What To Know About Sending Business Gifts To Nigeria

Dec 13, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas

Sandwiched by the Sahel to the North, and the Gulf of Guinea to the South, Nigeria, also known as the African Giant on cultural and artistic fronts, is a West African multinational state inhabited by over 250 million persons. It boasts 250 ethnic groups and over 500 distinct dialects. Politically known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, this West African gem is more than meets the eye.  

From Plateau State’s Kurang volcanic mountains, all the way to Cross River’s Obudu resort and Lagos’ unexplored Ikare village, Nigeria boasts a plethora of natural wonders that can make any city dweller yearn for change and opt for total nomadism. There are activities, sites, and scenery for any tourist’s palate – elements that make traveling through these majestic lands an absolute bucket list goal – for locals and external visitors alike. 

While Nigerians are highly industrialized and continue to explore the diaspora to draw business-focused inspiration for their different homesteads, a respectable degree of culturalism is preserved, practiced, and shared with those willing to do business with them. The rules of engagement are often overseen by mutual respect and founded on common courtesy. In a nutshell, doing business in this region supersedes simple transactions – it’s an experience that money cannot buy. 

In this blog, we look at the Nigerian corporate gifting culture and highlight ways that you can wow your clients, staff, and prospects with well-curated, culturally appealing, and diverse corporate gifts.

Popular Gifts That Your Nigerian Recipients Will Appreciate

Gand novelty isn’t a focus. However, Nigerians are hard-working people who sometimes delight in openly enjoying their wealth and acquisitions. You need not worry about matching this when curating gifts for your Nigerian recipients, however. It’s the thought that counts. 

Let’s look at a few gifts commonly exchanged in the business realm:

  • Branded stationery: From pens to mouse pads, office desk decor, and everything in between, rest assured that your Nigerian-based recipients will appreciate the gesture. 
  • Touché, but an umbrella would go a long way to fend off the exhausting Naija heat during summer. Thank us later. 🙂 
  • High-quality SWAG items are a big yes with Nigerian-based recipients.
  • Gourmet baskets could never be a miss, Nigerians love a good snack.

Fun Facts About Nigeria

  • Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the fourth in the world. 
  •  The town of Igbo-Ora is known as the nation’s home of twins due to its high twin birth rate. Locals believe their diet has a lot to do with this. 
  • Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry is the largest in Africa and the second largest in the world, second to India’s Bollywood. 
  • In Nigeria, it’s customary to look into each other’s eyes.
  • The Keke, a yellow-colored tricycle is the most famous mode of in-city transport. Basically your best bet against heavy traffic.
  • Nigeria is home to the richest man in Africa.
  • While English is the official language, Nigerians prefer communicating in pidgin. 
  • You’re bound to meet a Nigerian in any country in the world. They’re well-traveled.

Make Use of Nigerian Public Holidays for Tactical Gifting

1 Jan: New Year’s Day
3 Jan: ‘New Year’s Day’ day off
2 Mar: Ash Wednesday
8 Mar: Women’s Day
27 Mar: Mothering Sunday
15 Apr: Good Friday
16 Apr: Holy Saturday
17 Apr: Easter Sunday
18 Apr: Easter Monday
1 May: Workers’ Day
2 May: ‘Workers’ Day’ day off
2 May: Id el Fitr
3 May: Id el Fitr holiday
12 Jun: Democracy Day
13 Jun: ‘Democracy Day’ day off
19 Jun: Father’s Day
9 Jul: Id el Kabir
11 Jul: Id el Kabir additional holiday
12 Jul: Id el Kabir additional holiday
1 Oct: National Day (Independence Day)
3 Oct: ‘National Day’ day off
8 Oct: Id el Maulud
10 Oct: ‘Id el Maulud’ day off
24 Dec: Christmas Eve
25 Dec: Christmas Day
26 Dec: Boxing Day
27 Dec: ‘Christmas Day’ day off
31 Dec: New Year’s Eve

Why Use a Corporate Gifting Platform To Send Gifts to Nigeria?

When launching your campaigns in Nigeria through the Giftsenda corporate gifting platform, guesswork is eliminated from the process, and you can be sure that culturally inappropriate gifts will not make it into your cart. This is because:

  • The Giftsenda team has 20 years of international gift delivery experience and a deep understanding of the gifting cultures, norms, and traditions of every region we service. 
  • Gift items are sourced locally in Nigeria. This way, items align with cultural preferences and adhere to general gifting etiquette rules. 
  • With our automated gifting tools, recipients have the option to choose from a variety of gift items available in our Gift Catalog, and this eliminates chances of inappropriate or offensive gift item selections.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting campaigns to Nigeria or on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how our gifting platform works. Just want to send a quick gift? Visit our shop for gifts to Nigeria!

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