Who Should Be Responsible For Corporate Gifting In Your Company?

Apr 15, 2024 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

Just as times have changed, so have job functions. The business world no longer revolves around linear roles that fulfill single-dimensional requirements, and no two individuals with the same job title share a similar job description. For this and many other reasons, it may prove a tad difficult to decide which team members are to head corporate gifting – especially if this style of marketing/rewarding/celebrating is newly adopted.

From Sales Teams to Account Managers, there are a plethora of reasons to launch gifting campaigns. Each department carries its own objectives and it is, therefore, advisable to adopt corporate gifting in line with the business’ needs. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight some predominantly client-facing roles, and delve into why team members occupying those roles ought to be at the forefront of corporate gifting campaigns. Ready?!

Human Resources Teams

At Giftsenda, we strongly believe in people preceding processes. All processes! After all, the ‘people’ element of the business is the engine that powers its revenue-creation processes. It is the ‘people’ that deliver the service and product. With that highlighted, Human Resources personnel can benefit from launching internal gifting campaigns aimed at rewarding excellent work and celebrating milestones. Human Resources managers can launch corporate gifting campaigns by: 

  • Sending gifts to welcome new team members
  • Using gifts as incentives for new employee referrals
  • Sending gifts to celebrate company milestones with staff
  • Sending gifts to enhance the performance review process
  • Sending gifts to celebrate staff birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, and other celebration-worthy occasions

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are often dealt cards from the trickier deck. Their core purpose is to take a business’ finished product/service, and re-package it with sentiment to create a need in order to drive sales, and while there are scholastic processes to follow, customers are unpredictable, and therefore require more than billboards and pop-up ads to grab the bait. By adopting corporate gifting as a tool to solidify their account-based marketing strategies, marketing teams can skip the noise and the ‘spam mail’ red tape, and create impactful connections with recipients. The result? Increased sales pipeline activity and better brand awareness. Marketing professionals can launch corporate gifting campaigns to: 

  • Send gifts as part of email campaigns to target accounts
  • Send gifts to target accounts to thank them for customer referrals
  • Send gifts to MQLs to request a meeting to see if the lead could turn into an actual prospect
  • Send personalized gifts to target accounts to celebrate milestones and to keep their brand top of mind
  • Use gifting as part of an account-based-marketing strategy

Sales Teams

While marketing teams need to understand the who, how, what and when, sales teams are often the ones who are in actual contact with current and prospective clients and are tasked with convincing companies or individuals to purchase the product. The question is – how does one retain current business and reignite passed business while attracting new business through prospecting? Sales teams can incorporate gifting to improve performance by:

  • Sending personalized emails and gifts with meeting invites
  • Sending gifts to thank prospects for meeting 
  • Sending gifts when asking customers for referrals after a deal has been closed and the customer’s experience is still fresh
  • Sending gifts with personalized emails to reactivate cold leads

Account Managers

Account Managers are the glue that holds business/client relationships together. They ensure that client needs are met, and if not, they are tasked with putting out fires and highlighting value – and what better way to highlight said value than with well-curated corporate gifts? Account Managers understand their clients beyond their job titles, and as such, can utilize corporate gifting campaigns by:

  • Sending gifts to celebrate milestones
  • Sending gifts to remedy mistakes that may potentially affect the business
  • Sending gifts to retain clients, and maintain relationships with clients
  • Sending personalized gifts to reward clients for continuous business

Customer Experience Teams

While account managers oversee the general client/user experience and manage relationships, Customer Experience professionals curate these experiences and collect user data to optimize and address issues. Their concern is the client’s experience with the business’s products and processes, and they continuously strive to improve the business’s offerings. User Experience professionals can include gifting in their processes by:

  • Sending apology gifts to customers/partners for bad experiences
  • Sending Thank You gifts for good reviews
  • Sending gifts after a survey is completed
  • Sending clients onboarding gifts to make them feel welcome and valued

Event Coordinators

As the world slowly opens up and adopts previous social and professional norms, Event Coordinators are singing tunes of gratitude. From simple corporate conferences to online webinars and functions, Event Coordinators often find themselves in full ‘coordinate’ mode deciding on fitting invitations, venues, themes, and attendee gifts. The gift element is arguably one of the most important elements and so much can be achieved with access to an effective international corporate gifting platform! Event Coordinators can incorporate gifting by:

  • Sending experience gifts that form part of online events to attendees before the event
  • Sending attendees a gift after signing up for events
  • Sending attendees a gift while an online event is running (these gifts can be more focused on prizes for competitions held during the event)
  • Sending attendees a Thank You gift after an event is concluded (only for actual attendees)

Corporate Gifting Platforms

As mentioned when we kicked off, every department can benefit from incorporating corporate gifting as an expansion tool. As soon as objectives are identified and measured, businesses can utilize corporate gifting platforms to eliminate the time-consuming admin elements of the gifting process and launch multiple campaigns, designed by multiple departments and keep track of their performance. What’s more, with Giftsenda’s corporate gifting platform, teams just need a single gift campaign to send gifts to recipients across the world.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how our gifting platform works or to discuss your gifting project.

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