The Gifting Game EP 3: Boosting Your Sales Strategy

Mar 8, 2024 | Business Tips, Sales

In this podcast episode of The Gifting Game we’re going to help you maximize your efforts and be the most effective you can be as a sales representative. 


Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Gifting Game – where we help you keep your gift-first strategies in top order with some awesome information and tips. In today’s episode we are going to delve into the world of sales gifts. So, if you’re a sales person and you’ve been finding it a bit difficult to engage those leads and hit your intended targets – stay tuned because we’re going to help you maximize your efforts and be the most effective you can be as a sales representative. 

As a sales person, we understand that when you hear the term “corporate gifting” it can sometimes sound counterintuitive to everything you know. I mean you’re a sales representative. In your industry you’re meant to be selling, not buying. But did you know that 80% of customers are more inclined to do business with companies that show appreciation through gifting? And with such stiff competition out there; you need to take an approach that makes your brand stand out from the rest. 

Before we dive into a few great sales gifts you can use as part of your gifting strategies, let’s quickly look at some of the key points during the sales cycle at which you can send them. 

Prospecting is an important part of the sales process, as it helps you develop the pipeline of potential customers. Prospecting, done right, not only creates a pipeline of potential customers, it also helps to position you as a trusted advisor. In fact, over 40% of sales people say prospecting is the most difficult part of sales. This is closely followed by 36% of people who agree closing is the most difficult aspect and 22% who think qualifying forms the most stringent part of sales undertaking. If you’re a sales person or you have similar experiences in this area, let us know which part of the process you find most difficult and how a corporate gift can help you with your strategies. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

The good thing about gifting is that a gift can be relevant at any part of the sales process. By adding gifts to your initial outreach you can show that you are willing to put effort into the business relationship. You can incentivise your prospective clients with gifts by requiring an action such as booking a demo or filling in a form. 

Use gifts to create anticipation and build rapport with your prospect or client before an important sales meeting. Offer a personalized gift that complements the meeting’s purpose or enhances the meeting experience. For example, send them a coffee voucher and say “Looking forward to meeting with you. PS. Coffee is on us!” This thoughtful gesture demonstrates your understanding of their needs and creates a positive pre-meeting impression.

After a successful sales meeting or presentation, sending a gift as a thank-you gesture is an excellent way to reinforce engagement and express appreciation. Choose a gift that aligns with the recipient’s interests or preferences, showcasing your attentiveness and personal touch. For instance, if you discover during the meeting that the client enjoys hiking, consider sending them a high-quality outdoor gear item accompanied by a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for their time and interest. This thoughtful follow-up sets you apart and leaves a positive impression.

When welcoming new clients to your company, make their onboarding experience memorable by sending an onboarding kit containing wine or a gourmet treats selection, or even add your brand to the mix by offering high-quality branded merch like hoodies, stationary, personalized power bank and Bluetooth speakers. Include a warm message expressing your excitement to work together and reinforce your commitment to their success. This thoughtful gesture creates a positive impression from the beginning of the client relationship.

You should also consider using gifts to help retain your current customer base. By making your customers feel appreciated, especially during holidays or business milestones, you can solidify the business relationship and ensure loyal brand ambassadors. 

So that’s it for this edition of the Gifting Game. Hopefully you’ve got some ideas to make your sales efforts the greatest they can be. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our channels if you have any questions. And don’t forget to always be gifting!

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