Top Corporate Gifting Platforms

Aug 18, 2022 | Corporate Gifting

With relationship management emerging as one of the most pivotal parts of running a people-focussed business, it has become more and more essential for businesses to adopt tactics that enable them to: 

  • Understand their clients
  • Better position themselves as the preferred providers of services by prospects
  • Create reward-driven environments for partners and employees
  • Strengthen commercial ties with other businesses for which they’re listed as vendors 
  • Create seamless lead-conversion processes that are less sales-driven and more interaction-centered

While there are numerous ways to achieve the above, corporate gifting campaigns hold the keys to the doors, and when launched using reputable corporate gifting platforms with a truly international reach, corporate gifting campaigns can help businesses achieve all of the above and more, as well as raise their ROI bars. 

In this blog, we highlight five corporate gifting platforms that continue to do their homework, in order to deliver well-tailored services and completely eliminate the cumbersome labor that comes with manual gifting. In no particular order, let’s delve into it. 


SwagUp is an all-encompassing and well-integrated corporate gifting platform that offers high-quality branded items across a wide variety of use cases. Boasting the title of an API-first platform to create, automate and distribute superior quality branded swag, SwagUp continues to thrive in the field while disrupting the industry with end-to-end swag supply, eliminating lengthy processes and making the general corporate gifting process a seamless one.


Looking to offer your recipients the gift of experience? Then Tinggly is your pick. When the focus is less on material gifts and more on unforgettable experiences that more often than not, are listed high up our bucket lists, Tinggly offers hand-picked and personality-centered experiences that leave lasting impressions. From bungee jumping excursions to intimate spa getaways, Tinggly can curate and deliver exceptional experiences that decision-makers, deserving staff, and high-value clients will never forget.

Snack Magic

What’s that thing they say about the most wholesome things emerging accidentally on purpose? SnackMagic was a direct result of the pandemic that shooed us all inside and kept us there for a good while. While trying to repaint the image of a then lunch delivery service, SnackMagic was founded, and the rest is a sweet-story. So, if you’re looking to awaken the Cookie Cory and Candy Carol in your clients, then SnackMagic is your best bet. Boasting an easy-to-use interface and a 2000+ unit snack selection library, your recipients can build the snack boxes of their dreams.

Loop & Tie

Loop and Tie specializes in sending curated gift collections to recipients, allowing them to choose their gift from the collection of items. Loop and Tie has an internal green agenda and seeks to offer transformative goods and services that work with the earth and not against it. So, if you’re a ‘green conscious’ business that seeks to have this shine through when curating your corporate gifting platforms, then Loop & Tie is your one-stop shop. For every gift shipped, you’ll be making a positive carbon impact through their land restoration and regenerative agriculture initiative. A plus for your clients, and the environment!


Headed by a team that boasts over two decades of international gifting experience, Giftsenda offers a truly international gifting service that enables businesses to nurture their relationships with clients, prospects, and staff in over 200 countries globally.

With a wide variety of gift types, including eGifts, tech gifts, physical gifts, experience gifts, swag and so much more, you can ensure that the gift you send makes a lasting impression. The platform also offers automated gifting tools that allow recipients to choose their gifts from gift collections based on price or theme. We offer integrations with well-known CRMs such as Hubspot and Salesforce to allow you to send gifts seamlessly from within your CRM. Giftsenda is a one-stop avenue for all your corporate gifting needs, no matter the scale.

When adding gifting to your sales and marketing pipelines, the gift item is not the highlight of the experience, but your gesture is. It is in human nature to be moved by gift offers, and similarly, it is the nature of the business to capitalize on the effects gifts have on recipients to forge lucrative relationships. By using a corporate gifting platform you can save time by automating various aspects of gifting and enjoy the benefits of a gift-first approach.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how our gifting platform works and to get access to a free trial.