How to Use Shareable Gift Links

Dec 28, 2022 | Uncategorized

At Giftsenda, we understand that communication is a constantly moving target – and due to the emergence of various communication platforms and methods, businesses ought to align and diversify, regardless of size. For this reason, we’ve designed a quick, effective, seamless, and efficient way to send gifts to your clients, prospects, and staff globally – shareable gift links.

What is a shareable gift link?

If you would like to send gifts to many people in various countries with minimal effort and details at hand, our shareable gift link invites are perfect for you. This automated gifting feature lets you create a shareable gift link that can be shared and accessed by the recipient to redeem a pre-selected gift or choose a gift from a gift selection. They will also be prompted to provide their delivery details and preferred delivery date for improved accuracy. They can be used to redeem gifts internationally and can be used by as many people as needed. For added security, funds will only be used when intended recipients accept gift offers, and upon your approval. 

Our shareable gift links swim down the ‘gifts without borders’ stream, and like our other gifting methods, enable you to either send to a single recipient or in bulk. The idea is to facilitate cross-platform engagement between brands and their customers, allowing brands to remain artistic in their messaging and mediums, and have the gift link simply be a cherry on top. 

In this blog, we elaborate on how businesses can use shareable gift links as part of their various sales, marketing, and HR processes for improved conversion and retention rates.

Adding Shareable Gift Links To Your CRM Workflow

CRMs afford teams a bird’s eye view of the organization’s contacts and deal structures – enabling in-depth collaboration between sales and marketing teams on various levels. At Giftsenda, we don’t believe in fixing what’s not broken. For this reason, instead of requiring a separate workflow on a different platform that only highlights your corporate gifting campaign efforts, we’ve forged effective integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce that allow you to catalyze your workflow activities using gifting, a very powerful human-focused tool, directly on your CRMs. 

So, whether done manually for each contact or automated via a workflow, you can embed shareable gift links onto your outreach emails and give your recipients a chance to make their own gift selections from pre-selected collections/ capped budgets and provide their delivery details.

Gifts as Tokens of Thanks for Attending Events

We’re 90% back to normal and can safely host physical activations and brand events without worrying about the ‘crowd curse’. However, with virtual comes to comfort, so we understand just how convenient being able to attend info sessions, workshops, and conferences in the comfort of one’s home is – and we bet your buyers share this sentiment. 

No need to worry about handling physical gifts at in-person events, or dealing with the labor-intensive sourcing of both the gifts and the attendees’ addresses. Using shareable gift links enables you to reward your attendees while thanking them for their participation instantly. So, whether you hosted a live social media event or webinar, simply create shareable gift links on our platforms and embed them onto your messages, and viola! 

Use Gifts as Rewards for Competitions

Brands that have done ample research on the effects of competition on buyers know just how instrumental they can be. Not only do they spark immediate interest from prospective buyers, but they also have incredible ‘earned reach’ potential, allowing brands to reach larger and more fertile audiences. 

In such instances, shareable gift links can function like QR codes, except, instead of scans, a simple link click gives winners access to prizes. The wow factor? While winners aren’t always given the opportunity to select their own prizes, our platform facilitates and promotes this on an international level. So, whether you’re running email sign-up, upgrades, bundle buy-ins, or simple brand awareness campaigns, gift links can help cut your prize-rewarding task in half.

Use Gift Links as Part of Prospecting Emails

Whether launching mass prospecting emails or following up on lead interest, effectively connecting with your audience of interest may prove more difficult than catching stars, and that’s because buyers have become extremely empowered, and required added value and personalization to even consider lending brands their ears and wallets. 

So, while still highly effective, email marketing is a ‘charm your way in’ game that only the extremely strategic can master. Therefore, adding shareable gift links in your introductory or follow-up emails (especially after someone has attended a demo or finished a free trial) will help break through the noise, maneuver your comms through SPAM traffic, and get your prospect’s attention.

Address Collections for Staff and Loyalty Gifting

Now more than ever, the workforce is enjoying a bit more autonomy and can decide when, where, and how to work. With this comes the challenge of pinning down their locations for deliveries, and to say you shouldn’t rely on their contractual address fields would be an utter understatement. 

So, by simply adding shareable gift links to your gift offer emails or direct messages, recipients are in turn prompted to enter their actual delivery addresses and convenient delivery dates. Basically, your gift, they give details. Absolutely no addresses are required.

Similarly, you can launch a mass customer reward campaign to thank loyal buyers for their patronage, referrals, and preference. No addresses or in-depth info is needed – just email addresses, access to their social platforms, or direct messaging – and viola! Gifted and grateful.

Intrigued and keen on getting your corporate gifting ball rolling to optimize your sales efforts and delight your deserving recipients? Get in touch with us, and our gift campaign experts will gladly assist.

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