct effect on productivity and focus. If you infuse the atmosphere with scents of sage, lavender, citrus, vetiver or jasmine; you can help boost mental or cognitive function. Aromatherapy candles make perfect gifts for marketers as they are useful, practical and make their recipient more productive. In this case, you can give the gift a humorous side by branding the candle with a funny message such as, “Keep calm and keep marketing.”

gifts for marketers

An Affirmation Jar

When straying from the traditional gift ideas for marketers, an affirmation jar may be just the right go-to gift. This is a jar that is filled with positive messages to help that all-too-tired marketer get through the day. And if you want to take this approach to the next level, fill the jar with professional insults to add some much needed humor.

A Smart Quote Mug

Yes, a customizable coffee mug may not seem like the most unique gift in the world but if it’s got a funny or smart marketing quote, I’m sure any marketer will gladly drink their coffee out of it. To bring a smile to any marketing expert, brand their coffee cup with the quote like “Marketing Fuel” and make them beam with pride. 

Mug with quote "marketing fuel"

A Branded Hoodie

Hoodies make for an awesome gift because they are comfortable, practical and can be used again and again. But when branded with a funny marketing saying, it’s more than a gift, it’s a statement piece. If you want to make a marketer smile and say “Hey, I should have thought of that!”, brand a hoodie with “This is what an awesome marketer looks like” and give them that jolt of joy. 

branded hoodie for marketers

A Branded T-Shirt

Much like in the ballpark of a branded hoodie, a branded t-shirt makes for great gift ideas for marketers because they are an everyday wardrobe essential. Made from breathable and comfortable material, this gift can be worn when working or when taking a break from their genius. And you can brand the gift with a witty saying relevant to a marketer, such as “Will work for quality backlinks.”

A Reusable Coffee Cup

Starbucks and marketers go together like food and humans. Reusable Starbucks coffee cups make practical gift ideas for marketers and some are fun enough to change color depending on the temperature of the beverage. It’s the little things that make people smile! And for a clever quote to brand the reusable coffee cups: ““My KPIs bring all the leads to the yard”” will do the job. It’s clever, relevant and most of all… true!

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