Snackmagic Competitor: Gifting Platform Comparison

Mar 12, 2024 | All Use-Cases, Corporate Gifting

Explore the world of professional gifting, by comparing two powerhouse corporate gifting platforms, using our guide on details to a worthy Snackmagic competitor. 

It was once said by George Eliot that “The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.” Having various options or choices at your disposal is a great thing! For one, where a certain aspect may lack or be considered “less-than”, its alternative can, in certain circumstances, make up for the insufficiency.

In the world of professional generosity, choice can reign supreme. And that is why we have compiled a complete comparison of two corporate gifting powerhouses, giving you a wealth of options when it comes to appreciation in the workplace and a worthy Snackmagic competitor. 

Snackmagic Competitors: Gifting Platform Comparison

Read on as we inspect the offerings of Snackmagic and Giftsenda with a fine-tooth-comb so you can have all the features of these gifting platforms at your fingertips, enabling you to make an informed decision the next time you encounter a dedicated employee or valued client. 

Giftsenda: Subscription-Free Business Gifting

As a Snackmagic competitor, Giftsenda stands out from the rest. Our corporate gifting platform has the backing of over 20 years of expertise in the corporate gifting industry and we pride ourselves on efficient, simple and cost-effective international gifting. Giftsenda’s skillfulness helps teams from the various business units (HR, sales, marketing, CX and so forth) use corporate gifting to foster meaningful professional relationships with the intention of increasing conversions, sales, revenue and improving ROI. 

Giftsenda offers a wide variety of products, from wellness and tech gifts to eco-friendly and travel gifts. We also have personalized options that add a special touch of meaning, making for more memorable gifting. Gifts can be sent to over 200 countries, and unlike Snackmagic who only offers snacks, you can choose from over 10 000 product options. There is no subscription needed for one-time projects.

Women drinking coffee from a Giftsenda branded cup

Pricing Options & Model 

One-time projects can be launched quickly and there is no subscription required for them. You can get a quote for your project by filling out an online form. However, if you are gifting long-term, you can benefit from a subscription as this is more beneficial in terms of cost and the discounts offered. Giftsenda is the ideal option when sending gifts globally as there are no expensive international shipping costs or customs fees. The gifts are sourced locally, giving you the best pricing possible. 

Online Gift Invites – Address Free Delivery

With Giftsenda you can send gifts to over 200 countries worldwide with the streamlined efficacy of a single shareable link or email gift invite. Our automated gifting tools enable you to create a gifting campaign that is both accurate and uncomplicated – where you are sending to one or many recipients. The delivery information is retrieved directly from your recipient; and they can either pick a gift  from a pre-assembled collection of items or redeem a specific gift. 

Dedicated Gift Project Managers

If you’re looking for someone to manage your campaigns – our gift concierge service is just for you! Just provide us with the details and we will take care of it. Our aim is to provide personal support along with the help of our gifting platform’s capabilities, for a fully integrated gifting service.

Varied Gift Options

A diverse catalog of gift options allows your business to easily meet the requirements of your corporate gifting strategies. From customized SWAG and office supplies to gourmet gift baskets and luxury gift hampers; you can highlight your brand tastefully and increase its awareness to genuinely connect with your targeted demographic. 

Personalized Gifting

From online gift collections, whereby your recipient is able to choose their own gift, to customized SWAG and branded apparel, you can incorporate a personalized touch to your gifting strategies for deeper impact. Personalization can also be extended to the delivery of your shareable gift link through an email gift invite, which is a customized email or landing page to showcase your brand, share special messages or details and so on. 

Snackmagic Competitors: Gifting Platform Comparison

Locally Sourced Gifts – Worldwide

With the aim of reducing transportation and custom fees, all our gifts are sourced locally from the country in which your recipient resides and from fully vetted, local partners associated with our brand. This not only minimizes the cost of shipping but also creates a sustainable approach for the delivery of gifts. Furthermore, it gives back to the small business owners of the country so your recipient can, in turn, support their local heroes.


With Giftsenda you can integrate your CRM and HRM systems, and various other platforms with your gifting efforts, removing the need to toggle back and forth for the information you require for a more streamlined gifting experience. 

Snackmagic: Curated Customized Snack Boxes

This wouldn’t be a comparison if we didn’t give you information on the renowned services Snackmagic offers. As a unique, snacking corporate gifting service; Snackmagic relies on the experience of their services in addition to the gift itself. They believe no two snackers are alike and this is the concept used by the company to create custom snack boxes for each recipient. 

All your snack corporate gifting needs can be met with Snackmagic, whether it is for your business team/ colleagues that are close to you or remote recipients that need a little bit of extra loving from afar. The snack options from Snackmagic are even great when stocking up your own personal pantry! There are also non-edible options available for your home, office and family.

An office with a Snackmagic frame hung on the wall

Pricing Options & Model 

There is no subscription required when using Snackmagic and you can get a quote for your business needs instantly after filling out a short online form. The snack boxes start at $45 and are dependent on the snacks and add-ons you select as well as other features.

Fun, Customizable Add-Ons

You can create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your recipient by choosing customizable add-ons for your snack box. This includes a personalized sticker, custom notes, premium gift boxes and even a customized video to send along with your package. Each of these add-ons have their own pricing, which can be found on the Snackmagic website. 

Open Link Ordering

You are able to send your recipients a link that allows them to easily redeem a snack box or choose/ build their own. Sharing the link is easy and you can send it via any communication platform you prefer. You are also able to leave your link invitation “open” by selecting the option of “leave my link open for new people” and send the estimate of recipients you should expect. This allows you to approve people as you invite them. The order, once placed by the recipient, will only be paid for once approved by you via your “treats dashboard”. You only pay for orders that are redeemed so you will never have to waste money unnecessarily.

Diverse Snack Options

At Snackmagic, there is variety when it comes to the edible experience in that you are able to create your own individual snack box based on your recipients preferences and taste, you can select from a range of pre-assembled snack options or you can let them choose their own goodies. There is a vast array of snack options available and the snacks are not the ordinary, run-of-the-mill goodies. They are unique, not-readily available snacks that everyone would love to be surprised with.

Global Gifting

As part of their worldwide reach, Snackmagic allows you to send a link to your international recipients that allows them to choose a pre-curated box theme and provide details on their dietary restrictions, snack preferences and local favorites. The snack curators at the company will then curate a perfectly suited snack box and work with local partners, within the region your recipient resides, to fulfil the order. All the local partners associated with Snackmagic are fully vetted and a flat $18 international delivery fee is charged for each gift recipient. 


You can easily integrate the Snackmagic platform with your CRM, HRIS and other app type connections, for simple, automated transfer of data. Whatever the system you use, Snackmagic has stated they are able to seamlessly connect and level-up your gifting strategies from within. You can also automate your gift campaigns on new hire dates, recipient birthdays, anniversaries and so forth.

A Giftsenda branded cushion


When it comes down to choosing a gifting platform, we advise that you analyze your  gifting campaign to meet the needs of your business goals and specific targets. With two exemplary gifting platforms, there will always be an exceptional and memorable experience for your recipient to indulge in, that is far more than ordinary gifting. 

With Snackmagic, you can create a fun experience for your recipient by sending them their favorite snacks. Using the customizable features of this platform will help you remain at the forefront of their minds, which increases brand awareness and portrays the quality of your business.

With Giftsenda,  you are able to reach your international recipients easily and create a memorable experience that is crafted specifically for your business. With a wide variety of gift options from snack items to branded swag – the sky’s the limit. What’s more, you can create a gifting project without any subscription fees.

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company.  

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