Snappy Competitor: Gifting Platform Comparison

May 14, 2024 | Gifting Platforms

Read through the features and benefits of a Snappy competitor in this detailed comparison between Snappy and Giftsenda.

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of great intention, sincere effort, precise direction and skillful execution. 

And when you are presented with many choices or worthy alternatives, it can be a difficult task to sort through the noise to make an informed decision. The same goes for the comparison of gifting platforms. If you are in search of Snappy competitors, a notable contender in the arena of quality gifting platforms is Giftsenda

In this blog, we’ll help you sort through the features of each gifting platform so you are armed with all the information you need to perfectly match your business goals and campaign needs to a suited platform. Consider this your virtual tour into the complexities of corporate gifting. 

Giftsenda: Seamless International Corporate Gifting

When peeling back the layers of this international gifting platform, it is evident that Giftsenda is committed to taking a cumbersome task, such as global gifting, and making it seamless for the average person. The company is dedicated to evolving traditional transactions of the corporate world by creating more meaningful interactions and longer-lasting professional relationships through gifting. 

With its subscription-free offerings, Giftsenda ensures any person can, at any time, take advantage of the user-friendly interface without the need to commit to long-term engagements. With this unparalleled flexibility, it is simpler to fashion tailored gift campaigns that meet the needs of the sender’s strategy as well as a personalized experience for recipients. 

Subscription-Free Options

Long-term subscriptions can sometimes be inconvenient or unaffordable, thus making a subscription-free model more lucrative. By recognizing the needs and preferences of businesses, Giftsenda has revolutionized gifting approaches for those who want to express professional gratitude on a regular basis (or less seldomly) without having to feel obligated in any sense.

That being said, those who wish to engage in a subscription can benefit from the perks and discounts offered with such services. This is targeted to businesses that send gifts more regularly than usual and would like to reap rewards for the efforts. Gifts can be sent to over 200 countries worldwide with minimal cost and expenses, making the platform one of the most cost-efficient when comparing Snappy competitors. 

A Personalized Experience 

Giftsenda provides businesses with the chance to utilize their customization capabilities, aligning strategies with their brand’s identity and goals. These features allow senders to include personalized messages, brand colors, trademarks, and logos for memorable interactions and enhanced brand affinity. Additionally, users of the Giftsenda gifting platform can opt to customize a landing page for a more personal touch, ensuring recipients feel genuinely recognized and appreciated.

An Extensive Gift Catalog

Trying to find a one-size-fits-all gift for recipients is a near impossible task. Recipients are all unique and different in their preferences. This is why a diverse catalog of gift options is required when sending corporate gifts. With many categories and use cases to choose from (SWAG, wellness items, tech and more), Giftsenda offers an extensive range of products to suit any personality or taste. 

The Gift of Choice

Online gift collections give recipients the freedom to choose their own gift from a pre-curated inventory assembled according to your budget and other factors. Here only accepted gifts are charged for, thus allowing the sender to optimize their budget and stay on track financially. With the gift of choice, businesses can personalize the experience without having to dedicate time or money to choosing the “perfect gift”. Gift collections can be shared via gift links or branded email invites.

Free eCommerce Sends

For quick, single sends; there is a free e-commerce store available for the gifting of single or bulk items. The easy to navigate interface allows senders to search through the catalog of items, add to cart and proceed to checkout for hassle-free shopping. 


The Giftsenda platform seamlessly integrates with existing CRM and HRM systems for more efficient data flow and workflow organization. Gifting strategies can be optimized by integrating commonly used applications with the Giftsenda platform for ease of access to customer information. This is to add convenience to the user experience without the need of having to toggle back and forth between applications.

Giftsenda also has an API that can be used for custom development. The interface can also integrate with Zapier so users can link to over 2000 applications for automated workflow efficiency and enhanced productivity. 

Snappy: Employee & Client Gifting Made Easy 

Snappy is a popular digital gifting concierge platform that curates gifts from both new and beloved brands. They offer a comprehensive solution to the corporate gifting market by streamlining the process to create personalized experiences and tailor-made gifting campaigns. With its user-friendly interface and instinctive platform features, businesses and individuals alike can express professional gratitude in small or large scale operations. 

Snappy competitors

Subscription – Based Gifting 

The subscription-based services offered by Snappy are diverse and accommodating to businesses. As a starter option, there is also a free plan whereby users can use the platform free of charge and are able to send gifts without any hassle. This is called the Essential plan and allows for gifting to 40+ countries, for teams and small businesses.

The Elevated and Enterprise subscriptions are tailored for larger enterprises and customized gifting, respectively. The Elevated subscription is $999 per year, while the Enterprise subscription plan is based on quotation. Both these plans offer global gifting.

Other customized options are also available, whether gifting within the U.S. or globally, allowing organizations to leverage the various price offerings of the platform for an optimized gifting strategy. 

Global Gifting

Senders can take advantage of the international gifting capabilities of Snappy on the Elevated and Essential subscription services. By doing so, gifts can be sent globally allowing businesses to connect with remote staff and international clientele with ease. 

Diverse Gifting Options

Much like the renowned Snappy competitors, Snappy offers a wide range of gift items to suit recipient preference and needs. The products are categorized according to theme or use case and can be easily filtered according to budget and other parameters. Whether the occasion is targeted toward employees, clients, customers, business partners, prospects or any other type of corporate associate; users can find a gift to foster meaningful and long-lasting professional relationships. 

A Personalized Experience 

Snappy offers businesses the opportunity to leverage their customization capabilities in order to align their strategies with their brand’s identity and goals. These features enable senders to add personalized messages, brand colors, trademarks and logos for memorable interactions and increased brand affinity. Users of the Snappy gifting platform can also choose the option to customize a landing page for a more personalized approach; making recipients feel truly recognized and appreciated.  


The Snappy interface, much like that of reputable Snappy competitors, can integrate with over 30 HR systems and other existing systems – offered on the Elevated and Essential subscription plans – to streamline the flow of customer information. The gifting platform is also able to integrate with API or Zapier for automated workflow efficiency and optimized gift campaigns and this is available across all subscription plans. 


After a complete analysis of the offering of both gifting platforms, the choice ultimately boils down to the needs and goals of the sender. Giftsenda, a Snappy competitor, offers a refreshing approach in terms of its subscription-free model; allowing users to engage in meaningful corporate gifting without the need for long-term commitment.

Snappy, likewise, ensures refreshing engagement with their tiered-pricing options, enabling a personalized approach to corporate gifting. In terms of the application features, both Snappy and Giftsenda have similar characteristics, which in the end places the power in the hands of the sender! 

*Please note that these are the benefits available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Use this as a guide only. For more information speak to a representative of the relevant company.

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