What To Know About Sending Corporate Gifts To Kenya

Dec 29, 2022 | Gift Ideas

Nestled and cocooned by its equally majestic neighbors: South Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, and the Indian Ocean hitting its beautiful shores in the southeast, Kenya is an East African country with so much personality and poise, we’d need a dozen scrolls and copious amounts of ink to fully describe it. 

Formally ‘The Republic of Kenya’, this historic African nation rests easily in some of Africa’s elite economy, culture, innovation, and tourism lists, and continues to set the tone for its development quota. The country continues to make political and economic reforms and aims to propel its people, industries, and cohesive agenda forward – healthily competing with its sister nations, South Africa and Nigeria. 

Kenya is as picturesque as it is vast and offers travelers exciting experiences. Its breathtaking landscapes, majestic mountains, plateaus, and gorges, promise amazing wildlife sightings, and a direct, interrupted, and marked intimacy with nature. 

Kenyans are a generally warm and friendly bunch that place a high value on their connections with their family, friends, and community. They uphold the shared African value of humanity and instill the ‘it takes a village’ philosophy to preserve healthy, advancement-focused, and lucrative interactions with both natives and those of foreign origin. 

In this blog, we look at the Kenyan culture, highlighting a few fun facts about this African gem, and offer tips on how to wow your clients, staff, and prospects with well-curated, culturally appealing, and diverse corporate gifts when sending gifts to Kenya.

A breathtaking view of the grassy fields under a cloudy sky in Kenya

Send Popular Corporate Gifts to Kenya

Everything Masai: Kenyans are big on identity and aren’t afraid to show it. So, be it beadwork, sculptured decor, art, or crafts, your Kenyan recipients will love anything Masai.

Fruit baskets: While highly industrious, Kenya boasts vast fertile lands and produces some of the best fruit in the region – a well-curated fruit basket delivery will leave a lasting (and healthy) impression on your recipients. 

Wine and chocolate baskets: From Cape to Cairo, the dunes, and the forest, everyone loves a wine and chocolate combination, so don’t hesitate to make this your immediate pick when looking for the perfect gift to send to your Kenyan recipients. 

Self-care basket: A wise person once said that self-care is an everyday affair, and we couldn’t agree more. Remind your staff, associates, and clients to take some time to smell the roses with this love relaxation self-care package. You can find some other wellness options like this on our online shop.

Tea time gift box: Be it while reading a book, watching an amazing show, or sitting through a meeting – tea is everyone’s best friend and your Kenyan recipient will sip with joy. Kenyans are famous for producing coffee, but historically, most Kenyans have preferred tea, though this has started to change in recent years.

Fun Facts About Kenya

  • According to archeological research, the Great Reef Valley was formed over 25 million years ago. 
  • The first African female to win a Nobel Peace Prize was a Kenyan. Her name was Wangari Muta Maathai.
  • With 50 national parks and reserves, Kenya is the world’s leading safari destination.
  • Say “Jambo” and you’ll make a Kenyan’s day. Jambo is a Swahili greeting or salutation. It is similar in meaning to the English word “Hello”.
  • In Kenya, there is a village where only women are allowed.
  • There’s a game called Kumikili that’s the Kenyan version of Monopoly.
  • There are only two distinct seasons in Kenya – the rainy season, and the dry season. 
  • You can’t visit Kenya and not have the nation’s favorite staple, Ugali. A porridge-like starch that is prepared from ground white corn. In most homes, the ugali makes up most of the meal, with vegetables or meat as accompaniments. 
  • Apple’s Siri originated from Swahili.

Make Use of Kenyan Public Holidays for Tactical Gifting

1 Jan: New Year’s Day

15 Apr: Good Friday

18 Apr: Easter Monday

1 May: Labour Day

2 May: Labour Day Holiday

3 May: Idd ul Fitr

1 Jun: Madaraka Day

11 Jul: Idd ul Azha

10 Oct: Moi Day

20 Oct: Mashujaa Day

24 Oct: Diwali

12 Dec: Jamhuri Day

25 Dec: Christmas Day

26 Dec: Boxing Day

27 Dec: Christmas Holiday

When launching your campaigns in Kenya through the Giftsenda corporate gifting platform, guesswork is eliminated from the process, and you can be sure that culturally inappropriate gifts will not make it into your cart. This is because:

  • The Giftsenda team has 20 years of international gift delivery experience and a deep understanding of the gifting cultures, norms, and traditions of every region we service. 
  • Gift items are sourced locally in Kenya. This way, items align with cultural preferences and adhere to general gifting etiquette rules. 
  • With our automated gifting tools, recipients have the option to choose from a variety of gift items available in our Gift Catalog, and this eliminates chances of inappropriate or offensive gift item selections.

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