The Benefits Of Using An Employee Gifting Platform

May 17, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Human Resources, Marketing

Explore the advantages of using an employee gifting platform. Unlock streamlined and efficient solutions for recognizing milestones and appreciating your team’s hard work.

If gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation, then gifting in the workplace is sure to improve work ethic and drive employee productivity. But with so many business tasks that require your attention on a daily basis, manually sending corporate gifts to each employee will eat into much needed or valuable time, energy and resources. Moreover, using the DIY approach when sending corporate gifts to your workforce has drawbacks that will significantly reduce your ROI and impact the status of your business. Therefore, an automated system is the route to go and a more sound investment. This is when an employee gifting platform is an asset your business cannot do without.

For those who are not familiar with an employee gifting platform or how it works, we have the deets on everything you need to know to streamline sending corporate gifts to your hardworking staff members. 

What is an Employee Gifting Platform & How Does It Work?

An employee gifting platform is an automated system that helps you select, customize, pay for and deliver employee gifts to a single recipient or list of recipients across the world. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about any of the gift delivery logistics.  You will also be able to track the performance of your gifting efforts, as well as view responses from recipients with advanced reporting tools. 

When manually completing these tasks, the number of man hours and strenuous effort invested into achieving these will negatively impact your HR teams, ultimately steering away from your initial intent – which is improving productivity and boosting morale. This is why platforms like these are very useful.

Why Improve Employee Loyalty Through Gifting?

As much as 75% of employees say that receiving a holiday gift from their employer makes their job more satisfying, with 46% of respondents claiming this boost lasts for one year or more. This is a stat according to Business Wire, when undertaking a Tremendous 2022 Holiday gifting study

You don’t need thorough business acumen to understand the logistics behind employee gifting. It’s a simple principle of reciprocity. When employees feel valued and appreciated, it can lead to confidence in the workplace. The more your workforce feels acknowledged, the better your chances are that they will become loyal to you and your brand. With the right support from employees, you are sure to see more productive results and increased ROI. 

You can send gifts on various occasions, including: milestones, onboarding, as rewards, to show appreciation, as part of company events, on birthdays, during special holidays and so much more. 

employee gifting platform benefits

The Benefits Of Using An Employee Gifting Platform

As of late, many corporations are turning to the use of an international gifting platform to digitize their gifting methods. Beyond the ease-of-use and the significantly reduced manual overheads, there are other apparent benefits.


Who doesn’t like having their tasks done for them at the click of a button? As one of the most prominent features of a staff gifting platform, automation allows senders to choose and personalize gifts, collect shipping details and track your gifts with little to no manual interference or data input. The recipient experience also benefits from automated features as they are able to choose gifts from a selection of gifts if required. Seamless integration of in-house CRM systems further ease the process and add to the attractiveness of this solution – allowing users to send gifts from within the CRM interface and with triggered workflows. 

Systematized Gift Options

Behavioral psychology suggests that when you are overly familiar with something, or a particular object is omnipresent, monotonous or ubiquitous in nature – it loses its appeal. Likewise, the gifting of a box of chocolates doesn’t necessarily hit the mark when it comes to a customized employee gifting approach.

In layman’s terms, your corporate gifting strategy is only as successful as your diverse, extensive and unique gifting catalog. The more options you have, the likelier you are to meet employee engagement and give a gift that’s actually appreciated. Giftsenda offers email and gift link invites that allow recipients to choose their own gift for exactly this reason! On the other hand, you can also adopt the gifting strategy that never goes out of style and use the digitized approach of sending an eGift card. With that said, with an employee gifting platform you are spoilt for choice as the options are numerous. 

Real-Time Tracking of Gifts

It’s true that you can only measure the value of a gift if you are able to see it’s impact on the recipient. A staff gifting platform allows for real-time tracking of gifts, courtesy of the logistics network of the vendor. In addition, reports of the gifts sent can provide data that allows you to gauge your employees likes and preferences. 

Budget Management

One of the challenges of an effective employee appreciation campaign is budget. The overall success of your strategy depends on the cost of your operation. If you are able to remain within your budget, then every other aspect of your campaign will fall into place. When you DIY your employee gifting campaign, you risk overshooting the mark when it comes to the cost of your corporate gifts. Employee gifting platforms ensure your ROI and bottom line are at the forefront of your game plan. You are able to set granular budget parameters that allow you or your recipients to select gifts more freely, without exceeding your allocated funds. 


Scalability is characteristic of a simplistic, digitized corporate gifting approach. Our gifting platform allows corporations, from SMEs to  multinational corporations, to harness the power of digitized employee gifting. Regardless of the size or volume of your business, a platform will enable you to create strategies that are focused on a few high-valued employees, a larger scale campaign, or a fully automated send to every employee within your organization. This characteristic helps create genuine connections with workers, even when you are interacting with a multitude of recipients all over the world. Your job is just to decide what and how to send, and we will deliver it.

Good Employee Gifting Strategies

A meaningful business connection – established through corporate gifting – will make your employee feel valued and loyal, but that’s only if the gift is right. Because let’s face it, no employee wants another branded pen. Here are a few strategies that will help you remain on point for an impactful employee gifting campaign:

  1. Plan ahead: the most well-executed employee gifting campaigns are those that are planned ahead of time. Give yourself the time you need to think about your budget, your workforce and the surest way you are to make an impactful connection. 
  2. Customize your employee gift: there are many ways to personalize your gift, even if your campaign is on a larger scale. Delivering a thoughtful note, with the gift, can be both purposeful and worthwhile.
  3. Prioritize the unboxing experience: you can create an unforgettable unboxing experience with unique and eye-catching packaging. The gift itself can also create a unique experience. For example, if you know your employees are passionate about sustainability, the gift and its packaging can be centered around environmentally-friendly aspects. 

Implementing a successful employee gifting strategy sends the message that work is a priority and within that, so too are relationships. It’s a great way to increase comprehensive employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention.


employee gifting platform strategies

How Can Giftsenda Help With Employee Gifting?

Whether your employee gifting campaign is local or on an international scale, Giftsenda has a specialized approach to help you source, pack, deliver and track your corporate gift. With over 200 countries to deliver to and over 10 000 items in the gift catalog, you are sure to find the gifting process simple and enjoyable. 

With Giftsenda, you can also integrate your CRM or HRM with the gifting platform to make your recipient’s details accessible through your platform. Furthermore, you can easily track your gifts and get access to faster gifting processes; without filling in forms or time-consuming spreadsheets. 

And to make life easier, you can also send gifts to employees for whom you do not have delivery details. How? Simply create a beautifully branded email and send a link that allows your recipient to fill in their shipping/ delivery information once they have accessed the platform (via the link) and selected a gift from your pre-curated, budget-specific list of options. But, if you want an approach that requires even less work, simply share a gift link on any platform you prefer to communicate with, and with as many recipients as you choose in various countries.

Do Corporate Gifting Your Way

Gifting Platform

Do you send gifts to staff, prospects and clients on a regular basis? Our gifting platform is designed to make corporate gifting fast, cost-effective and easy – no matter the size of your recipient list. 

One-Time Projects

Enjoy all the perks of using a gifting platform, with no commitments or recurring costs, when making use of our project-based plan. Use the platform yourself, or we can manage your whole campaign for you.

eCommerce Shop

Do you need to quickly send 1-5 gifts to recipients overseas? Our online shop is free to use. Simply choose the gifts, provide the delivery details, and pay. You can even send a 1:1 gift using en email address!
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