How to Send SWAG in Bulk to Customers & Employees

Jul 18, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Customer Experience, Human Resources, Marketing

After what seems like an eternity of silenced and interrupted human and commercial interaction since COVID lockdowns started in 2020, the world has finally started to embrace the “new normal” and is opening up to travel, events, and business-centered interactions. Although some businesses have returned to the office, there are many that are still embracing the work-from-home culture and this has played an important role in the increase in international business. So, how do you build relationships without ever meeting people in person? The main component that can assist businesses to build relationships with staff and customers across the globe is strategic corporate gifting, and in this case, more specifically, SWAG. 

In this blog, we take a look at how businesses can utilize SWAG items in order to increase brand awareness and retain customers, while also sharing some tips on how to use the Giftsenda platform to send SWAG items in bulk to recipients in over 200 countries worldwide.

SWAG Item Options and Use-Cases

SWAG is another word for the promotional products that businesses use to promote their brand derived from the phrase “Stuff We All Get”. From clothing apparel, keyrings, stress relief balls, and stationary, to drinkware, office decor, and portable tech items, the branded promotional items are usually offered to retain and optimize brand familiarity and loyalty. Businesses can utilize SWAG gifts in the following instances:

  • When hosting physical or virtual events (pre- and post-event gifts)
  • When onboarding new teams members or during recruitment runs at career fairs
  • During the prospecting phase in the sales funnel 
  • When running physical promotions at mass events, expos, or stores
  • When celebrating milestones with existing clients and associates
  • When delighting and rewarding remote staff members

Sending SWAG in Bulk Using Giftsenda

The Giftsenda team can assist you with SWAG campaigns in various countries. All you need to do is submit your request and we will find suppliers and deal with the logistics to provide you with a seamless experience. If required, we can also assist with arranging warehousing solutions for faster distribution within a specific region. Here’s how:

  1. Contact our corporate gifting experts to discuss SWAG item options, personalization details, and warehousing preferences. 
  2. Upload your recipient list with a CSV, or integrate your CRM (talk to our team of experts to find out how Giftsenda can best support your CRM if it’s outside the pool already integrated with the platform). 
  3. Initiate your bulk SWAG gifting campaign by sending gift invites to your recipient list and asking recipients to input delivery addresses of their choosing. What’s more, recipients can decide when gifts can be delivered to their chosen addresses. 
  4.  You can also send gifts directly by using your recipients’ delivery addresses. 
  5. Monitor your campaign performance by tracking when recipients respond, and what the ‘invite to delivery’ turnaround time is. 

As can be seen by the simple ‘click of a button’ steps, the Giftsenda platform takes the hard work out of bulk SWAG gifting, allowing you and your team ample time to focus on the details that matter most. Nurturing your relationship with staff, prospects, and associates.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how the gifting platform works and to get access to Giftsenda so that you can start gifting.

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