Guide: Sending Corporate Gifts to Brazil

Mar 14, 2023 | Corporate Gifting, Gift Ideas

In this blog, we look at Brazilian culture and all the fun facts that make the country what it is, along with some helpful tips on how to build relationships with your clients, staff, and prospects by sending corporate gifts to Brazil.

Bordering all but two countries in South America, the beautiful country of Brazil takes up half of the continent. It is a diverse landscape filled with rivers, mountains, and wetlands. According to Britannica, it is the fifth largest and fifth highest populated country in the entire world.

The Federative Public of Brazil is home to many magical places such as the Amazon Rainforest, which is primarily within Brazil. Although the capital of the country is Brasília, the most famous city is Rio De Janeiro. It is a rapidly growing city becoming one of the biggest major economies in the world. Looking over the city is the statue of “Christ the Redeemer,” one of the most magnificent pieces of sculpture in the world. 

The people of Brazil are a diverse group that tell the history of the nation. There are many different ethnic groups with ties back to Europe and Africa. The majority of the people’s first language is Portuguese, although through the years it has become different than that of the language in Portugal. There are also plenty of indigenous languages too that show the high diversity of the country.

The people of Brazil have very strong family values and they tend to live near their extended family, something not as common in the U.S and Europe. There are plenty of beautiful sites for locals and tourists to visit, such as the many beaches or the countryside. They love to play outside, especially football which is played by virtually everyone. Just make sure you don’t accidentally call it soccer! 

Fun Facts About Brazil

  • Brazil has the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan.
  • Portugal colonized Brazil during the 1500’s and had control over the colonies for over 300 years.
  • The country was named after a tree called Brazil Wood. 
  • Brazil is home to golden frogs! While they aren’t actually made of gold, the miniature creatures have a yellow and orange color which gives them a golden like appearance.
  • For over 100 years, Brazil has been the world’s number one producer of coffee. Who doesn’t love a nice cup of joe?
  • Brazil is home to the world’s largest carnival, drawing in crowds in the millions.
  • The beautiful country of Brazil is home to 72 national parks, the most out of any country on the planet.
  • Brazil is home to more animal and plant species than any other country, making it one of the most diverse ecosystems.

Popular Gifts To Send To Brazil

Fruit Basket: Brazil’s diverse ecosystem is also home to a variety of delicious fruits. A curated basket filled with delicious fruit is a perfect gift to send!

A Night of the Tropics: After a long day of work, who doesn’t like a good cocktail? This basket filled with three types of rum will be perfect for a Caipirinha, the most popular cocktail in Brazil. A perfect beverage for a trip to the beach.

A Delicious Cup of Tea: Brazil has a big tea culture, so what better gift than a warm cup of tea and some sweets.

A Hot Cup of Coffee: Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee, being home to hundreds of thousands of coffee plantations.

Make Use of Brazil’s Holidays for Tactical Gifting

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st) is a common holiday in most countries, but Brazil has some of their own special customs. People wear white clothing, and while some jump into the ocean at midnight, others eat 12 grapes and some lentil soup. The gift options are endless!
  • Carnival (February 20-21) is an annual festival held during the days leading up to lent. The streets are filled with parades. Some call it the greatest show on Earth.
  • Tiradentes Day (April 21st) commemorates the execution of Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, a national hero who helped Brazil gain independence from Portugal. It is less of a celebratory holiday, so the most appropriate gift would be some flowers as many citizens lay out wreaths. 
  • Labour Day (May 1st) is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. We recommend getting them a gift that helps them relax on their day off!
  • Independence Day (September 7th) celebrates Brazil’s independence from Portugal. The day is full of celebrations, so get your client or employee whatever they like at a party!
  • Lady of Aparecida (October 12th) is a 10 day festival celebrating the country’s patron saint, the Virgin Mary.
  • All Souls Day (November 2nd) is very similar to the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico and is meant to honor lost loved ones. It is good to send a heartfelt message and maybe a fruit basket or flowers.
  • Christmas Day (December 25th) is celebrated all over the world, but Brazil still has their own style! People attend midnight mass and set up nativity scenes at their homes.

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