Gifting Cheat Sheet: Gifts for Employees

Aug 16, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Human Resources

Whether it’s opening a well-wrapped gift on their birthday, a thoughtful e-Gift card on appreciation day or a delightful sweet and savory snack basket during the holidays; one thing that’s probably true is your employees love receiving gifts. And who wouldn’t? Gifts are a symbol of gratitude and a gesture that confirms or re-establishes a connection; without expecting anything in return. Here are some top-notch suggestions of when and how to send gifts for employees you value and treasure using the Giftsenda platform.

Using Direct Mail as Gifts for Employees

Direct mail can be defined as any piece of physical mail, such as brochures, postcards, letters or other promotional material sent to a targeted demographic. And here are some great reasons to use this awesome method of reaching out to your team of employees. 

  1. Birthdays: What better reason to send a gift to a valued employee than the most traditional of them all .. a birthday! Pick a gift that will truly warm the heart of your dedicated workforce, personalize it and throw in a thoughtful gift note to make for the perfect birthday present.

Gifts for employees

  1. Staff Appreciation Days: You can ask any person how they would like to be treated in the workplace, and most likely the answer will be unanimous; they’d like to be treated with care and respect. You can display these values and ethics to your employees to show them you appreciate them and all their hard work.
  1. Wellness Gifts: Another way to say you care for your team is by prioritizing their well-being. Wellness gifts take care of your employees health – both body and mind. And with your gift, you can send a postcard with a meaningful quote such as: “But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you.” – Deepak Chopra.

Gifts for employees

  1. Year-End Gifts: You can end the year on the ultimate high note by sending year end gifts for employees. Leveraging the holiday season is a great way to get in the festive mood and plus, you can choose from thousands of Christmas gift options, like gourmet cookie snack baskets, snow globes or personalized cushions. 
  1. New Year Gifts: Starting the new year with your employees still part of your workforce is an achievement in itself because employee retention often takes precedence is the success of your business. You can celebrate this accomplishment by sending your employees a New Year’s gift that says you’re appreciative of new beginnings, their dedication and your journey together. 

Using Gift Links as Gifts for Employees

Giftsenda gift links are synonymous with convenience and effortless gifting. You can use shareable gift links to send gifts for employees, whether specifically curated or part of a customized collection. Upon selecting the gift, your recipient provides their delivery information and the rest is history as they say… or part of your real-time tracking on the Giftsenda platform! If you’re in search of ways to use gift links, take a look at these awesome use case examples:

  1. Onboarding: A gift link can be sent to your workforce as part of the onboarding process; allowing them to choose a gift to celebrate them joining the company. This is a great way to show your new team members the culture of your business and how you appreciate your workforce. 
  1. Off-boarding: You can depart with your employees through resignation, termination or retirement with a gift link that thanks them for their service, making for a convenient off-boarding process. Help them choose from a list of pre-curated gifts, set within an appropriate budget; which will ensure you remain within your spend limit and they get a gift of their choice. 
  1. Completion of Training/ Training Requests: If your employees have completed a training session as part of their work, you can celebrate the completion of the event with a gift link to a celebratory present. Alternatively, you can send a gift link subscription to specific training sessions, furthering their skillset or job description. 
  1. Virtual Meeting/ Event Invitation: If you are hosting a virtual meeting, conference, webinar etc. you can send a gift link to your employees to thank them for attending the event, to entice them to attend the event or to spoil themselves with something in particular during the event. These can be smart gift ideas, like a food voucher for them to enjoy a snack during the event, a DIY cocktail gift set for them to make their own drinks to enjoy during a conference/ webinar and so on. 
  1. Team Building: If you’d like to find a way to get your workforce to bond, a team building gift experience is perfect. Simply choose an experience that suits your entire team, send out the gift link and let the bonding begin.

Using Email Gift Invites as Gifts for Employees

Combining the convenience of gift links and with the beauty of your brand is simple with Giftsenda email gift invites. This is a personalized and branded email that delivers the gift link in an engaging way to keep your employees hooked. Here are five ways to beautifully convey your gesture in a way that prioritizes your brand:

  1. Employee Happiness Surveys: You can have more authentic conversations with your employees about how they feel regarding the workplace through employee happiness surveys. A gift is the perfect way to incentivize them to partake in this. You can save yourself the effort and the time by having automated survey emails sent out to your employees to gather their feedback and create a workflow that sends the gift invite email upon survey completion. Zapier is a great integration to use for this.
  1. Company  Milestone Gifts: Let your employees celebrate your achievements as an organization by sending them a branded email that sends a gift link to a personalized gift. This will show your worker they’re part of the team and they’re recognized. Your email can showcase the milestone and your brand beautifully, while helping your employee commemorate along with you. 

Gifts for employees

  1. End of Project Gifts: All wins – no matter how big or small – ought to be celebrated. You can wrap up a project with a celebratory email that sends a gift link to all those involved in the assignment. 
  1. Work Anniversary Gifts: You should make a big deal of a work anniversary because it’s a symbol of your employee’s dedication to your business. Do this with a thoughtful email gift invite that celebrates your employee’s years of dedicated service. Using your HRM system to set up an automated gift invite email will save you time and streamline the process.
  1. Exceptional Achievement Gifts: There are times where you simply have to give credit where credit is due. Gifts that celebrate your employees exceptional achievements are often times to splurge. A memorable email that highlights the achievement accomplished by your employee is a great way to help them remember the special occasion.

Let’s Get Started

So many reasons to gift, so little time. If you have many employees to keep track of and many occasions to celebrate; you can make the process seamless with the Giftsenda platform. You can integrate your gmail or CRM with the platform and use this to automate the interactions and preferences of your team.

You can also customize your collections based on the event making it easy for you to track your gifting campaign. And the best part – all gifts are locally sourced based on the country you choose (or are sending the gift to) meaning “greener” gifting, no customs fees and no expensive international shipping fees. With so many benefits, you’ll be creating your own reasons to spoil your employees … in addition to ours. 

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