Making Seasonal Corporate Gifting Easy with a Gifting Platform

Oct 3, 2022 | Gift Ideas

‘Tis almost the season, and gifts are the reason. 

In all four corners of the globe, businesses are gearing up to make the most of the lucrative festive season, and thanks to the return of life as we know it, pre-Covid, a lot more stops will be pulled to make the market, across verticals, as attractive to the buyer as possible. 

Thanks to how stringently the modern work landscape is set up, the holiday season has been placed on a high pedestal and is thrown appreciation bouquets whenever it draws near. Executives and lower-level staff alike, take to the net to research how best to capitalize on the merry and free time, and corporations around the world join the bandwagon and theme their products and services accordingly. Storefronts are adorned with handcrafted sleighs and clay-molded Santas, and confectionary stores even offer rainbow-colored whipped cream. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! 

But, with all the joy that comes with receiving a gift, the process for the sender can be quite stressful, especially if they have to send gifts to various parts of the world. In this blog we highlight how stress-free scaled corporate gifting can be achieved through our gifting platform. 

What Is a Corporate Gifting Platform?

A corporate gifting platform is an automated gifting system that enables the selection, storing, sending, management, and tracking of corporate gifts and branded SWAG items, in one central platform. Much like eCommerce platforms that facilitate buying and selling without the need for manual inputs, corporate gifting enables senders to seamlessly initiate and launch corporate gifting campaigns in just a few clicks, with minimal effort. What’s more, when using a gifting platform the items are actually beautifully wrapped gifts, and not just packages.

Seasonal Gifting Done Right

The modern holiday spread we know and enjoy today is a result of the great migration, the industrial revolution, the emergence of cross-border trade and industry, as well as the formation of new schools of thought. From religious and patriotic observances to celebrations of ethnic pride, holidays explore and add meaning to moments spent and commemorated together on a global level. For businesses, these days are special moments in which they can build stronger relationships with their clients, staff and even prospects by sending gifts when they would mean the most. 

So, as a business, how can you make use of these special holidays? Take time to do research on holidays that would be celebrated by your recipients to ensure that you reach them with a gift when the time is right. Then, by utilizing  information you have on your recipients, be it clients, employees or prospects, you can formulate content and curate gifts using a gifting platform, to better accommodate  and target your recipients’ interests.

Why Using Giftsenda Is Better Than Manual Gifting

One of the main benefits of using a gifting platform like Giftsenda is the fact that you have access to automated gifting tools that enable you to send gifts via email or shareable gift links, allowing recipients to choose their own gifts, in more than 200 countries.

Additionally, the Giftsenda platform integrates with CRMs to fast-track gifting processes — enabling users to seamlessly align their operational calendars with general public holidays, tentative regional holiday observations, and big-ticket globally observed seasonal holidays. The Giftsenda platform integrates with CRMs such as SalesForce and Hubspot, and has a Gmail add-on that allows you to send gift invites directly from your Gmail interface.

We source gift items from local suppliers to help you save on shipping and customs fees. This not only makes costing sense, but eliminates the possibility of senders selecting culturally inappropriate gifts.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how our gifting platform works and to create an account.

Do Corporate Gifting Your Way

Gifting Platform

Do you send gifts to staff, prospects and clients on a regular basis? Our gifting platform is designed to make corporate gifting fast, cost-effective and easy – no matter the size of your recipient list. 

One-Time Projects

Enjoy all the perks of using a gifting platform, with no commitments or recurring costs, when making use of our project-based plan. Use the platform yourself, or we can manage your whole campaign for you.

eCommerce Shop

Do you need to quickly send 1-5 gifts to recipients overseas? Our online shop is free to use. Simply choose the gifts, provide the delivery details, and pay. You can even send a 1:1 gift using en email address!
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