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Use Our Gifting Platform To Simplify Your Gifting Efforts.

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Our corporate gifting platform enables you to send gifts to over 200 countries with minimal effort using an easy-to-use online interface.

What Can A Corporate Gifting Platform Do For You?

Do you send gifts to customers, staff or business partners? Our corporate gifting platform has been specially designed to streamline gifting internationally. You choose the gifts online – we source and deliver.

Personalized Communication:

Our gifting platform enables you to create personalized communication with prospects, customers, and employees through physical gifts and handwritten notes, resulting in a more meaningful and memorable experience.

Easy Sending:

We offer flexible sending options, including address collection, letting recipients choose their own gifts, and integrations with Gmail and CRM platforms, enabling you to send gifts at scale.

Various Gift Options:

Access an extensive gift catalog of over 10,000 options, including snacks, tech gadgets, and personalized items. You can also brand your gifts.

ROI Tracking:

The gifting platform offers analytics and ROI tracking to help you measure the impact of your gift campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Sending is easy…with minimal details. 

Direct Sends

Send gifts using delivery details. You can import details from your CRM, upload a CSV file or add them manually.

Email Gift Invites

You can send gift invites via a branded email. All you need is an email address, name and specified country.

Gift Links

Don’t have details? Create a gift link and share it – recipients will provide delivery details and redeem gifts. 

Benefit FromTime & Cost Saving Features

Delivery Methods

Choose delivery methods based on the details that you have available. Use email addresses to send invites, share links or deliver to exact locations. 

Gift Swap & Donate Options

 Recipients can choose to swap a gift for another one valued at the same cost or donate it to their preferred charity. 


 Gift seamlessly from within your chosen automation platform (like Zapier) or CRM, to automate your gifting campaigns with triggers and sync reports.

Create Customized Swag

 All you need to do is submit your request and we will find suppliers and deal with the logistics of sending your SWAG kits worldwide.

Send Personalized Gifts in Bulk

Create a personal experience – let recipients choose their gifts. You can also add messages and handwritten notes. 

Dedicated Gift Experts

Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated Gifting Expert to help you get the absolute most you can from us, while maximizing engagement.

Save On Your Gifting Costs

 Save on international shipping and gift sourcing costs. Our automated gifting tools also enable you to only pay for accepted gifts. 

Manage Teams & Funds

The Giftsenda Teams and Funds management feature allows users to manage teams, roles, spending limits and budgets. 

Campaign Tracking

Check delivery statuses, gift acceptance rates, spend and so much more from your Giftsenda dashboard to measure your ROI.

Integrate Giftsenda With Your Favorite Platforms For Seamless Gifting


Update your recipient list quickly by synching contacts, automate sends or send gifts within your workflow without leaving your favorite platform’s interface. If you need a custom integration, let us know and we will assist you to make gifting fast and simple.

Talk to a Gifting Consultant to create your first project! 

Book a demo with one of our gift campaign experts to find out how Giftsenda works and to tell us about your gifting needs. No subscription needed to start gifting. >> See Plans

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Some Top Corporate Gifting Platform FAQs


What is a gifting platform?

A corporate gifting platform is an automated tool that facilitates the selection, storage, packaging, and delivery of corporate gifts and customized promotional items to clients, customers, prospects, or employees.

How can I start sending gifts with the Giftsenda platform?

Simply book a demo with one of our Gift Campaign Experts to get access to the Giftsenda platform and to let us find out what your gifting needs are.

What are the benefits of launching a gift campaign?

Giftsenda offers businesses of all sizes a corporate gifting platform to help develop their relationships with existing customers, partners, and prospects. By adding gifts to your sales and marketing workflows, your business can strengthen your relationships by putting your recipients first, therefore deviating from what is generally expected from companies, resulting in improved ROI and conversion rates. 

What are some corporate gift ideas for campaigns?

The best gifts are gifts that are unforgettable. Generally speaking, gourmet gifts are great for a company to introduce themselves. But, if you would like to let your recipients choose their own gifts, you can always use a shareable gift link with a collection of gifts, and rest assured they will find something that they will truly value. We also love the idea of sending coffee vouchers as part of meeting invites!