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Jun 26, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

We all know that the general corporate gifting process can become cumbersome, especially when given countless item options and categorized price points to choose from. While one part of the world enjoys golden summers, another is adorned in snow chilliness. As such, you may find it challenging to make budget-friendly and/or season-inspired gift choices that your recipients will enjoy, and that’s where we come in! Our new Gift Collections feature can help solve these problems and make gifting easy and convenient, across the globe.

Introducing Gift Collections

When a collection is selected, a link is created and the sender has the option of forwarding it to their recipients through email, on social media, or via a generic chat. By accessing the link, the recipient can access the gift options online, choose their preferred gift from the collection options and input their delivery address and date of delivery. Additionally, gifts will only be charged against the sender’s account if an offer is accepted by the recipient.  

Giftsenda has some exciting gift collection releases that aren’t only well priced, but also guarantee lasting utility for your recipients, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, we’ve updated some of our collections according to their pricing brackets to facilitate seamless budget allocations toward your KPI-backed corporate gifting campaigns. 

Shall we delve into the available collections?

 Worldwide Gift Collections with All-Inclusive Pricing

Whether you’re looking to launch individual or bulk gifting campaigns worldwide, the price-specific collections are what you need to allocate an adequate budget to each campaign and understand exactly what your recipients will be getting. These collections have set price points and no additional costs. The Giftsenda platform allows you to view these collections categorically and understand what each price point allows access to in terms of the available gifts. We have shipping-inclusive worldwide gift collections priced at $30, $50, $75, and $100.

Gift Baskets Under $100

Think of these as blank gift cheques that come with endless item possibilities for your recipients. The Giftsenda marketplace boasts hundreds of gift basket options for any palate and preference. From leisure to the home office, wellness, workspace, and everything in between, your recipients will be spoilt for choice. The up to a $100 allocation is exclusively for the gift basket, and shipping costs will apply based on the country you are sending the gifts.  

USA/EU Online Events

Hosting an event for your US-based staff, prospects, and associates? Then this collection is precisely what you need to launch successful pre-, during-, and post-event gifting campaigns. We have a wide selection of office-friendly items such as diaries, pens, and leather carriers; and personal-use items, such as self-care baskets consisting of scented lotions, candles, and personalized greeting cards.

Work from home USA and EU

Items under this collection are perfect for both the hybrid and completely remote settings. Your recipients can choose from hundreds of stationery and home office-friendly items such as USBs, placemat sets, desk lamps, and many more. Human resources and leadership teams can utilize this collection option to:

  • Celebrate work anniversaries 
  • Commemorate team members’ birthdays and other personal milestones
  • Celebrate work-related milestone celebrations/awards and holidays

Summer USA and EU

Thanks to the Giftsenda platform, corporate gifting can be fun, especially when the sun is out. The summer collections are an absolute favorite, and we can see why. From beach merchandise to bright-colored home and office decor items, board games, puzzles, plants, and DIY items, there are options for every summer setting. We also have amazing wine, gourmet, snack, and chocolate gift baskets that will guarantee lasting impressions on your recipients. This seasonal and more relaxed collection can form part of the following campaigns:

  • Incentives and internal gifting by HR and leadership teams
  • As invites for online and physical events
  • Holiday gifting for clients

You no longer need to spend hours on end looking for the perfect corporate gift items for the perfect occasions. The Giftsenda platform takes the admin out of launching well-curated gifting campaigns and allows you to spend time on what matters, your ROI-raising strategies. Ask us how!

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how the gifting platform works and to get access to Giftsenda so that you can start gifting.

Do Corporate Gifting Your Way

Gifting Platform

Do you send gifts to staff, prospects and clients on a regular basis? Our gifting platform is designed to make corporate gifting fast, cost-effective and easy – no matter the size of your recipient list. 

One-Time Projects

Enjoy all the perks of using a gifting platform, with no commitments or recurring costs, when making use of our project-based plan. Use the platform yourself, or we can manage your whole campaign for you.

eCommerce Shop

Do you need to quickly send 1-5 gifts to recipients overseas? Our online shop is free to use. Simply choose the gifts, provide the delivery details, and pay. You can even send a 1:1 gift using en email address!
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