How To Level Up Your Email Marketing Strategy With Gifting

Oct 17, 2022 | Marketing

With 64% of small businesses using email marketing to reach their targeted customers and 37% of brands looking to increase their email marketing strategy budgets to take full advantage of the growing trend, there’s no doubt that traditional marketing tactics still have financial appeal.

It is, however, crucial for businesses to understand that volume doesn’t always equate to value. So, despite 306 billion emails being sent and received daily, and more than three-quarters of these being marketing-related, ROI-raising impact is not always guaranteed. 

Impact is not a simple consequence, but is achieved by and through design. It’s essential to carefully study different email marketing tactics to understand which fits your business objectives, add unconventional elements (such as gifts) to optimize performance, and focus on surprising, delighting, and rewarding instead of pure sales. 

In this blog, we discuss the four core email marketing strategies and highlight how adding corporate gifting to each will help cause financially impactful disruptions. Keep reading!

Email Marketing Campaign Types And Their Benefits

Email marketing may be a sharp tool for businesses that know how to use it effectively, but is an enormous waste of time and a huge bounce rate burden for those that don’t understand its acquisition, retention, awareness, and sales-driving potential. 

The subject line is king and determines whether recipients are gauged or annoyed by SPAM. So, adding corporate gifting as an ‘opening/reading rate’ catalyst may increase interest, drive users further down the sales funnel, and result in increased sales. After all, you don’t just mail every dot com Daisy you come across. Your recipients are more likely already interested in your products/ services. The agenda here is to offer value and get them to choose you over the competition. Let’s look at the different email campaign types:

Email Newsletters

Newsletters are the most commonly used email marketing tools, particularly for brands that wish to centrally redirect their readers to landing pages that house more information regarding the business’s offerings. They can be designed to include social media content, explainers videos, whitepapers, case studies, and reviews to expand the value that comes with a purchase. In a nutshell, newsletters are used to educate subscribers about products and show them how their lives can improve with said products. 

Here, corporate gift offers can be used as subject lines to break through the noise and gauge the subscribers’ attention. Something as simple as ‘Coffee? It’s on us. Claim your voucher now!’ will do. 

Furthermore, you can strategically place small-item gift offers throughout the newsletter to increase its appeal. Like $X discounts on goods after an action is taken and more rewards when purchases are made. The possibilities are endless.

Acquisition Emails

As the term suggests, acquisition emails are focussed on buyer/customer acquisition and are concerned with pushing the recipient beyond the awareness stage. After subscription and education through newsletters, acquisition emails are offer, product, or service centered. This is where the ‘hard sales’ carriage is pushed into motion. 

Here, corporate gifting can be used to retain the prospect’s attention and drive the ‘value’ message home. Now that the brand/product is the focal point, you can strategically place SWAG gifts or gift items that you think would appeal to your prospects in your flow. For example – offer a free gift after a trial is started or after a demo has been booked. Intuitive, engaging, and rewarding.

Retention Email

Retaining existing buyers/subscribers is more cost-effective than acquiring new clients, and that’s why retention remains at the core of any successful business’s strategy. These are buyers that know your service, understand your product, and overall are familiar with your brand. So, keeping them engaged by sending ‘Here’s what’s new’ emails highlighting previous purchases, product improvements, new launches, and exclusive offers and asking for feedback should retain their attention, and keep your brand top of mind when purchase needs arise.

Here, businesses can use corporate gifting to appreciate buyers’ patronage and prompt them to try new and improved versions of their purchases. Using ‘You’ve got mail, and it’s a gift’ subject lines are sure to gauge their interest, and offering gift cards with every purchase will definitely ignite your recipients’ desire to buy.

Promotional Emails

As with retention emails, promotional emails are instrumental in driving seasonal sales, highlighting specials, and prompting former customers to repurchase. These can be utilized to urge existing customers to play brand custodians and urge their friends and loved ones to try the products/services. 

Here gifting possibilities are vast. You can offer gift vouchers to customers that successfully refer others and offer similar advantages to the referrals. Moreover, you can host informative virtual events to introduce new products and offer post-event attendance gifts. 

You can execute the above-flashed gifting uses on a small and large scale, thanks to Giftsenda’s automated gifting capabilities. So, whether you’re looking to gift SWAG in bulk to reintroduce customers to your brand, or prefer to allow your recipients to choose their gift from a collection of items – our international gifting platform can help you initiate automated corporate gifting-backed email campaigns at scale.

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