What Types of Corporate Gifts Can I Send?

Sep 21, 2023 | Gift Ideas

“What types of corporate gifts can I send?” is a common question. Read this guide to find the right gifts for your recipients.

Gifts are meant to be enjoyed, shared and most importantly, used. They aren’t destined for the dusty corners of drawers or the very back ends of the desks, yet sadly this is their destination many times. If that’s not enough to give a gift sender anxiety – nothing is. And that is why many stress over the type of corporate gift they send because let’s face it; no-one wants to give a bad gift.

So, if you have the number one question we all ask ourselves from time to time: “What types of corporate gifts can I send?”, we can help.We have every type of corporate gift to suit every personality and we’re going to demonstrate to you that sending gifts isn’t as difficult a task as you may think. 

What Types of Corporate Gifts Can I Send?

There are tons of options out there to choose from but selecting a gift should often be based on the recipient. Choosing a gift that meets your recipient’s likes, hobbies, taste, personality and so forth is the best way to ensure they receive a gift they wouldn’t necessarily be looking to return. Alternatively, if you do not know much about the receiver of your gift, you could possibly use the process of elimination to rule out a specific category of gifts. For example, if you are aware that your recipient does not drink alcohol, it would be wise to avoid a gift centered around that. You can also use automated gifting and allow recipients to choose their own gifts. For help looking at the various options available at your fingertips, let’s take a look at some suggestions of gifts recipients may be interested in. 

Tech Gifts

When thinking about technology, what is often the first thing people are drawn to at its mention? If you thought price, you’d be right. Many steer away from tech gifts simply because they’re under the impression that it will cost too much. While some tech items may be on the more costly side of a budget (and can be worth it when splurging on a client, customer or colleague); there are options that are affordable too. Earphones, speakers, USBs and so forth are all tech gifts you can send without having to spend too much.These days tech gifts are more a necessity than a luxury of modern life, and it’s best to get with the times than be left behind. 

Personalized Gifts

If you’re thinking “what types of corporate gifts can I send that are unique and not just some run-of-the-mill generic item?”; a personalized gift would be just up your alley. Personalizing a gift will make it truly unique in that it’s special to the recipient. This can be engraving a memorable date, a name or any other thoughtful details that will add a personal touch to the product. People enjoy customized gifts because they show that an unusual amount of effort has been invested into the gesture. 

Gourmet Gifts

There’s something about the word gourmet that just makes one feel special. A well-constructed gourmet hamper is a great gift option as it offers a high level of presentation value. They are typically aesthetically pleasing and often provide a range of items one wouldn’t necessarily be privy to from just anywhere. That said, gourmet gifts don’t have to be expensive. They can be classy without the hefty price tag like for example; chocolate dipped cherries: dark edition. Now doesn’t that sound like a treat.


What types of corporate gifts can I send?

Wellness Gifts

In the wake of The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and other contributing factors of employee disengagement; many businesses are turning to wellness programs for their far-reaching benefits. Just a few years ago it may have seemed like wellness was an individual responsibility rather than an employer one but fast forward some time and now employees are holding their employers accountable for their parts. 

Wellness gifts are ideally how an employer can reach their staff the level of support they expect; especially considering that stats show 87% of a workforce expects assistance from their management in achieving work-life balance.

If you’re an employer and you’re wondering “what types of business gifts can I send to show my employees I value their wellness?” Say no more. A pampered perfect spa gift is one such example to show your valued workers you prioritize their well-being in a way they’d appreciate. And we’ve got tons more where that came from. 

what types of corporate gifts can I send?

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Environmentally conscious behavior shouldn’t exist only in the workplace. It’s a responsibility for every area of our lives. And your purchasing decisions say more about your brand than you think. Sustainability goes further than trendiness. It shows you’re involved in something bigger than yourself and you’re willing to make an effort to be an eco-responsible and socially aware organization.

Demonstrating your brand values can be effectively communicated by making the conscious choice to give eco-friendly gifts, such as zero waste products, upcycled items and so forth. Give the gift of a sustainable earth backpack and let your corporate gifting mirror sustainable practices. 

e-Gifts/ The Gift of Choice

When in doubt, maybe let your recipient figure it out. e-Gifts are the go-to gift of choice because it places the power in the hand of your recipient; giving them the freedom to choose their own gift. This works especially well when you’re not too familiar with the preferences of your recipient and are looking for a simple way to send a gift. Plus, e-Gifts are a very quick solution to the “what types of corporate gifts can I send?” dilemma you may find yourself in. 

what types of corporate gifts can I send?

Luxury Gifts

There will come a time in your business life when the standard gift just simply won’t do. Some clients, employees and customers deserve a luxury gift because their contributions are out of the ordinary or you just want to pamper them. From leather wallets to chardonnay to Apple airpods; there are all kinds of luxury items for every spectrum of the budget. 

SWAG Boxes

Throughout the past few decades, SWAG boxes have been setting the trail ablaze in the corporate world. And all types of organizations, from start-ups to major corporations, are getting in on the trend. But the plain old SWAG box (Stuff We All Get) has evolved a lot over the years. This concept used to be mainly for the promotional products you would get at a conference and oftentimes were items that would make it to somewhere in your office without much of your recollection. And why is that? Because how many more pens can your pen holder really take? And how many of those bumper stickers have actually made it onto your bumper?

Companies are now looking at SWAG boxes for their potential in reaching various teams in your business sector like using an onboarding SWAG box to welcome a new employee or a comfort SWAG box sent directly to the home of a remote employee. Whatever the reason, these versatile little boxes hold a wealth of opportunity just waiting for your company to tap in to. So, why not give it a go? 

Alcohol Gifts

Why do alcohol gifts sound like they’re a good idea? Because they make people happy that’s why. They’re also versatile; so the next time you want to spoil a recipient, choose an alcohol gift. You can be fun and give the gift of a DIY cocktail set. That will surely get the party started for the receiver of your gift. Or if you’re looking for a more sophisticated approach, send the gift of a 12 year whiskey. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an alcohol gift. 

Still Don’t Know What to Send?

Our gift campaign experts can assist if you still don’t know what gift to send. Or make use of digital gifting with our gift collections that allow recipients to choose a gift from the wealth of choices housed in each collection. You can choose from pre-curated options or create your own custom collection. When a collection is selected, a link is created; which can be shared on an online platform or through a specially branded email. What’s more the recipient will be prompted to provide their delivery details for accurate sends.

what types of corporate gifts can I send?

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With all the information and gift options available to you, all you need now would be the know how. That’s where Giftsenda comes in. With delivery to over 200 countries, and no expensive shipping or customs fees; you’ll find you’ll never have to beg the question: “what types of corporate gifts can I send?”, because you’ll be looking for a valid excuse to send gifts internationally.

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