The 10 Best Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets

Sep 18, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Gift baskets are meant to be shared and talked about. Give your recipients the best corporate Christmas gift baskets and let your brand recall soar. 

You don’t have to be a complete basket case to go crazy for gift baskets. These fun-sized, creative, versatile gifts are treats for just about anyone. From staff birthdays to work anniversaries; there is always a corporate occasion that can be delightfully commemorated with a gift basket. That said, we have ten of the best Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets you can use to show your gratitude. Let’s jump right in!

Why We Love Gift Baskets

Other than the obvious – that gift baskets are typically filled with treats tailored to its recipient – these hampers come with various other reasons solidifying the rationale behind their popularity. In fact, gift baskets and boxes are so loved, their use is expected to reach US 3459.3 million by the year 2032, at a CAGR worth 6.2%. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the best corporate Christmas gift baskets are sought after:

  • Gift Baskets are versatile: The basket or hamper can be easily customized to suit your recipient. Those who have a sweet tooth, for example, can enjoy a range of candies, cookies and other treats. 
  • They are an expression of your creativity: You can express your gratitude and appreciation in a creative way when putting together a gift basket. Expressing yourself in words is great but expressing yourself in actions is often more memorable.
  • People love receiving more than one gift: a gift basket offers more than a single gift and receiving multiple gifts at once is generally more exciting. 
  • They are a safe gift: you can’t easily go wrong with a gift basket. The likelihood that your recipient will hate a gift of snacks or products, wrapped in a well-presented box or basket is typically very low. 

corporate Christmas gift baskets

Let’s face it. We don’t always know much about our clients or customers. Do you know their shirt size? Their favorite pastime? Their favorite color? Without the wealth of information you need to make an informed gift decision; the next sensible option would be the best corporate Christmas gift baskets money can find!

What To Keep In Mind When Sending Christmas Gift Baskets

The best corporate Christmas gift baskets are made to be shared.. and hopefully remembered. To achieve that gift-giving status, you first have to put in a little elbow grease. Going to the dollar store and throwing together the first few items you lay your eyes on isn’t necessarily going to make your gift memorable for the right reasons. 

When sending clients and colleagues a gift hamper, kind in mind your budget. The amount you fork out on the gift should often be within a stipulated spend. Paying far more than you should would render your efforts less-impactful than they should be; because after all it’s about brand recall and revenue. 

If you’re sending a gift basket to an international client, the best route would be a corporate gifting platform. There are many reasons for this. For one, gift baskets aren’t the most expensive of gifts (although they can be; especially if you’re gifting a high-end recipient) and having to incur extra costs, like shipping or customs fees, could eat a hole in your marketing budget. Giftsenda sources gifts locally, based on the recipient’s country of residence. This means the cost of shipping or customs is removed; making for great cost-efficiency and timely delivery. Your gift will also be fresh!

Shareable gift links and email gift invites are all the rage these days; even when sending gift baskets. Let your recipient choose their own from a range of the best corporate Christmas gift baskets; pre-selected by you. The collection builder feature from Giftsenda lets you put together a selection of gifts for your recipient to choose from. Simply send them a gift link that directs them to the collection (or a specific gift basket; if you like) on any messaging platform. This is address-free, meaning you don’t need to know any of the delivery details as this is collected from the recipient directly. And for a more customized delivery of the gift link, you can create a custom-designed email – highlighting your brand. All you need is a name and email address. 

Ten of the Best Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets

The Snack Attack Gift Basket

The Snack Attack Gift Basket has been specially selected to help you make your recipients feel extra special. In it you will find: cinnamon brown sugar kettle corn, key lime coolers, original water crackers, pretzel twists, chocolate chip cookies, butter peanut crunch, chocolate cubetti, hazelnut cubetti, summer sausage by Hanover Smokehouse, chocolate cacao nib shortbread cookies, vegetable cheddar cheese, mudpuppies cookies, salted caramel almond chocolate chip cookies, a gift crate, gift wrapping and a greeting card.

Sweet & Savory Chardonnay Basket

This gift has been specially selected for recipients who love wine. In it you will find: Rock Falls Vineyards chardonnay (750ml), Glacier Ridge Farms smoked gouda cheese spread, Lily o’ Brien’s sticky toffee (3pc), Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffle balls (2pc), vanilla fudge with sea salt (5.3oz), sesame crackers, walkers shortbread cookies (2pc), olives, Ghirardelli square white chocolate caramel (1pc), Ghirardelli square milk chocolate with caramel filling, gift wrapping and a greeting card. 

Organic Fruit Set

Make a lasting impression with this gift that prioritizes organic taste. In the Organic Fruit Set you will find: two organic D’Anjou pears, one organic Braeburn apple, two organic navel oranges, one organic mango, one organic granny smith apple, two organic kiwi’s, gift packaging and a gift card. The Organic Fruit Set is perfect for those recipients who follow a healthy diet or are conscious about what they eat.

corporate Christmas gift baskets

Coffee Time Gift Basket

A true delight for recipients who love a perfect beverage, the Coffee Time Gift Basket is a gem of a gift containing: sea salt cracked pepper kettle corn, butter peanut crunch by Hammond’s, Perfect Potful’s Colombian coffee by Coffee Masters, Perfect Potful’s hazelnut coffee by Coffee Masters, Ayurvedic Infusions tea sampler chest by Davidson’s (6 sachets), cinnamon pecan straws by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory, a gift container, gift wrapping and a greeting card. The Coffee Time Gift Basket is a hit for coffee lovers. 

Gentle Gluten-Free Basket

This gift basket is specially curated for recipients who have particular diet restrictions. In it you will find: Original Parm crisps by That’s How We Roll, honey ‘n lemon hard candy by Hillside Candy, assorted fruit hard candies by Go Organic, double chocolate chip cookies by Home Free, chocolate chip cookies by Home Free, almond cashew clusters with pumpkin seeds, blueberry pomegranate trail mix crunch, cranberry pomegranate clusters, gluten-free sea salt crackers by Stonewall Kitchen, cracked pepper turkey jerky by Field Trip, earl grey tea by Davidson’s (8 sachets), gift wrapping and a greeting card. 

Late Night Munchies Gift Set

As the name suggests, the Late Night Munchies Gift Set is a hit for those who get the late night munchies. The gift contains pepperoni pizza pretzels by Combos, milk chocolate M&M’s theater box, skittles original theater box, Swedish fish theater box., Oreo’s, cheesy cheddar popcorn, Rice Krispies treats bars, Haribo gummy berries, original pretzels crisps by Snack Factory, roasted salted almonds, oats honey granola bar, gift wrapping and a greeting card. 

Succulent Spa Birthday Surprise

When celebrating a corporate birthday, nothing is quite as elegant and beautiful as the Succulent Spa Birthday Surprise. Surprise your recipient with this adorable fresh green succulent to keep them company at their desk, a soothing Candle in a Jar, two handmade rose and lavender salt tubes, and a handmade rose topped bath bomb to round it all out. 

Mondavi Private Selection Assortment

Your high-value clients deserve a luxury gift basket and the Mondavi Private Selection Assortment will fit that role perfectly. In the gift is a Robert Mondavi Private Selection cabernet sauvignon (750ml), Robert Mondavi Private Selection chardonnay (750ml), Robert Mondavi Private Selection merlot (750ml), smoked gouda cheese spread, Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffle balls (2pc), Creative Snacks hot honey crunch mix, D’arcy puff pastries (4pc), JM cabernet wine biscuits, bacon habanero bites, Shell Bella madeleine (2pc), olives, bread sticks, Montreaux Napoleon biscuits, Socado bar Italian milk chocolate, crackers with rosemary, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel square (1pc), Ghirardelli white chocolate square (1pc), gift wrapping and a greeting card.

Deluxe Body Care Basket

For a lovely wellness gift basket, give your recipients the Deluxe Body Care Basket. In it you will find aromatherapy herbal soap, vegan coconut and Argan oil shampoo, a body bar, two good vibes gratitude notebooks and more. This gift is ideal to prioritize the well-being of valued staff and clients. 

Tuscan Feast Gift Basket

Give your recipients a taste of Tuscany with the Tuscan Feast Gift Basket. In the gift is Val Serena bianco (750ml), Val Serena rosso (750ml), Val Serena sangiovese (750ml), Choco Voglia cream truffles (3pc), garlic herb dip mix (1oz), olives (3.5oz), Ciao Italia tapis Italian snack crisps with olives, bread sticks, Lazzaroni cabaret chocolate-caramel sugar cookies, Matilde Vicenzi Delizia pastry cream bar, Poshi artichokes basil thyme, Sconza lemoncello chocolate almonds, Socado bar Italian milk chocolate, sunny fruit organic dried figs, Zouitina extra virgin olive oil boxed set, gift wrapping and a greeting card. Perfect for those clients and colleagues who have a true love for all things Italian. 

corporate Christmas gift baskets

You’re in the Right Place

We know it can be a little daunting finding the right gift. But with the best corporate Christmas gift baskets at your fingertips, it’s all foolproof really. And for a little extra help getting your gifting campaign off the ground, speak to one of our dedicated campaign managers who will streamline the process for you. All this and so much more… with Giftsenda. 

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