Reachdesk Competitors: Gifting Platform Comparison

Apr 9, 2024 | Gifting Platforms

Make an informed decision when selecting your gifting platform by comparing one of the best Reachdesk competitors, Giftsenda, with the Reachdesk platform itself. 

Maybe you’re in search of something new and fresh when it comes to your gifting campaigns, maybe you’ve had a bad experience with your previous gifting service in the past and you’re on the prowl or maybe you’re just in search of some present-day Reachdesk competitors to see if the grass is actually greener on the other side. 

Well, while we can’t, in effect, force your hand when it comes to choosing our gifting platform, we sure can show you the beauty of our landscape and all the handy features that go with it! Continue reading for a gifting platform comparison that will give you all the deets you need for surveying one of the best Reachdesk competitors: Giftsenda.

Reachdesk Competitors: Gifting Platform Comparison

Giftsenda: Easy, Cost-effective, Subscription-Free

The expertise of Giftsenda, spanning 20 years, has given businesses the ability to send gifts to their recipients with ease – whether they are in the same country as their giftee or not. International gifting has long been perceived as a cumbersome task, with issues, such as expensive shipping expenses, customs fees and delivery difficulties, presenting a challenge for many companies. With the Giftsenda interface, users can send gifts to staff and clients in just a few clicks and the gift is sourced from their recipient’s respective country. As such, the delivery costs are drastically minimized and the delivery is far more accurate.

The subscription-free services offered by Giftsenda offers the flexibility corporate organizations are looking for because they can tailor their gifting campaigns to meet the needs and goals of the company, making Giftsenda a worthy opponent in the arena of Reachdesk competitors. 

Giftsenda gives users the freedom to enjoy the benefits of the platform, without having to commit to long-term subscriptions. However, there are subscription options available, with reduced pricing and other perks, should one require more long-term gifting strategies. 

International Gifting Made Easy 

Gifts can be sent to over 200 countries through an extensive marketplace and a global network of partners. Our goal is to ensure faster transit times, eliminating customs fees and minimizing cross-border delays. 

Online Gift Invites, which can be customized, can be sent via a shareable link or branded email to single or bulk recipients with ease. This enables the gift recipient to redeem a pre-selected item or choose from a pre-curated list of items. Once doing so, the recipient will then share their delivery details, making it both simple and more accurate for the gifter to confirm the delivery information. 

Gift Concierge Services

The concierge service offered by Giftsenda far transcends the normal customer service approach of a business. These expert gift campaign managers guide customers through the in’s and out’s of gifting, giving seasoned advice on how to choose the best gift; taking into account the factors that govern proper gifting etiquette. 

An Extensive Selection of Gifts

From generic gifts to unique offerings, the Giftsenda catalog boasts over 10 000 products to choose from. With such a range of items, from gourmet and artisanal products to traditional items and e-gifts; you can genuinely connect with your target audience in a meaningful manner – whether tangible or digital. 


One genuine method proven to create a thoughtful touchpoint with your recipient is a personalized gift. Personalization offers a meaningful interaction as it displays an element of deeper consideration. Giftsenda offers multiple tools to personalize your gifting campaign from customized products and SWAG to online gift collections, where a recipient has the freedom to choose their own gift. Digital gift invites also provide a means to connect with your audience as they allow you to customize a landing page or email with special details, such as a personalized business message or your brand story. 

Efficient Ordering & Delivery 

At Giftsenda, you can place an order in minutes, after which you can let us handle all the logistics of delivery. The intuitive interface allows for simple product selection, customization and reporting. The user-friendly service is designed for effortless data entry, ensuring anyone can easily send gifts to global recipients; with various shipping options to suit both budget and preference. 


The platform effortlessly integrates with and connects top-rated platforms, such as HubSpot and Salesforce with the interface for streamlined gifting initiatives and data sharing. As such, the user does not have to toggle back and forth between the applications for the information needed and thereby saves valuable time, resources and revenue. 

Reachdesk: Hyper-Personalized Gifting

This would not be an enlightened comparison without actually offering an insight into the Reachdesk gifting platform. With an AI-powered hyper-personalized approach to gifting, the Reachdesk interface provides thoughtful professional gifting throughout the employee, buyer and customer lifecycle across teams and channels. 

The allbound engagement platform identifies the best times to send a gift and measures the ROI on expansions, renewals, inbound and outbound business. By tailoring each approach, Reachdesk allows businesses to create a narrative that resonates with their audience, all while cultivating brand advocacy and customer loyalty. 

Reachdesk makes it simple to connect with recipients with its extensive features and personalization tools through a subscription-based pricing model. 

Subscription-Based Gifting

The operational framework of the Reachdesk subscription model is based on tiered plans. These offer various levels of access and flexibility, with a suite of features that ensures a customized gifting experience ensuring scalability and efficiency.

International Gifting Through A Global Network

Gifts can be sent to over 170 countries through an extensive marketplace and a global network of warehouses. There are currently warehouses in the U.S, Canada, Australia, the U.K and Ireland. With a growing global presence, Reachdesk is working on further making shipping as quick, affordable and efficient as possible. Their goal is to ensure faster transit times, eliminating customs fees and minimizing cross-border delays. 

A Diverse Marketplace of Products

With thousands of gifts to suit the needs and budget of your business, you can find anything from personalized SWAG to decadent treats. The marketplace prices include delivery and the Reachdesk team is devoted to helping you create a meaningful interaction with your recipients.

Personalized Offerings

There are personalization options for a wide range of marketplace items and you can add a customized touch to your gifts in the form of handwritten notes, an engraved bottle of wine, a variety of products personalized with your company logo and so forth. All that is required is you providing the necessary details and instructions and the Reachdesk team will engage with its vendors to create the gift. These options are dependent upon the vendors capabilities and so it is important to confirm the specificities of the customization. 

Personalized Reachdesk products

Shipping & Storage

Each of the Reachdesk warehouses across Europe, the U.K, Australia, Canada and the U.S follows local shipping regulations. This means the shipping regulations vary and not every country will have the same statutes. There is a list of prohibited items, which can be confirmed on the platform prior to creating your gifting campaign. Once the item has reached the warehouse, it will take approximately 72 hours to be processed prior to reaching the inventory. This excluded the time it takes to ship the product to the warehouse. 


Your business can integrate the Reachdesk interface with its most used tools allowing for efficient transfer of information and a streamlined gifting process. Integrations are quick and the platform can be synced with CRM and HRM platforms, such as Salesloft, Salesforce, Hubspot, Bamboo HR and so on. 

Make The Right Choice!

There is technically no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a gifting platform. Both Giftsenda and Reachdesk offer valuable services and practical features to effortlessly optimize your gifting experience and maximize your potential to increase your ROI.

While Giftsenda is perfect for a subscription-free gifting approach, Reachdesk offers a more long-term pricing strategy. Yet, with regard to the features and tools provided by the gifting platforms, each interface is able to offer a unique, customized, memorable and thoughtful experience aligned with the goals of your business and its brand at large.

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company.  

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