How to Automate Corporate Gifting for Better Results

May 17, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

Thanks to technological advancements that have since resulted in the jaw-dropping growth spurts of digitalized communication, individuals and companies can worry less about physically mediating in a process as simple as gifting, and pay more attention to bettering their personal and corporate relations. 

Yes, there is still physical labor involved in the actual compilation of gift hampers and baskets, but that, we believe, should rest entirely with gift providers, while marketing managers, HR team members, and company heads, amongst others, place their focus more towards steering their businesses toward the desired checkpoints.

Having studied the gifting market in-depth for the last two decades, we’ve identified areas that when catalyzed toward digital appeal, can yield amazing results for businesses of any size, and automated international gifting is one such catalyst. Let’s look at the simple steps you can follow to automate gifting with the help of a corporate gifting platform.

Understand Your Recipients

Before sinking our teeth into the giant mass gifting apple, it is important to understand the recipient, their position, their industry, the political/religious/cultural (especially when dealing with international clients/prospects) climate under which they operate, and the rules that govern their enterprise. This way, your gifting campaigns will yield the desired result – entice and reward – creating conducive environments for scaled growth. The objective is to display your knowledge of the recipient, and demonstrate respect for their ‘customs’. Think of it this way: A pen for a writer, glasses for a reader, a meditation mat for a monk, and a solution to a problem for a CEO. 

Decide on a Gifting Budget

If it doesn’t make cents, it doesn’t make sense, right? As with any campaign, especially ones aimed at increasing loyalty (long-term clients), productivity (staff), trust (associates), and revenue (new pool of clients), it is important to have the right numbers in place. This way, you avoid overspending on peak season gift items or services that spike with demand, you can plan your finances without worrying about impromptu budget requests, and lastly, you can choose items that not only align with recipient interests (after getting to know them), but with your ‘gifting bank’ too.

Choose a Corporate Gifting Platform that Suits Your Needs

If you had to put your search engine to use, you’d browse through various corporate gifting platforms. Some specialized and item-specific, and others general. Some solely for local gifting, and others with international reach. As such, it is important to look at your organizational needs in order to identify a platform that ticks all the boxes. 

Since its launch, Giftsenda has enabled our customers to effectively manage corporate gifting campaigns on an international level. While tiles of technology make automated gifting campaign setups as easy as lemon pie (one of the items we can have delivered, on your command), the human element is what makes the process rewarding and lucrative. Besides easy CRM integration, reliable tracking, and top-level reporting, Giftsenda is led by a team that understands the global market, is familiar with international gifting trends, is culture-inclined, and understands the dynamics behind business and personal relationships. 

In addition to the above, Giftsenda boasts a multilingual customer support department and is available around the clock. After all, it’s 10 am in some parts of the world, right?

Integrate your CRM with our Gifting Platform

Now that you’ve identified a gifting platform that allows you to simplify the gifting process, with the option to seek assistance when needed, you can take your automation to the next level by integrating your CRM and ensuring that your recipients’ contacts are accessible through the platform. The benefits? Trackable activity and faster gifting processes. No copying and pasting from one platform to the next, no guesswork, and no time-consuming spreadsheets. 

Giftsenda currently supports SalesForce and Hubspot, but no need to fret if your business uses a different one. All you need to do is inform us about your CRM preference, and we’ll try to make the integration happen. 

Define Your KPIs

This part is quite self-explanatory. You have sufficient knowledge about your intended recipients, you have a budget in place, and have identified a gifting platform that enables CRM integration. Now you need to define your performance indicators. Do you want conversation, retention, or accepted meeting invites? Define that, and steer your campaign ship in the direction of those objectives.

Launch Your International Corporate Gift Campaign

You’ve checked all the items off your list, and it’s time to launch your campaign by first selecting from thousands of international corporate gift options, ranging from treats, experiential treatments, tech gadgets, drinkable gifts, and more. As a part of the automated gifting features you can give your recipients the gift of consent (they can choose to accept or reject the gift offer), then of choice (they can choose from various items, or even donate the value of their gifts to a listed charity).

Analyze Campaign Results & Optimize

What’s the purpose of campaigns without results, and what are results for, if not reported, right? Thanks to item-sourcing localized to destinations, there are no customs processes involved. As such, the Giftsenda platform guarantees speedy and accurate delivery (as fast as 2-3 business days in some countries), and that then directly affects the rate at which you and your teams can extract results, report, and optimize. The dashboard is easy to use and offers a bird’s eye view of the overall performance of your campaigns.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how our gifting platform works or to discuss your gifting project.

Do Corporate Gifting Your Way

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