Year-Round Holiday Gifting Opportunities

Dec 8, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Grasp the art of connecting with corporate relations through planned gift campaigns for year-round occasions and make lasting impressions.

Corporate gifting is a way to leverage the opportunity of building lasting professional relationships with people who matter to your business; making it a year-round activity. In this blog, we’ll help you plan campaigns for year-round holiday gifting opportunities, from the New Year to Christmas and everything in between, to set your business apart.

New Year’s

The New Year is often perceived as a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. As a business, you can leverage this gifting opportunity and engage with corporate connections on a deeper level. 

January is all about ambitious resolutions, but it typically takes a lot of motivation to stick to them. Research shows only around 9% of Americans that make New Year resolutions actually complete them. In line with these aspirations and commitments, you can take the time to plan a gift campaign to assist your recipients in adhering to the New Year pledges they’ve made. 

Health vouchers, vegan gift baskets or gift vouchers to a health-related facility are great ideas for gift campaigns to promote resoluteness. You can use this occasion to not only reach out to your business relations at the start of the New Year but also to emphasize the thoughtfulness of your business for the well-being of your corporate recipients.

Chinese New Year

The date of the Chinese New Year changes each year because it’s determined by the lunar calendar and not set on a date in the Gregorian calendar. But even though the date of this holiday changes each year, your gifting strategies ought to remain the same. 

Celebrate your recipients who observe this holiday with a meaningful gift that shows you appreciate their culture. Choose a culturally-sensitive gift that represents your appreciation for your recipient and everything that’s important to them. Shop for Chinese New year gifts now.

International Women’s Day

As a global holiday, International Women’s Day is the ideal time to appreciate your female clients, colleagues, customers and business partners. Sending international gifts on this occasion is simple with Giftsenda, so you can appreciate the women that play a part in making your business a success – no matter where they are. 

Expertly-curated gifts for women, like a spa gift or a beauty gift set, will make your recipient feel that much more appreciated.


When you think of Easter; bunnies, easter eggs and chocolate come to mind. It’s a holiday filled with fun, creativity and sweet-filled goodness. When it comes to marketing your business and building memorable brand recognition, use the airy wisp of Easter to translate the magic of the holiday into your gifting campaign. 

Send your corporate recipients a gift basket filled with Easter goodies to thank them for their service or business. This will display your gratitude for the business relationship and promote your brand in a way that showcases your cheerful and blithesome business persona. Check out Easter gift options here.

Christmas in July

That Christmas feeling  is so sought-after, it makes sense to celebrate the holiday twice a year! This also means twice the branding and business opportunity for your organization. 

Why not send your recipients a gift in July when it’s not as expected. A Christmas in July holiday gifting campaign will be a surprise that stands out in the minds of your corporate connections, which will keep your brand at the forefront of their thoughts when it comes to decision-making. 

A unique, fun Christmas-themed gift will be perfect for emphasizing your appreciation for a professional relationship mid-year.


The declaration of this holiday season is almost synonymous with the purpose of corporate gifting, and that’s gratitude. Typically representing a time to show gratitude to your family and loved ones; Thanksgiving can also be used to communicate appreciation to your clients, employees and business colleagues for their support and business and have taken the time to include them in your ‘family’. 

A Thanksgiving gift doesn’t have to be lavish. There are many holiday-themed gifts, such as a delicious pumpkin pie, that can create the impression you’re looking for. Or for something both simple and meaningful, take a different approach that conveys your message in an unembellished manner. As an example, send a coffee voucher for a pumpkin-spiced latte to your recipients to help them celebrate Thanksgiving.


Your Jewish recipients will remember your business for showing gratitude over Hanukkah when you prioritize a gifting campaign dedicated to this holiday. Hanukkah is a festival that commemorates the recovery of Jerusalem, typically representing joy, light and peace.

Sending your Jewish recipients a thoughtful gift, such as a kosher gift basket or a menorah, will reaffirm their beliefs in your company for taking the time to appreciate their culture and religion. Shop for Hanukkah gifts now.

year round holiday gifting


Possibly one of the most popular times to send a gift is at Christmas. The season is not only typically centered around gift giving, but also a time to leverage the magic of the holiday-spirit and market gifting campaigns in a way other than the norm. 

There are tons of options for Christmas gifts, but you can also give your recipients the opportunity to choose their own. Online gift collections from Giftsenda allow your recipients to select a gift from a pre-curated list of options; generated according to a specific budget or preferential type. Adding a personalized element, such as your recipient’s name, onto a gift will display your efforts to make the gift special. A gesture that will noteworthily be remembered by your corporate relation. Shop for Christmas gifts now.

Tips For Planning Your Year-Round Holiday Gift Campaigns

Don’t Be Overly Promotional:

Brand identity and recognition is important, but it’s important to remember this is a gift. Your business branding ought to be authentic, subtle and overall make sense for the item you’re sending. One great way to promote your brand in a tasteful way is with a gift email invite. This is a branded email or landing page that highlights your brand while delivering a gift link for your recipient to access and redeem a gift. All that’s required is a name and an email address. 

Consider Your Timing:

Almost as important as the gift is your timing of the delivery. This is especially essential for gifts that you’ve themed after a specific holiday. When sending a thoughtful corporate gift to your business connections, Giftsenda has the option to integrate your most-used apps to the platform, giving you access to the information you need when creating your gifting campaign. Your CRM and HRM systems can be integrated with Giftsenda eliminating the need to toggle back and forth for the details you require. The Zapier integration will also allow you to automate your workflows, streamlining your gifting campaigns for optimal productivity. 

Consider Tiered Gifts:

Not all business relationships are created equally. If you have a significantly large client pool, you can shave expenses by considering lower budget gift options for every corporate connection you’ve served but ramp up to something more meaningful and memorable for those who really are your corporate champions. 

Think Outside the (Gift) Box:

Gift campaigns are not solely for corporate relations. They can also make a significant impact when they include your service providers and vendor partners. Always be mindful that building memorable brand reputation begins with the littlest of gestures. To save yourself the time and effort, you can automate these gifts by creating triggered campaigns that send a corporate gift to these recipients at a specific time. Also, to scale your efforts – especially when you have multiple service providers, vendors and so forth, use shareable, address-free gift links that can be forwarded on any messaging platform. 

Final Thoughts

The practice of gift giving has always been enjoyable; not only for the recipient but also for the person sending the gift. Giftsenda can help take your gifting campaigns from inception to completion with a streamlined approach. Curate, deliver, measure and track the success of your campaigns with our platform with simplicity and efficiency. To learn more, visit or get in touch with one of our gift campaign managers today. 

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