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Aug 19, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

In the dynamic landscape of agencies, cultivating lasting relationships is the bedrock of success. Amid the whirlwind of projects and deadlines, the art of gifting emerges as a potent instrument. A thoughtfully chosen gift can be more than a gesture – it’s a bridge that connects, a token of appreciation, and a spark that ignites meaningful interactions. As an agency, the act of gifting is your secret weapon to distinguish yourself and reaffirm your dedication to fostering outstanding collaborations.

Let’s look at our three core gifting methods and occasions on which they can be utilized to optimize marketing efforts, increase brand familiarity, create service preference, and solidify lucrative relationships to boost your bottom line.

Gifting via Direct Mail

This gifting method is perfect for those with their recipient address information on hand. Unlike gift links, where recipients will be required to input their preferred addresses, this method allows the sender to seamlessly direct gifts to their recipients’ doorsteps. 

1. Client Milestones Celebration: Picture a client achieving a major milestone – a successful campaign, a product launch, or a momentous anniversary. Elevate the moment by sending a personalized gift that resonates with their triumph. Picture a custom-branded swag bag filled with curated goodies that reflect their interests. Accompany it with a handwritten note that reflects genuine enthusiasm, showing that their victory is your victory too.

2. Prospect Engagement: When courting potential clients, ordinary won’t cut it. Step into the spotlight with a direct mail gift that captivates and intrigues. Consider crafting a gift box by opting for our ‘build your own gift box’ option, and artfully design your recipient’s experience to pique curiosity. As they delve into the box’s secrets, a genuine connection takes root – the perfect start to a meaningful conversation.

3. Thank-You for Referrals: The ripple effect of a referral is profound, so acknowledge it with a gesture that echoes your gratitude. Picture a high-quality notebook, embossed with your agency’s logo, that arrives as a surprise. It’s more than a notebook; it’s a tribute to their support, a lasting reminder of the valuable partnership you share. Remember, genuine ‘thanks yous’ are the unsung heroes of solid relationships. 

4. Holiday Cheer: As the holiday season sweeps in, seize the chance to spread cheer. Envision a beautifully adorned package brimming with gourmet treats or a personalized ornament. This festive gift extends your warm wishes, reminding clients and partners of the joyous camaraderie your agency brings to their commercial lives. 

5. Event Invitations: Crafting memorable event invitations is an art, and the impact can be significant. Imagine sending an exquisitely designed invitation, accompanied by a wine gift basket, to an agency event or workshop. The recipient’s curiosity is bound to be piqued by the interactive elements, compelling them to RSVP eagerly.

6. Influencer/ambassador PR Drops: It’s no news that the modern audience swims in brand, event, service and product alternatives. Their decisions are no longer based solely on necessity, but they often opt for brands that offer a ‘double yin for their yang’, and influencers are the perfect messengers for value proposition deliveries. So, investing in these essential assets is crucial. Consider sending engaging PR packages filled with high-quality branded items such as power banks, storage devices, stationery and merch, paired with snacks and high-quality beverages. It’s a ‘no go wrong’ area, we promise.

Gifting via Giftsenda’s Gift Links

Gift Links are literally Giftsenda’s gift to giftters, and allow for seamless gifting, even without full address info. All senders have to do is pre-select collections or specific gifts, and send gift links to recipients who can either accept, reject or donate them. Gift links can be shared via email, social media, or any messaging platforms. 

1. Digital Event Follow-Up: After a virtual event or webinar, maintain the connection by sending a collection of digital gift cards via a shareable gift link and let them select their gift. Consider a few cards to popular coffee shops or relevant online stores. This gesture of appreciation conveys that their participation was more than just attendance – it was valued engagement.

2. Content Engagement Rewards: Fostering an engaged community around your agency’s content is a strategic move. Use gift links to reward those who share, comment, or subscribe with digital gift cards. Imagine the sense of belonging this creates, building a vibrant community that actively contributes, knowing their input is valued and actually wanted, beyond profit’s sake. 

3. Referral Acknowledgment: Acknowledging referrals from your current pool of satisfied customers  goes beyond words; it’s about honoring their trust. Picture a personalized gift invite that allows recipients to select a gift that resonates with them. The result? A profound and individualized “thank you. Let’s do this again soon”! You can create a collection of gifts based on your own brand or the recipients.

Referral gifting campaigns can be launched sporadically, or as new customers join your patron lists. Track these by simply adding a ‘how did you hear about us?’ option for new buyers, and reward as you go.

4. Virtual Workshop Swag: Extend your recipients’ virtual workshop experiences with gift link invites. Envision participants receiving access to an exclusive eBook, an industry insider’s resource, or premium webinar access. This value-packed gesture enhances their journey, and creates insatiable curiosity, resulting in your agency being seen as innovative, people-focused and experience-driven. Recipes to success, if you ask us!

5. Appreciation for Social Media Advocates/armies/influencers: Your social media advocates are invaluable. Now imagine rewarding their support by sending a gift via a gift link that you share in their DMs. Not only are you acknowledging their efforts, but you’re also encouraging them to amplify their advocacy, which will undoubtedly result in optimized reach, increased engagement, a competitive engagement rate, and high conversions.

Gifting via Email Invites

Within a branded and personalized email invite, recipients will find links that redirect them to the Giftsenda landing page, where they can choose their own gifts, swap items, or donate to a listed NPO. They will also be prompted to provide their delivery details.

1. Exclusive Webinar Access: A workflow containing email gift invites that are sent when recipients RSVP to your event is a seamless way to send personalized gifts and incentivize attendance. Craft invitations with event details, messages, and visuals within your selected platform such as HubSpot and create a special trigger to send the gift invite using the Giftsenda integration.

2. Interactive Quiz: An invitation doesn’t have to be static. Craft an interactive quiz that delivers personalized recommendations or insights related to your agency’s services. Picture delighting participants with a discount code or a small digital gift as a reward for providing their details. PS. You can use our Zapier integration and Typeform to create an awesome automated workflow for this!

Elevate your gifting game with expert tips and strategies tailored to agencies using the Giftsenda gifting platform.

3. Virtual Coffee Chat: Extend a virtual coffee chat invitation to customers, prospects or partners, using an inviting email complete with time slots to choose from. You can create a workflow to automate a gift invite email once the meeting has been accepted. A link within the email entitles them to a free coffee delivery, turning a digital invite into a sensory experience.

4. VIP Access to Resources: Elevate your gift email invitations by offering recipients VIP access to an exclusive resource hub. Envision a collection of industry insights, case studies, or tools – a treasure trove aligned with your agency’s expertise.

5. Feedback Encouragement: Gathering feedback is pivotal for growth. Craft an email that invites recipients to share their thoughts on your agency’s services or recent projects. Incentivize responses with the allure of valuable gift cards or personalized gifts. Automate sending the rewards to people who have completed the survey via your CRM or manually select the contacts to send the rewards via email.

In harnessing these gifting strategies, your agency crafts genuine connections, nurtures engagement, and ensures a legacy of memorable interactions. For a visual guide that unveils the art of agency gifting, dive into our accompanying infographic. It’s more than a guide; it’s a blueprint to elevate your agency’s relationships to unparalleled heights.

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