Why You Should Use Automated Gifting

May 25, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

If you are looking for a way to make your corporate gifting efforts on an international scale more efficient and cost-effective, you should consider using automated gifting features that can be found on a gifting platform.

If you have ever tried running gifting projects manually (especially ones to various destinations internationally) – you might know that feeling, when it feels like your gifts are on a world tour, making stops in every country except the one you actually intended them for…

While corporate gifting has become one of the best tools for Marketers, Sales and HR professionals all over the globe, automated gifting methods can help take the hard work out of the process while also making it more cost-effective and efficient. Since you are using gifting to help improve your business, sending them should not take away time from your business. There are many different advantages to automating your corporate gifting process by using a gifting platform.

Make Gifting More Efficient

Automation was once the future, but it is now the present. Why complete the job yourself when it can be so much easier. Giftsenda offers many features that allow users to have the most efficient gift sending process possible. You can create campaigns filled with many recipients (in various locations) – no need to send gifts one at a time. The platform also allows you to track and monitor these campaigns to measure your progress and ROI.

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Automated Gifting Makes Personalizing Gifts Easy

If you want to send the most appropriate gifts without the help of automation, it’s crucial to research your recipients. Understanding their preferences can assist you in selecting a meaningful gift and increase the likelihood of success according to your plan. For instance, consider sending a bottle of wine to a client who abstains from alcohol due to their faith. This gesture might not be well-received.

Giftsenda’s automated gifting tools, such as shareable gift link and email gift invite features are there to help you if you are unsure about what to send. You can send gift offers that allow your recipients to choose their own gifts from a selection of gifts based on your budget or pre-curated gift collection. The gift options are endless. You can also share a gift invite link with recipients on the platform with which you prefer to communicate. They just have to click on the link to redeem the gift and provide their delivery details. There is no greater gift than the gift of choice.

Automation allows you to personalize, but on a much larger scale. Throughout the gifting process, you will be able to see which gifts are being received well and which are not until you truly discover a recipient’s preferences. You will literally have a history of all the gifts you ever sent to each individual recipient.

Tip: If you are sending bulk orders, you can use this history to discover the most popular gifts amongst all recipients, increasing the chances that your recipients will enjoy their gifts.

Scaling Campaigns With Automated Gifting

An important aspect of automation is scalability and consistency. Automating the gifting process will allow you to increase your output as your business grows.

Simply add people to your pool of recipients as you gain new clients or employees or automatically add them into your existing workflows on your CRM or HRM. Yes, you read that last bit right. Gifting platforms can often integrate with your CRM, for truly seamless gifting. We offer integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce.

You can also slowly increase the size or number of gifts a recipient gets as your financial capacity increases. In terms of consistency, automation will allow you to send gifts at similar times throughout the year, as well as give recipients a reasonable expectation of when they will receive their gifts. 

Automated Gifting is A Sustainable Practice

Automated corporate gifting can have a significant impact on sustainability by enabling companies to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices. By utilizing automation, companies can streamline the gifting process, reduce the amount of packaging materials used, and minimize the number of shipments required.

Another way that companies can use automation to reduce waste is by implementing the use of eGifts. Digital gifts can eliminate the need for physical packaging, shipping, and transportation, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions and waste. Additionally, digital gifts can be customized and personalized to meet the recipients’ preferences, resulting in a more thoughtful and meaningful gift. By using Gifsenda’s address-collection feature provided by gift links – you can also ensure that gifts are not lost/wasted due to inaccurate delivery details.

Companies need to identify and evaluate sustainable gifting options. By promoting sustainability, companies can reduce waste, conserve resources, and enhance their reputation as environmentally responsible organizations.

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The Future of Corporate Gifting

As gifting platforms continue to automate the overall process, gifting on an international level will become even more streamlined and efficient. Gifting platforms like Giftsenda make the process simple for users, whose responsibilities are minimal – all they have to do is set up campaigns – the team will do the rest. This allows companies to gain the many benefits of corporate gifting without having to do much work.

Do Corporate Gifting Your Way

Gifting Platform

Do you send gifts to staff, prospects and clients on a regular basis? Our gifting platform is designed to make corporate gifting fast, cost-effective and easy – no matter the size of your recipient list. 

One-Time Projects

Enjoy all the perks of using a gifting platform, with no commitments or recurring costs, when making use of our project-based plan. Use the platform yourself, or we can manage your whole campaign for you.

eCommerce Shop

Do you need to quickly send 1-5 gifts to recipients overseas? Our online shop is free to use. Simply choose the gifts, provide the delivery details, and pay. You can even send a 1:1 gift using en email address!
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