The Gifting Game EP4: Campaign Ideas for Automated Gifts

Apr 16, 2024 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips, Corporate Gifting, Gift Ideas, Marketing, Podcasts, Sales

In this podcast we share some insight on how you can incorporate automated gifts in your business strategy to set you apart from the competition and make your brand stand out.


Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Gifting Game – where we help you keep your gifting strategies in top order with some useful tips and tricks.

So, without delay let’s move onto the money-making moves. In today’s edition of the podcast we’re going to be discussing how you can use automated gifts to give you a competitive edge.

With the Giftsenda platform, there are various features you can use to send gifts digitally. Email gift invites enable you to send a gift via a branded email  – giving recipients the option to choose gifts and provide their delivery details. All you need is the email address and name. You can also provide recipients with the same gifting experience via personalized shareable gift links – just share the link on any communication platform. These delivery methods are great for automatically triggered gifts or if you need to send gifts with minimal details.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas you can use to create a positive brand image and increase ROI through automatically triggered gifts – gifts that are sent automatically based on a specific event. 

The first idea is to use coffee vouchers as part of your sales meeting flows. 

So, you have a prospective client who you need to impress. The point is to stand out and make an impression upon your prospect so they can make the decision to choose you or your business when the time comes. If you are using a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce – you can set up automated workflows that will send a gift link with a coffee voucher a day before the meeting. This can help set the mood for your meeting. Try adding a fun note – for example: “Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee .. & us! Looking forward to meeting with you.”. You can also send small automated gifts to say thank you for meeting with you. After all, most of us need coffee on any given day…and more so on a busy one. 

Onto the next idea…

You can send gifts to celebrate employee milestones.

If you are using HRM software like BambooHR – you can create workflows that will automatically send gift invites on specific employee milestones – like birthdays, work anniversaries etc. Make sure to add a message to go with the invite for example: Another year, another reason to eat cake! Happy birthday.” If you don’t want to automate the sends – you can also do this manually and create a gift invite that can be shared as required. For a branded experience – choose a specific selection of gifts for this collection, so that employees can all have the chance to choose from the favorites in the office.

Now for our last tip – you can use triggered gift campaigns to send client onboarding gifts. 

Onboarding gifts play an important role in creating a good customer experience. Using your CRM workflows – you can automatically trigger a gift invite based on their lifecycle stage – for example the moment they go from being an opportunity to being a customer. Create special onboarding automated gifts with branded goodies – or let them choose a gift from a special selection of items. Make sure to add a personal message to go with the invite to make it extra special for example:  “Welcome to the corporate family. We’re glad to have you!”. Once again – if you don’t want to fully automate the send – you can create a campaign manually as needed. 

So, those are the ideas we’ve lined up for you. But before you go, let us leave you with some food for thought. What makes you fulfilled in your business? If it’s creating genuine touchpoints and fostering meaningful relationships, then you should probably give strategic gifting a bit more thought. Until next time!

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